We asked
Spanish tutors

What’s next after completing your Spanish beginners course?

We asked various Spanish online tutors what they advise beginners to do after beginners course completion. Here's their answers.

Kieran Ball

After completing 3 Minute Spanish – Course 1, there are plenty more courses to take. The series of courses lead on from one another, and build on knowledge you learnt in previous courses. So, once you’ve finished course 1, sign up to course 2!

Jennifer Corralizza

Learners should take the skills they gained and continue to develop and build on them with continuous practice. They can continue to listen to the music and gain more vocabulary. I hope to create an intermediate course in the near future that will build off of this course!

Octavio Olenik Giaccaglia

After completing my course, the student is nowhere near done. Once they have had my lessons they are ready to use the knowledge they have acquired to carry on learning the language. They could now travel to a Spanish speaking country, meet new people through the Spanish language, use the language in a professional/educational context and so on. Completing my course could be seen as the first step in a whole life process which always has something new to offer.