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Can you share some tips for map control in Valorant?

How do you coach players on map control strategies in Valorant? What tactics do you recommend for different maps, and how can players use map control to their advantage?
The main thing is not always going as 5 men , try to split around the map and gather information. Also looking and the minimap is a very important tip, so you can properly make a good reaction to what happened anywhere on the map.
Coaching map control in Valorant centers on mastering the map’s distinct areas: defender’s turf, attacker’s territory, and zones both sides vie for. Recognizing these zones is key to disrupting the enemy’s information flow and refining decisions. With progress, adjusting tactics according to the map’s layout is crucial.

In early rounds, stress the importance of claiming vital control points, especially those advantageous. Doing so narrows enemy choices and stifles their options. Varying maps demand unique approaches. In complex maps, central mastery aids in fluid rotations, while linear ones mandate guarding flanks and vital sites.

A pivotal concept is the contested turf. This neutral ground provides opportunities for both sides to assert control. Prioritize these zones for optimal positioning and potent engagements. By astutely managing these spaces, players deter enemy power positions and dictate the game’s tempo.

In summary, coaching map control is about grasping and adapting to the map’s layout. Prioritizing control points and contested zones empowers players to mold battles, limit rival options, and forge pathways for effective action.

First, the student needs to understand what map control is for. In your competitive games, you will mostly see people just rush each site randomly. Now if you play for map control, it gives you and your team two big advantages that can be crucial in winning a round:

1- Information, such as knowing where each agent is.

2- Baiting the enemy’s utility, so now they won’t have enough utility to stop you from a push!
With these advantages, You can then decide which site is a better one to go to! If you don’t play for map control, you might be stepping into a big 5-man trap!
Now how to get map control?

Imagine you are playing on the map Ascent as an attacker, where mid-control is very important, what you want to do is to play as 1-3-1, which means one agent playing holding A push, 3 agents mid, and 1 Agent holding B push. This way, not only you’re pressuring the enemy team on mid, but also you are holding off the chokes where the enemy team can push to punish you. With this tactic, you can gain the mid control, and based on what you have seen and what utility you have baited, you can decide to either go for a B site split or an A site split! With the other agents joining you on this strategy!

Map Control is really important in-game as well cause, for example, enemy peeks into position, they get map control and get information about no one there, then here’s the important part, the person who’s playing with the site can now rotate the other site, that you are pushing with your teammates, that leads with more resistance in site with more people and you will lose more rounds, more games that why map control is really important to learn, I teach people about map control and how they can punish aggressive plays enemy make.

If you want to learn the maps look for these three things: 1-is it defense or attack-sided,2-is it a small or big map for aim fights, and which guns are better,3-how many entrances and which spots are important to take the map control.

Map control is very important, Each Agent/Role in the game has a job when doing that, some are good at holding it and some are good at taking it, so I coach each one differently on how they can achieve that. Some agents are very strong on certain maps, for example, Sage on Pearl/Icebox/Split since she has some good walls to plant the spike or hold certain parts of the map, and Breach has Fracture/Lotus mainly, because his stuns are super strong to fight for control on some choke points in these maps.

But the main mistake people make regarding that is giving too much space on defense, they play too far back making it so they cannot pick their fights well, and also enemies will take control of bombsite entrances without any difficulty. On top of all that, you won’t have time to call for backup since you’ll see them only when they’re very close to the site sometimes.

When attacking, the mistake is either not creating a plan pre-round with their team, or just playing way too slow/not trading kills. If you take too long to make a move, they’ll have all the time in the world to think about your next move and it won’t surprise them anymore. Of course sometimes playing slow is fine, but some players don’t know when to play faster.

Having map control makes everything easier as the enemies’ next moves will be easier to predict and react to.