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How do you help players adapt to new patches and meta shifts in Valorant?

How do you keep players up-to-date with the latest patches and meta shifts in Valorant? How do you help them adapt their strategies and agent choices to the changing game environment?
To be honest Valorant is not that type of game where everything changes heavily from patch to patch, most of the patches have minor changes. There was just 1 episode like that when it was Chamber meta, I was recommending that agent to everyone aggressive, that was way too overpowered.
Helping players navigate new patches and shifting metas is a cornerstone of my coaching. I swiftly create instructive videos when updates drop, outlining changes and strategies. Meta analysis allows players to understand evolving trends and adapt accordingly. I customize strategies, adjusting agent choices and playstyles to suit the shifting landscape.

By staying up-to-date, players remain effective in the evolving environment. Practical application is key, with drills and practice sessions reinforcing new tactics. Frequent scrimmages provide real-world testing grounds. An open dialogue encourages players to share experiences, fostering a collaborative learning atmosphere.

In essence, I prioritize keeping players informed, adaptable, and at the forefront of the evolving Valorant landscape.
For the past year or so, VALORANT has been in a good stage meta-wise. Where every agent has room to be played in and every team comp, with the right plays can also be very good! Now this might change in the future with new maps and new agents coming in. I always say, make sure to read every patch note, as you have no idea what can the developers come up with. Now if you think a change that is in the patch note is big enough, go into a custom game and try it out! Adapt to the changes as soon as possible to be one step ahead of everyone else! If the change is not really big and is a minor change, just keep playing the game while having that change in your mind, so you don’t get caught off guard by it!
It’s pretty simple. I just read the newest patch notes whenever they get released, and based off of that i can inform the player, or they can even read the patchnotes themselves if they’d like. It usually doesn’t affect the ingame strategies much, since the nerfs or buffs aren’t that “big” in valorant. They keep it balanced which i really like. It’s usually small agent changes, like ability duration, ability damage increased or decreased and etc. Ofcourse if something big changes then i make sure that they know about the newest update, and if i need to i can explain the new patch to them.
New patches mean nothing that much, it’s all about the players themselves rather than complaining about meta or patches, I believe “off-meta is always better than meta” like agents wise, Yoru is 10x better than Jett, people just don’t know how to play correctly that’s why and yoru agent itself is much harder.

Off-meta play style is always gonna beat meta plays cause of the unpredictable play style. I also give them my own special agent’s compendiums to my clients so they can have better ideas about agents.
Usually, this is not very relevant because in Solo Queue you can carry with any Agent if you get good enough, so assuring the client has fun is more important to me than adjusting to every meta shift and making them play with something they don’t enjoy. The most I do regarding that is mention that certain agents are a bit better on this map, but they don’t need to start playing with it just because of that, I let them decide.