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Valorant coaches

What is your coaching approach in Valorant?

Can you describe your approach to coaching Valorant players? How do you personalize each session, and how do you ensure that your coaching clients understand the concepts you're teaching?
First of all every person plays a match, so I will be able to determine that person’s mistakes and give him custom solutions to his flaws. During session I make sure multiple times that my student understands what I am explaining. Sometimes I also add him into explanation, in my opinion when we are negotiating it’s better than just me explaining.
Kamil Kaminski

My coaching begins with a thorough assessment of each client’s unique skills, preferences, and playstyle. In-depth interviews during our initial session establish a comprehensive understanding. By delving into goals, strengths, and areas for growth, I lay the foundation for a personalized coaching journey.

During foundational sessions, I meticulously analyze past choices in matches, yielding insights into decision-making processes. This informs recurring patterns, highlights strengths, and identifies areas for improvement. This personalized analysis shapes our coaching, addressing specific challenges while refining strategic approaches.

Recognizing the effectiveness of blending theoretical knowledge with practical application, I balance each coaching session with theoretical discussions and in-game scenarios. Real examples from their gameplay illustrate complex concepts, enhancing understanding and empowering them to apply these principles effectively in live games.

For deep comprehension, I use a multifaceted approach. Regular progress checks, like exams and quizzes, occur strategically after several coaching sessions. These assessments measure grasp of covered concepts and pinpoint areas needing extra focus. By continually evaluating their progress, I adapt the pace and content of our sessions to optimize their learning journey.

In summary, my coaching philosophy integrates personalized analysis, precise instruction, and ongoing assessment. Through understanding each player’s characteristics and dedicated monitoring of their growth, I ensure concepts are not just comprehended but deeply ingrained. This cultivates the skills and mindset essential for success in Valorant’s competitive landscape.

My coaching sessions most of the time go into two different categories:

1- Casual friendly: This is when my student likes to become the best version of themself while still having fun with no need to reach pro-play

2- Pro Friendly: This is for when my student is willing to do anything they can to reach the pro level and high rank in order to achieve their dream of becoming a pro player! These types of sessions will be harsher with the mindset of coaching a pro player!

I always ask questions related to my students to ensure that I understand their experience and what type of session they would like to have. Once I get a good grasp of what they want out of their session, we begin reviewing their gameplay that is fully focused on the student’s mistakes and good moves! After every round, I always ask my student to see if they have any questions, and if they don’t, we go into the next!

Well, i have to ask some questions before we start the session. Based on the answers i kinda have the idea of what the problem might be. I make sure that the player undvalorant coach ninja – 1erstands me and im always open to any questions, even after the session, just to make sure that they understand everything correctly.
I always try to be a friend instead of a coach so they can talk with me much better than, being a professional player, each session we start with fundamentals, basics cause if you don’t understand basics it’s much harder to improve in the game and sometimes people don’t know correctly the basics or somebody teach them wrong, afterward basics we go in-game depth much more. When I’m teaching someone else sometimes people might be shy and can’t talk with you, I’ll ask them, if they understand it and needed to teach them again. If they tell you yes and you look in-game while they’re doing it, you’ll see they understand the thing you teaching them

I personalize each session according mainly to their actual skill in-game rather than rank. Rank helps me to know how late/early they are into learning certain aspects of the game and how specific I can get to bring them the most value. 

I make sure that they will learn by explaining superficially a concept while I watch them play. After the game ends I’ll make a deeper explanation, and rewatch some interesting rounds if there are any. After explaining everything, I give them a chance to ask anything about Valorant, and after the questions, I show some training drills and give them some notes containing what they should focus on and some extra tips to ensure they don`t forget about the discussed things.