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Valorant coaches

What is your experience and level as a Valorant player?

Can you share your background as a Valorant player, including your rank, achievements, and any competitive experience you may have? How has your own experience as a player informed your approach to coaching?
I have been playing this game since it came out in 2020, got highest possible rank in 2022 and since then never dropped down. About competitive experience, I am pretty known player on local scene, less known on regional. Me competing on a pretty high level definitely helped to start my coaching job.

With 17 years of gaming experience, I bring a unique blend of expertise as an ex-CS:GO pro player and dedicated Valorant enthusiast. My journey includes achieving Valorant’s highest rank, showcasing mastery of mechanics and strategies, and contributing to the competitive scene.

From over 200 offline events, I’ve gained insights into high-stakes competition and interacted with players, coaches, and industry professionals, refining my understanding of the game’s intricacies and player psychology.

Over four years, I’ve guided 50 players to the highest rank, with five entering professional esports – a testament to my effective coaching and talent nurturing.My coaching approach stems from my player background. I empathize with players’ challenges, tailoring methods to individual needs for personalized attention.

Drawing from my competitive experience, I prioritize strategic thinking, precise execution, and adaptability. Insights into the meta and tactical nuances guide my practical guidance.
As both a seasoned player and successful coach, I offer a comprehensive perspective on Valorant and esports. Years of experience enable me to elevate gameplay and nurture well-rounded competitive individuals.

Hello! My name is Pooya! As IGL and in the pro scene with 5000+ hours of experience in the game and over 600 students, I can help you with advanced decision-making and everything you need, to become one of the best. Ex IGL, and player for Ingenuity. Now, coach for team MountEsports. Previously on Ingenuity (EU) & NewMoon (US). Content creator and coach for ValorEsports.

When I was a player, it allowed me to get connections to players like FNC Boaster by playing against them multiple times which helped me to gain information that I never could before. It definitely leveled up my coaching as it opened my mind to different ways of strategies, agent theories and just looking at the game differently.

I have started playing Valorant in the Beta back in 2020. Valorant is my first competetive FPS game, so i had to learn alot. I started in Iron like everyone else, climbed to bronze, all the way up to gold in Beta. After Beta it took me some time but i suceeded into reaching Immortal. I have mained every role, and i have lots of experience because of that, and after reaching into Top 1940 EU i got the idea to start coaching, and that’s how it all began.
I played in different e-sports teams for 6 years almost, I played in a team called “KOI” for a few months, and I play different types of games such as CSGO, Rainbow Six Siege, and Apex Legends. Those were my FPS games mainly but I also play games such as Elden Ring, The Division 2, For Honor, Need For Speed, etc. I always wanted to do coaching and wanted to build players for games so I was already interested in it.

I’ve started playing PC FPS games in 2017, got rank 9 on PUBG South America and Global Elite in CSGO before I started playing Valorant, so I had some experience with shooters. Got to immortal quickly when I started playing the game a bit more seriously and grinded hard for a month to get to Radiant. I’ve been having some issues with my PC which made it frustrating to play competitive so I had the idea of starting to coach! I’ve always found fun helping my friends improve at a few games and the concept of coaching, so it’s been very pleasing so far to work with something I enjoy!