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10 Reusable Tampon Applicators For A Plastic Free Period

My personal favorite reusable tampon applicators are these re.t.a tampons by Thinx. They’re FDA approved and are very easy to use.

Disclaimer: We only recommend products we truly believe in and we might earn a commission for purchases made through links in this post.


Top 5 Zero waste Reusable Tampons

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Is a reusable tampon applicator safe to use?

Whilst reusable tampon applicators are a great way to achieve a sustainable period routine, it is important to sanitize the applicator properly between uses.

Make sure you use the applicator according to the sanitization instruction that comes with the package.

Our Full Lust Of Reusable Tampon Applicators

A reusable tampon applicator is a great way to create less waste. For this article, I have listed some of the best reusable applicators that can help will help you have a more sustainable period.

1. Thinx re.t.a reusable tampon applicator

The first reusable tampon applicator with FDA clearance.

  • Uses medical grade materials
  • Easy to store and carry
  • Works with most applicator free tampons
  • Fits regular and super tampons
  • No natural rubber latex

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The Thinx reusable tampon applicator is a safe and sustainable method of achieving a zero waste period routine. Manufactured from medical-grade materials, these reusable tampon applicators are a fantastic way of ensuring you don’t have to add plastic waste to the environment each time you use a tampon.

reusable tampon applicators

For extra peace of mind, these are the first reusable tampon applicators that are FDA cleared.

Thinx reusable tampon applicator are compact enough to be carried in a purse, pocket, or handbag for added convenience. They also work with most applicator-free tampons, including super tampons.


There were no reviews specifically for this product on the Thinx website. However, there were plenty of positive reviews for their other products.

2. Rael Organic Cotton Tampons

These organic cotton tampons come with a biodegradable applicator.

  • Made with organic cotton from Texas
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Cardboard applicator
  • Plastic free
  • Regular or super sizes available

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These biodegradable tampons by Rael, come with a cardboard applicator that drastically reduces the amount of plastic waste from your personal hygiene routine. The core of the tampon is made from 100% certified organic cotton, that is responsibly sourced from Texas.

Rael tampons are available in two sizes, these tampons fit snugly and absorb quickly to stop leaks. They are manufactured using natural ingredients and are guaranteed not to contain any toxic or irritating chemicals.


Most reviewers were delighted with the product. Many women mentioned how non-irritating and absorbent they are. Others loved the fact that they were organic and sustainable tampons. On the negative side, one reviewer noted that the cardboard applicator made it too awkward to situate the tampon.

3. Tampon Tribe Organic Tampons (Bulk buy)

100% plastic free, eco friendly tampons.

  • Organic cotton tampons
  • Bulk buy – pack of 28
  • Chlorine and Dioxin Free
  • Jute carrying bag
  • Perfume-free

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Tampon Tribe Organic tampons are sold in bulk, making these sustainable tampons that won’t break the bank either. These plastic free tampons use a biodegradable cardboard “twist” applicator with a soft round tip.

They are hypoallergenic and have no viscose, perfumes, chlorine, and dioxin used in their manufacture. Furthermore, they also have no residue of pesticides or herbicides present.

They come in an up-cycled Jute bag that would grace any bathroom.


The reviews were mostly positive about this product, people loved the fact that they were kind to the environment and to their purse at the same time. The only negative was one reviewer who found the biodegradable tampons to be uncomfortable to use.

4. Dame Reusable Tampon Applicator

Made from medical grade mediprene

  • Super Smooth
  • Self-sanitizing
  • Comes with a reusable tin and cotton travel pouch
  • Includes 6 organic tampons
  • BPA free

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The Dame reusable tampon applicator is produced from medical-grade mediprene and is designed to be super smooth. It is guaranteed to be BPA free and it also has antimicrobial qualities to ensure easy sanitization.

reusable tampon applicators

This product saves thousands of pieces of plastic from being added to landfill sites, and when used in conjunction with a zero waste feminine wash, it goes a long way to helping protect the planet.

It fits tampons of all sizes and comes with a handy storage tine for when at home and a cotton carrying bag for when you are out and about.


At the time of writing, there were no reviews for this product.

5. TOTM Non-applicator Tampons

A non-applicator solution for a zero waste period routine.

  • Available in three absorbency levels
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made with Organic Cotton
  • Rayon free
  • Packaged in 100% recyclable paper

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These biodegradable tampons from TOTM are a great way to achieve a sustainable period. They are available in three levels of absorbency to suit all needs and to deal with even the heaviest of days. The packaging is fully recyclable and it comes delivered in a compostable mailing bag.

They are produced without any chlorine bleach, fragrance, dyes, or rayon. The core is manufactured using 100% organic cotton, from sustainable sources. This cotton is selected for its softness and absorbency.


The reviews are fantastic for this product. Most reviewers loved the delivery service and the customer service was also noted as being outstanding. Many reviewers mentioned the softness of the product and the comfort it afforded. One reviewer did note that they were disappointed with the absorbency of the product.

6. Seventh Generation Organic Cotton Tampons with Comfort Applicator

The applicator is made from 95% plant-based materials.

  • 100% organic cotton
  • 43 Cents a pack goes to nonprofit organizations
  • Dual-layer leak protection
  • 0% Chlorine
  • Hypoallergenic

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For those who don’t like cardboard applicators, but still want to help save the planet, the Seventh Generation organic tampons, might be the solution you are looking for. The tampons themselves are manufactured from 100% organic cotton and the applicator is made from 95% plant-based products.

These tampons are designed to give you leak-free protection without any added chemicals, fragrances, or bleaches. The applicator is smooth and contains no BPA plastics, this allows for the comfortable insertion that some women haven’t found with the cardboard applicators.


On the whole, the reviews are all positive for this product. There some women who reported them as being uncomfortable, with a tendency to leak. But most other reviewers reported a positive experience, saying that they were comfortable and caused no itchiness.

7. Tampax Pure Organic Tampons

Organic tampons free of bleaches, dyes, and fragrances.

  • Up to 100% leak-free tampons
  • 90% Plant-based plastic applicator
  • 100% Organic cotton
  • Tampon donation scheme
  • Free of chlorine bleach

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Buying Tampax pure organic tampons helps save the plant and with Tampax’s donation scheme helps girls in need through the US. They are made from 100% organic cotton and the plastic applicator is produced using 90% plant-based materials.

Tampax is one of the most trusted tampon manufacturers in the world, so the quality of the product is assured. The applicator is designed to make insertion smooth and easy. It also incorporates Tampax’s LeakGuard™ braid protection, so there is that extra layer to prevent leaks, even on the heaviest of days.


The reviews are mostly good for this product, one reviewer noted that her daughter had suffered from hives until she switched to this product. Another woman noted that these worked as well as the non-organic product. On the downside, one reviewer noted that the tampon was falling apart usage.

8. Lola Cardboard Reusable Tampon applicators

Organic cotton tampons with cardboard applicator.

  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Gynecologist approved
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 0% Chlorine Bleach
  • No synthetic fibers

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These cardboard applicator tampons from Lola are a great product for women seeking a zero waste feminine wash routine. Manufactured to be plastic-free throughout, the comfortable cardboard applicator is fully biodegradable.

The tampons are manufactured from 100% organic cotton and contain no harsh chemicals including chlorine bleach, dyes, or fragrances. The cardboard applicators come in regular and supersizes and you can select your assortment for each box.


Most reviewers loved this product. One user called them sturdy and reliable, mentioning that the cardboard applicator was solid enough that inserting the tampon was easy. Other reviewers were delighted with the absorbency they offer. However, there were a handful of negative reviews that were disappointed in the absorbency.

9. The Organic Project 100% Organic Tampons

TOP offers a full range of organic period products.

  • 100% Organic cotton
  • Eco-Friendly and sustainably sourced
  • Plant-based applicators
  • Chemical free
  • Donate to girls in need

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The Organic Project has put together a range of products that offer a complete eco-friendly solution for women of all ages. None of their products use synthetic fibers, toxins, fragrances, dyes, or pesticides.

The 100% organic cotton used in all their products is obtained from sustainable sources. The applicator is manufactured from plant-based plastics for a smooth and easy insertion. There are regular and super absorbency options available across the entire range of products.

For those wanting to go that bit further, they also offer tampons with cardboard applicators.


Reviews were mostly positive for this product, with one reviewer going as far as saying that these were the best organic tampons on the market. Another reviewer loved the fact that these expanded width-wise rather than length-wise. There were a few negatives including one lady who said the shape of the tampon encouraged leakage.

10. o.b. Organic Tampons with Plant-Based Applicator

100% Organic cotton tampon with a plant-based applicator.

  • 100% Responsibly sourced organic cotton
  • Seventy years of experience
  • Available in regular or super absorbency
  • Up to 8hrs protection
  • 92% Plant-based applicator

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Backed by o.b.’s seventy years of experience with feminine hygiene products, this eco-friendly range of tampons is designed for ease of use with its super smooth plant-based applicator.

The tampons are manufactured using a process that doesn’t involve the use of chlorine bleaches, dyes, or fragrances, they are just 100% organic cotton. Even the string is manufactured from sustainably sourced organic cotton.

These tampons can offer protection for up to 8hrs.


The reviews are mostly positive with a few dissenters. For the positives, many reviewers loved the comfort aspect of these and the fact that on lighter days they are effective for 8 hrs. Among the negatives were one reviewer who found them uncomfortable to use and another who found them to leak.

Which Product should I choose?

We all know that choosing a tampon can be a very personal thing. In this section, I try to select products that will work best for particular circumstances and people. For instance, if you prefer tampons without applicators then the TOTM non-applicator range is a great choice. 

eco friendly tampon feminine hygiene

For those who like the smoothness of a plastic applicator, then any product that uses a plant-based applicator makes a great choice, these include the Seventh Generation Organic Cotton Tampons and the versatile range from The Organic Project.

If you are looking for a tampon applicator only then there are two great choices, both the re.t.a reusable tampon applicator and the Dame reusable tampon applicators are highly recommended.

For those looking for a complete biodegradable option, then a cardboard applicator could be a perfect choice, the offerings from Rael, Tampon Tribe, and Lola are all highly regarded.

Is a cardboard tampon applicator safe?

biodegradable women health

Absolutely they are safe, cardboard applicators have been around for longer than plastic applicators. As well as being perfectly safe, they are also fully biodegradable, so better for the planet too.

What tampons are biodegradable?

Any tampon that is manufactured from plant-based materials can be considered biodegradable. All the tampons on this list are manufactured using 100% organic cotton and are biodegradable.

How to have a zero waste period routine?

Simply switching to a biodegradable tampon solution that uses a reusable applicator, or cardboard or plant-based applicators is a big step towards achieving this. The tampon itself shouldn’t use chemicals or bleaches in its manufacture, it should preferably be manufactured from organic sources.

reusable tampon applicators

Finally, incorporating products like Zero Waste Hand Soaps Wash, into your period routine helps further reduce waste and pollution.

Pairing your reusable tampon applicator with other eco-friendly women’s hygiene solutions, like refillable deodorants and zero waste mouthwash, can lead to a completely sustainable bathroom. The environmental impact of this personal hygiene routine can be further reduced by using sustainable tampons with your applicator.

Why are most tampons covered with plastic?

eco friendly tampon feminine hygiene

Plastic use in tampons is multi-purposed, the plastic wrapper is designed to keep the tampon sterile. But most non-biodegradable tampons also have plastic incorporated into the tampon. This offers a leak-proof base for the tampon and helps to contain fluids within the tampon.

Can tampons be composted?

biodegradable women health

As long as they use plant-based materials and don’t contain any plastics, chemicals, dyes, or fragrances then tampons can be composted.

My Personal Favorite Reusable tampon applicators

For ladies wanting to look after mother-earth then an eco-friendly period routine can cut down a massive amount of waste and single-use plastics. The list of products I have compiled is chosen to ensure there is a solution there for most, if not all, women.

reusable tampon applicators

My personal favorite is the re.t.a. reusable tampon applicator. Inserting a tampon with it is super smooth and easy, and there is the comfort that comes from knowing it has been FDA cleared as safe to use.

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