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Unplastify: A Cruise To Unplastify The World One Step At A Time

Plastic pollution expedition

Unplastifying: The sailing expedition that wants to educate
people about plastic pollution

The goal of Unplastify is not to eradicate plastic from our lives completely but to work towards having a healthier relationship with it.

What is Unplastify?

The 21 st century clearly has a plastic problem. 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans every year and by the year 2050, there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish. Unplastify seeks to change the way we think about and deal with plastics.


They are a group of people on a quest to minimize the use of disposable plastic through re-designing operations, habits, and norms. They seek to unplastify the world with three basic steps; Exploration, Education, and Action.

Exploring the oceans

To understand the problem of plastic pollution before actually doing something about it, Unplastify undertook a sailing adventure across the Atlantic from New York to Portugal. Exploring the oceans inspired them to connect emotionally and get involved to do something about the plastic problem.

Plastic pollution expedition

Throughout this journey, they explored and documented where plastic pollution comes from, where it ends up, and how our society can fix our unhealthy relationship with this polymer.

Along the journey, samples for research on plastic pollution were collected from the oceans and shores. After arriving in Europe, they traveled through Europe interviewing experts to understand their points of view on plastic and identifying alternatives.


Through this, they were able to answer questions like; How did humanity come to have this relationship with plastic? What does plastic pollution in the ocean look like? What are people doing to fix the

Educating about the plastic problem

By collaborating with science and research organizations, they were also able to amplify the impact of their findings. They also contribute to knowledge and support informed decisions with the data they have gathered. Unplastify facilitates access to information by bringing science closer to the general public. They do this by communicating the most relevant news
about plastic and unplastifying solutions.

Actions to unplastify

Unplastify supports people that want to unplastify their lives, their organizations, and the world. This is done by developing programs with strategies to unplastify them. They also make it easier to unplastify by providing access to alternative products and services other than plastic.

Plastic pollution expedition

Workshops, strategy, regulation, products, and services leading to cultural change are regularly carried out. They also network with schools and organizations with the Unplastify schools challenge. The aim is to involve everyone to think and activate scalable solutions to change their relationship with plastic.

Unplastifying products

Unplastify’s online shop sells various environmentally friendly products which makes it easier to unplastify your life. Reusable Water bottles, Daravi bags from the slums of Mumbai, posters, and products from eco-friendly companies companies like toothbrushes, bags, etc. all serve this purpose.


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