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Valorant coaches

What basic player level do you recommend before seeking professional Valorant coaching?

What basic level of skill or experience do you recommend a player have before seeking professional coaching in Valorant? What should players focus on improving before seeking coaching?
I would say reaching Radiant is the minimum level to start some professional road. Radiant is indicator of your good aim, and gamesense you will get with time. Because gamesense you need in Radiant elo and in pro matches is way too different.
In the dynamic realm of Valorant, no predefined “basic level” dictates the start of your coaching journey. In truth, initiating this path sooner accelerates skill enhancement. Armed with two decades of tactical FPS mastery, I comprehend the game’s intricacies, expediting progress through a profound grasp of each step’s rationale.

Rather than fixating on a skill threshold, I advocate seeking professional coaching from Valorant’s outset. My expertise expedites growth, providing a holistic improvement outlook. Irrespective of your entry point or aspiration, my seasoned guidance guarantees comprehension of your growth odyssey.

Engaging me as your coach early yields tangible gameplay upliftment. Be it mechanics or decision-making, heightened focus and insight optimize every facet. If swift Valorant mastery beckons, act decisively—our collaborative journey beckons, propelling you closer to your aspirations.

Any level that you are, either you just started to play the game or you see yourself to be an expert, getting a coach can be super helpful to open your mind and help you have a smoother run in the future! We humans don’t see our mistakes very well and having a third-party point them to you, helps you understand your mistakes better and improve quicker!
Before getting a coach, focus on improving your mechanics such as crosshair placement and movement!

I personally don’t mind coaching anyone, which means that i don’t have any required rank or anything like that in order to get coaching. I’ve coached completely new players, and by doing that i automatically made them avoid the newbie mistakes and stuff like that, which i think is a good thing. So yeah, coaching is there to fix your mistakes, so i think there shouldn’t be any requirements.
If you don’t know how to improve and you get kinda bit hardstuck about how learn new things or about in-game, then afterwards you should get coaching, don’t try to give up that easily.

Depends on your goal and on how much you care about money efficiency. If you want to improve without doing a lot of coaching, hiring a coach can be interesting if you don’t know why you’re stuck, or what things you’re doing wrong even after you tried to look for those mistakes. YouTube videos and watching higher elo players, trying to understand why and how they do things is a great way to improve. Also, if you want to skip that part of finding it by yourself, a coach can do that for you!