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Do you offer Valorant coaching through Discord, and how does it work?

Do you offer Valorant coaching sessions through Discord, and if so, how does it work? How do you utilize the platform to communicate with players, provide feedback, and share resources?
This is the simplest way of communication now, it’s just like Skype call 1 on 1 but for gamers. I have my discord server where students can chat and find teammates.
Certainly, I provide Valorant coaching through Discord, leveraging its screen sharing feature for visual instruction. This allows for easy communication, real-time feedback, and dynamic sharing of resources. Players can also share their screens during VOD reviews, creating an interactive and impactful coaching experience that enhances their gameplay skills.
Yes! All my coaching sessions are live in a discord session where we join in a call, and I share my screen of the provided footage from my student and go over it together! If the student requested a live game, they will be the ones sharing their screen with me watching their game and giving them tips in between the rounds and in the game!
I do offer coaching through Discord. I add the player as a friend on discord, we get into a call and they screen-share their gameplay to me. When we finish the session, i keep the player added incase they feel like they would need another session with me in the future. And sometimes they like to text me questions which are game related, which i don’t mind answering, cuz i like to help. Same goes for Vod reviews, they can add me on discord and i can help them out at any time.
I do not offer any coaching sessions from discord, I’ll always like to have make my session trusted websites like Fiverr.

I do offer coaching through Discord, my username is “giggio.”

I received the payment in any way that works for both of us: Paypal, BTC, Bank transfer if available etc…

My Discord is available for the students to ask for questions and I’m always very happy to help! (As long as I see that you’re actually trying to fix it, some rare students think that they’ll fix things by asking questions without doing any work in-game to improve at it!) But other than that I do my best and have even recorded some clips, sent VODs from pro players and a few screenshots to help students in case it’s needed!