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Valorant coach Vsevolod about His Coaching Methods

Vsevolod, a seasoned Valorant player and coach, has mentored numerous students to elevate their skills in the game. You can schedule a coaching session with him via his Fiverr gig.

What is your experience and level as a Valorant player?

I have been playing this game since it came out in 2020, got highest possible rank in 2022 and since then never dropped down. About competitive experience, I am pretty known player on local scene, less known on regional. Me competing on a pretty high level definitely helped to start my coaching job.

What is your coaching approach in Valorant?

First of all every person plays a match, so I will be able to determine that person’s mistakes and give him custom solutions to his flaws. During session I make sure multiple times that my student understands what I am explaining. Sometimes I also add him into explanation, in my opinion when we are negotiating it’s better than just me explaining.

How do you analyze a player’s performance?

It depends on what person purchases. As I already mentioned each person plays a game, so I am able to see his performance and flaws. Also there are some websites with statistics that I use in order to understand person’s flaws faster.

How can you help players improve their aiming skills?

Definitely deathmatches. You will work on many things at the same time, the most important that it happens with actual enemies, not bots. I provide each person with Warm up plan, that is custom for each player. Also I have a training plan that includes many things, mostly training plan helps with all the mechanics.

What strategies do you recommend for effective team communication?

I teach them not to overcomplicate things while giving a call, also I teach some players to even start using the voice chat, most of them are silent or don’t think it is important to communicate. About tips when to be aggressive, it is very different from agent to agent. It’s a hard topic to explain, even in voice chat takes a lot of time, but in a nutshell different agents have different purpose. Some of them are meant to be more/less aggressive , and I teach my students agent specifics.

Can you share some tips for map control in Valorant?

The main thing is not always going as 5 men , try to split around the map and gather information. Also looking and the minimap is a very important tip, so you can properly make a good reaction to what happened anywhere on the map.

How do you develop a player’s game sense and decision-making?

It is very hard to implement in short term, but I am still doing my best. I am pointing mostly major mistakes in short term coaching, so person can focus on them and I as well provide detailed explanation on each mistake person does, so he improves his gamesense. I give homeworks to my students that also help them improve different skills.

What advice do you have for choosing the right agent for a player’s playstyle?

It is all about person’s personality. Some people are more brave, some are less brave. Some like to get kills mostly with aim, other with utility. I explain every role’s job and which type of character usually that role fits. After it person makes a decision who to main.

How do you help players adapt to new patches and meta shifts?

To be honest Valorant is not that type of game where everything changes heavily from patch to patch, most of the patches have minor changes. There was just 1 episode like that when it was Chamber meta, I was recommending that agent to everyone aggressive, that was way too overpowered.

What do you think separates amateur players from professionals?

Definitely dedication. Any person can become semi professional, it’s all about how much work you put into it. Hard work really pays off from my experience, I have coached few average players that later became semi professional.

How do you measure the progress of players you coach?

If we are working in long term then the difference is huge and obvious, if it’s a short term coaching mostly I leave notes, so later I can quickly read them and see which mistakes that person had

How do you create personalized training plans for players?

After person finishes match I already know which mechanical flaws that person has, I have a list of different exercises for different flaws, so I quickly generate training plan for that person. It is also different according to person’s experience. Plan of experienced person and newcomer will be different, because they need different skills to develop firstly.

What success stories can you share from your coaching career?

I have coached person from pretty low Immortal 3 to Top 27 Radiant in Valorant, hello Shinyy : D . That person is probably way too dedicated, and he just needed a little push from me. Many stories like Platinum to Ascendant or Silver to Diamond.

What is your top advice for players new to Valorant?

Definitely working on their mechanical skill. You can never say that your aim is good enough or your movement is perfect. Also every person has to be very hard working and dedicated to what he is doing. Common mistakes is that players fill in their games, very chaotic agent selection. Just focus on 1 role ( 2-3 agents max ) and grind it.

What basic player level do you recommend before seeking professional coaching?

I would say reaching Radiant is the minimum level to start some professional road. Radiant is indicator of your good aim, and gamesense you will get with time. Because gamesense you need in Radiant elo and in pro matches is way too different.

What tools do you use to facilitate Valorant coaching sessions?

I use a pen that helps me point out things , the app is called Epic Pen. Also I use a recording software ” OBS ” that help me record and upload sessions.

Do you offer coaching through Discord, and how does it work?

This is the simplest way of communication now, it’s just like Skype call 1 on 1 but for gamers. I have my discord server where students can chat and find teammates.