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Valorant coaches

What tools do you use to facilitate Valorant coaching sessions?

What tools or software do you use to facilitate your Valorant coaching sessions? Do you use tools for recording sessions, analyzing gameplay, or providing real-time feedback?
I use a pen that helps me point out things , the app is called Epic Pen. Also I use a recording software ” OBS ” that help me record and upload sessions.
In my Valorant coaching, I employ various tools and software to optimize the learning experience. Leveraging my experience and philosophy, I utilize resources for impactful coaching; Recording Software (Insights/OBS); Recording gameplay allows detailed analysis and progress tracking. I use Insights or OBS to capture sessions, facilitating strategic breakdowns.

Valoplant for Scenario Analysis:
Valoplant helps dissect scenarios, enhancing tactical understanding. Visualizing decisions aids strategic thinking and decision-making.In-Game Custom Servers: Creating custom scenarios within the game brings theories to life. Clients experience discussed strategies, making concepts tangible.

VOD Review and Analysis:
VOD analysis identifies strengths and areas to improve. It’s crucial in evaluating decisions, positioning, and overall gameplay.Real-Time Feedback: Instant guidance through voice or in-game messages refines gameplay on the spot.

Tailored Warm-Up Routines:
Customized routines enhance mechanics based on individual needs.Strategic Planning Tools: Strategy boards or mapping software visualize tactics and plans effectively.

In summary, my coaching leverages recording tools, Valoplant, custom servers, VOD reviews, real-time feedback, warm-up routines, and strategic planning tools. This toolkit creates a dynamic coaching environment, accelerating player growth and understanding of Valorant’s nuances.
I personally use G-ink which is a drawing tool that helps me communicate with my students better! I also use ValoPlant from time to time in a session if needed so I can help my student understand a concept better.
I do coaching through discord share-screen or by vod reviewing. If it’s vod reviews, i usually recommend recording the gameplay with OBS since it’s simple and easy to use. And other than that, i use a notepad where i write everything about the players mistakes and issues.
I use tools like Discord for the streaming session, tracker.gg for getting information on in-game stats of clients, twitch tournament streams that’s it, and my own special agent’s compendium.

Tracker.gg: Gives a good understanding of what I’ll be dealing with;

Valoplant.gg: Easy way to show strategies/rotations and gameplans, and I use it sometimes to explain things in a different way if the student is having problems understanding something.

OBS Studio: To record their gameplay and rewatch a few rounds if needed.

Epic Pen: Good to draw on the screen to explain things better.

Discord: to watch them play and screenshare my Valorant as I explain concepts.