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THE BOX: Will These IOT Boxes Replace Cardboard Shippers?

"THE BOX" is a reusable IOT (internet-of-things) packaging container integrating sustainability, ease of use, and safety into the world of home shipping.

the box reusable shipping box

A Package from the future

THE BOX from LivingPackets is a parcel box made of recyclable material, equipped with a 4G internet connection, sensors, and special systems to hold your shipments in place.

Tracking, safety, easy shipment are all features that make it stand out from any other kind of packaging we have ever seen. 

sustainable shipping container

Lauded by the Business Insider as a “Revolutionary Sustainable Packaging Solution”, it is an invention making breakthroughs in the currently unsustainable packaging industry and will change the way we know packaging.

What makes THE BOX special? 

This sustainable box eliminates many of the problems faced by a normal cardboard box. The case material is made of EPP which is 98% air and 2% recycled material, making it more rigid than cardboard boxes.

the box reusable shipping box

There is an automatic holding system in the box that gets rid of the need for unsustainable filler materials that are normally used in packaging. 

This zero-waste packaging solution also keeps the package safe with an integrated locking system that records every opening attempt. Besides, it uses a 4G internet connection that allows you to know its location at all times. Sensors for humidity and temperature inside the box give real-time updates.

eco friendly shippers

There are also shock sensors that sense bumpy roads and how your delivery is being handled. For further use of this smart-box, E-ink display shipment labels can be created for any address without printing.

Environmentally sound

As the package will be safe and well protected with a sophisticated holding system, no bubble wrap or other packaging material is required for shipping with these IOT-boxes. In time, this will also prevent millions of tons of packaging waste that ends up in our oceans every year. 

zero waste shipping box

By using these reusable boxes instead of the normal cardboard packaging, 665kg of CO2 per box is saved. 

Maximizing the life cycle of THE BOX helps to improve its ecological footprint with every use! After 1000 cycles, the box is intended to be reconditioned after which it can start the next 1,000 journeys. When it has reached the end of its life cycle, all components and parts of the product will be recycled. 

environment friendly shipping container

Bringing THE BOX back into circulation 

To ensure that THE BOX is used at least a thousand times before recycling, a few ways of circulation have been enabled:

  1. Return orders with the push of a button
  2. Using it for your own shipment through the app
  3. Returning it to a LivingPacket shop nearby and getting rewarded 
  4. Having it collected from your home by Logistics partners who bring it back into circulation
the box eco friendly reusable shipment

Today, it makes more ecological and economic sense to use reusable boxes like these to send and receive packages. Partnering with e-commerce businesses, LivingPackets aims to completely stop the use of waste packaging.

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