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Wastebased: Packaging Solutions that are Built Not To Last

Sustainable mailers

Wastebased believes that when it comes to how our online purchases are packaged, companies can do so much better. Therefore, they provide minimal, strong, and biodegradable packaging solutions.


Wastebased is a company dedicated to producing sustainable packaging options for normal postal deliveries. They produce sleek lightweight mailers and polybags that are strong, waterproof, carbon-negative, and biodegradable. These products are also non-toxic and home compostable.

Packaging products from Wastebased.

The currently available polybags and mailers in the market are made of polyethylene which stays in the environment forever. Contrary to these, Wastebased packages can quickly degrade and become a part of nature again.

Eco friendly packages

The main products from Wastebased are the compostable mailer, the item bag, and the (e-co)mmerce mailers. These are all very strong, waterproof, tamper-proof, stickable, and stampable. They come in three different sizes. The new size XL can even fit a winter coat!

Eco-friendly mailer a.ka. Compostable mailers

The compostable mailers are plant-based home compostable mailers. Each bag can hold between 3kg to 7kg. A smaller compostable mailer that can hold up to 3 kg is the (eco)mmerce mailer.

The compostable mailer comes with two adhesive bands so that online purchases can be returned in the same mailer, cutting down on all the waste that this often generates. These mailers are made from corn starch and a blend of two bioplastics, PLA (Polylactic Acid) and PBAT (Polybutylene adipate terephthalate), and printed with non-toxic ink.

Wastebased leaves the end of the packaging’s life in the hands of customers. The mailers can be disposed of in a compost bin with food scraps and garden waste and they’ll break down in about 6 months!

Eco-friendly polybag a.k.a The item bag 2.0

The upgraded polybag or the item bag 2.0 is a biodegradable, non-toxic store-and-transport bag. Item bags are approximately 2.5 times stronger than regular poly bags of the same thickness and can be used to store any item that normally goes in a polybag.

Wastebased packages

After use, you can put the item bag in boiling water to break it down. It dissolves in boiling water within seconds and the remaining mineralized biomass is biodegradable leaving no microplastics behind. The ink is also non-toxic.            

Carbon negative

All of the products from Wastebased are carbon negative. This means that with each purchase, they help to take out carbon from the ecosystem.

Sustainable mailers

Partnering with Ecologi, Wastebased offsets their total carbon footprint via tree planting and carbon reduction projects. They have planted over 1600 trees till now and are currently working to restore damaged mangrove estuaries in Madagascar.  Hence every compostable mailer or item bag bought from them is effectively carbon negative.


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