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Valorant coaches

What is your top advice for players new to Valorant?

What is your top advice for players who are new to Valorant? What should they focus on as they begin their journey in the game, and what common mistakes should they avoid?
Definitely working on their mechanical skill. You can never say that your aim is good enough or your movement is perfect. Also every person has to be very hard working and dedicated to what he is doing. Common mistakes is that players fill in their games, very chaotic agent selection. Just focus on 1 role ( 2-3 agents max ) and grind it.
For Valorant newcomers, laying a strong foundation is paramount. Here’s tailored advice aligned with your coaching philosophy:
Self-Discovery and Agent Choice: New players should start by assessing their natural inclination—aggressive or strategic. This informs their agent choice, aligning innate playstyle for effective learning.

Dedicated Skill Development:
Allocate initial months to consistent deathmatch practice—aiming, reflexes, and movement. Robust mechanical skills bolster overall performance.

Gradual VOD Reviews:
After mechanics refinement, delve into VOD reviews. Timing matters; absorbing strategies post-practice enhances application.

Patience and Incremental Progress:
Avoid hasty growth; Valorant thrives on gradual advancement. Celebrate small wins to evade frustration.

Adaptation Over Imitation:
Grasp ‘why’ behind pro strategies. Tailor strategies to skill level and match pace, fostering sound decision-making.In essence, counsel new players to prioritize self-discovery, refine mechanics, ease into VOD reviews, exercise patience, adapt strategies, and nurture communication skills. Adhering to these principles yields a robust foundation, amplifies learning curves, and paves a gratifying journey in Valorant.
Focus on fundamentals! Keep playing the game and enjoy your time. Having fun is very important in keeping the passion up in order for you to improve! Work on your crosshair placement and take your time to aim!
Well, first mistake that they must avoid is giving up. New players have to learn the maps and agents abilities in order to play normally. So, my first advice is just LEARN the basics. That can be done by just simply playing the game, or even watch youtube videos or anything game related. When they do that, then they can be comfortable to play normally and hop into comp.
Before starting if you don’t know about basic fundamentals, try to learn them so you have common knowledge about how to play in the game, never stop learning always learn new things, improve, watch tournaments and pro players how they play, and implement into your game.
Have fun! In the beginning, you’ll learn a lot of things simply by playing the game. Wanting to get better is good, but if you’re not having fun not only you’ll learn slower but you’ll get bored and can get tilted easier since it can be frustrating at the beginning if your expectations are high. Don’t worry much about the game’s result and try to care only about your performance, as the random players that are on your team/enemy team will probably never be seen again, so we shouldn’t try to “coach” them or get too mad about something that they do. Also sometimes, even by playing your best game, we can still lose. Try to understand that you did play well and this will pay off later!