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How To Wash Bamboo Sheets?

Washing bed sheets can be a bit of a nightmare. You can constantly be thinking about when to wash them, for how long to wash them and whether you can wash them too much. Changing and making a bed is tough enough without having to contend with the temperature you have to wash them at, the time it takes to wash them and the way in which you have to wash them. 

This can be a particular problem if you have bamboo sheets. Bamboo sheets are a fantastic alternative to cotton or silk sheets and give you the kind of comfort you thought you could only have dreamed of before. However, as they are not very common you might be filled with questions about them. 


How often should you change your bamboo sheets? What temperature are they washable at? How to wash bamboo sheets?

All these questions and more of course need answering and this piece will strive to give you all the information you need to fully appreciate your bamboo sheets and make sure they stay in tip top condition.

Why you should buy bamboo sheets

First, let’s tackle what may seem like an obvious question – why should you buy bamboo sheets in the first place? If you already have bamboo sheets you might already know the answer to that but if you are new to the phenomenon then you might be somewhat curious as to why anyone would want to buy them. 

There are several important reasons people buy bamboo sheets. Firstly, and most importantly for many people, bamboo is a much more sustainable source of bed sheet materials than cotton or silk. Whereas cotton and silk often take a great deal of effort, energy and industrialisation to be produced, bamboo doesn’t take as much time to turn into beautiful and comfortable sheets. 

Bamboo also grows very quickly so can be easily regrown after it has been cut down. This means that there is not as much of an impact on the ozone layer as there would be with the production of silk or cotton. 

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Secondly, bamboo is much more comfortable than cotton. They have a certain softness and lightness of touch which means having them on a bed can ensure maximum comfort and a desire to not get out of bed anytime soon. 

Thirdly and finally, they last much longer than other types of sheers. Whilst some people have complained that it the bamboo sheets are prone to wrinkling, this is simply because the sheets are of a much more sustainable and a longer lasting temperament than cotton. So, whilst cotton sheets are more likely to rip, bamboo sheets will simply wrinkle ensuring that the sheets have a much longer life. 

This means that although bamboo sheets are often more expensive than other sheets, they in fact end up saving you money. Whilst your cotton sheets are likely to fade and break down over time, your bamboo sheets will stall as supple and usable as they were when you first bought them. 

How to wash bamboo sheets

Now that we have explored why you should buy bamboo sheets, let’s take a look at how to wash them. Washing your bamboo sheets can be an important task.

Making sure that your sheets and nice and clean is pivotal to a good night’s sleep. This isn’t simply because they look better but because any potential micro germs or bugs or other things that can get on your sheets when you don’t wash them enough won’t be able to if you keep up a strict washing cycle.

Therefore, when dealing with bamboo sheets you have to estimate how often to wash them. Too much and they could shrink. Too little and your sheets won’t look nearly as nice as they did before.

The number of times that you can wash your bamboo sheets vary. Because of the process that is used to wash bamboo bed sheets in particular it is between to do it every week during the summer and every two weeks during winter. 


The reason it is best to do it less frequently during winter is that bamboo sheets must be washed in cold water. This is because cold water is better for the sheets and their durability. When putting bamboo sheets into a washing machine you must make sure the water is cold and at 30 degrees maximum – any warmer and the sheets would be less durable. 

You also must make sure when washing the sheets that you do them separately from towels and other things that you might put in with normal cotton sheets. This is because if the bamboo sheets are put in with things like towels, they can often become shiny and lack the quality finish that you would otherwise find with bamboo sheets that have been washed properly. 

Make sure that you also don’t use a detergent that is particularly filled with chemicals. A biodegradable washing powder is best as it compliments the chemical makeup of the sheets. 

Once you have washed the bamboo sheets in your washing machine make sure to carefully take them out and air them so that they are given as much heat as possible. Unlike other types of sheets, bamboo sheets are especially good at being draped which means it is much easier to keep your sheets clean and ready for use then with other types of sheets.

Bamboo Sheets – The Way Forward

As we recognize the way in which we must change our lives to prevent global warming, we will become more and more accustomed to using sustainable products like bamboo sheets. Bamboo sheets are perfectly designed to help you ease into a more natural future and the quality of them means that you won’t feel hard done by doing so. 


Bamboo sheets are not only good for the planet, but they are also good for you. Their softness and durability mean that you will forget why you ever used silk or cotton sheets and only know that bamboo sheets are the sheets for you. If you haven’t got any yet then make sure to get them because they truly will change not just your nights but your life as well. 

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