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What success stories can you share from your Valorant coaching career?

Can you share any success stories from your Valorant coaching career? What achievements have your clients reached after working with you, and how have you helped them reach their goals?
I have coached person from pretty low Immortal 3 to Top 27 Radiant in Valorant, hello Shinyy : D . That person is probably way too dedicated, and he just needed a little push from me. Many stories like Platinum to Ascendant or Silver to Diamond.

Elevating Players to PRO and College Teams:
Witnessing five players transition from amateurs to professional Valorant teams highlights the power of focused training, personalized coaching plans, skill drills, and VOD analysis. Crafting regimens for college esports success has been equally gratifying, showcasing the potential of a balanced coaching approach.

Strengthening Father-Son Bonds:
Guiding a 50-year-old father to improve his Valorant skills, bonding with his son, demonstrates how coaching deepens connections. Their joint progress through skill enhancement showcases the transformative potential of coaching in Valorant.

I had a student, who was Gold 3 and after having five sessions together, he improved super fast, I just couldn’t believe it when he sent me a message after a month that he has now reached Immortal 3! His progress just made me super happy and I can’t be more proud of him!
Another one that I’d like to share, is the team that I’m currently coaching for a year, MountEsports. When I got in contact with them and we began our sessions, they were all but one Diamond/Ascendant with one being Immortal. After 3 months of sessions and teamwork, they all ranked up to Immortal and managed to go from 20th team in the league to 4th place!

Well, i can just say that i’ve basically coached every single rank in Valorant, including Radiant. Other than that, there were players which suceeded reaching Ascendant previously Gold, or Silver to Diamond, helping hardstuck Irons, bronzes, silvers and etc to get out of their rank, and things like that. I personally guarantee improvement.
Everyone who came to me ended up happy, there was a guy deranked from Plat 2 to Gold 3 in one day after, we did our coaching he was back to Plat 2 and reached out to Diamond in 2 weeks.

I’ve helped people with lots of different objectives and ranks! Hardstuck bronze players achieving gold, going from Silver to Diamond in a few weeks, and even an Immortal player achieving Radiant for the first time! I’ve helped them through coaching and assistance through Discord.