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11 Best Reusable Lint Rollers for Clothes (Lint Removers)

Reusable lint rollers are one of the easiest and cheapest sustainable swaps to make. Our clothes, pets, and own bodies are always shedding fibers, hairs, and fragments and these end up in places we’d rather not have them like our clothes, floors, and furniture. I gathered a list of reusable lint removers to help you with just that.

paperless lint roller

My personal favorite product would have to be the Life Without Plastic wood lint brush lint remover. It’s great for removing lint and I also find this the most aesthetic option.

Disclaimer: We only recommend products we truly believe in and we might earn a commission for purchases made through links in this post.


Why choose reusable lint rollers over disposable?

Eco-friendly and sustainable products are designed to last a lifetime. Instead of buying plastic rollers with tear-off plastic sticky tape over and over again, reusable lint rollers won’t need to be replaced for years. Instead of throwing away sticky tape after one use, reusable lint rollers can be washed and used all over again. Even if the upfront cost is a little higher, reusable lint rollers don’t need refills – so they’ll be far more cost effective in the long run.

Top 5 Reusable Lint Rollers


Best for floors, carpets or the couch, upholstery and roof-liner


Best for Pilling on garments, lint brush to pick up fuzz, dust and pet hair


Best for Fur on furniture, garments and upholstery


Best for Pet hair on furniture, carpets and bedding.


Can be used on multiple surfaces and fabrics including the car, clothing, floors and can help to clean up spills.

11 Best Reusable Lint Rollers for Clothes (Lint Removers)

Here is a list of reusable lint rollers which will solve your lint woes, in a sustainable way!

1. Life Without Plastic

  • Non-plastic
  • Sustainably made in Germany by an ethical family business
  • Magnetic charge when rubbed attracts lint

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This lint roller alternative by Life Without Plastic is a beautiful plastic-free brush that magnetically attracts dust and lint. It is made to last with sustainable German beechwood and effectively attracts pet hair and dead skin from many surfaces.

Customers say:

You need to clean the wood lint brush frequently because of the magnetic pull of dust towards its bristles, but aside from this it works well.

2. Eco girl shop

  • Brush the red padded side against the grain of clothing
  • Removes pilling from garments
  • Ergonomic handle

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The zero-waste lint remover by eco girl shop is specialized for clothing because it is designed to help pilling (when your clothing gathers in tiny balls). It is easy to hold and brush surfaces, however, it is made from plastic and the lint must be removed by hand. It can be used to remove lint, fur, dust, and debris from clothes, furniture, or vehicle upholstery. Clean by brushing in the opposite direction then pull off debris by hand,

Customers say:

This padded brush works well. It’s easy to clean and robust. However, it’s not always successful at removing pilling and it’s not easy to use while wearing clothes.


  • Reusable washable lint roller
  • Adhesive surface to trap lint
  • Comes with 2 roller refills

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This washable lint roller by WLLIFE is the closest out of the list to a sticky tape roller, so if you’re looking for a direct swap then this product would be a good option to go for. It is not a fabric shaver so would not help pilling but it claims to be successful at lifting hair and lint from clothes and surfaces. It might be best used when you need to do a quick clean or wipe down of a favorite coat.

Customers say:

Effective on pet hair on clothing and furniture. Reviews described it as ‘super sticky’ and strong enough to pick up objects. Some customers mentioned that it was tricky to replace the rollers.

4. OXO

  • Options of various sizes
  • Self-cleaning base
  • Good as a lint roller for pet hair

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The Furlifter BY OXO is made specifically as a reusable lint roller for pet hair. It’s a great option for eco-friendly pet owners. The technology comes as a carpet rake, furniture brush, garment brush and on-the-go brush, so there’s a unique environmentally friendly lint roller for every need. Each product has a non-slip comfortable handle. This would be a good product as a specific pet hair solution, but is not targeted at general lint.

Customers say:

This furniture lint roller is effective but only on a small area at a time. The self-cleaning base works very well but you must pull the debris from inside when you empty it. For those who have a major problem with pet hair on furniture, vacuuming would be a better solution but for small areas it performs well.


  • Electric fabric shaver
  • Rechargeable with a 1.5 hour battery life
  • Effective on clothing, bedding and furniture

This is the only electric environmentally friendly lint roller on the list. BEAUTURAL lint remover has a suction system that allows for the easy shaving of pills on fabrics. It is lightweight and doesn’t require batteries which is a cost-saving compared to other electric lint rollers.

The electric nature means less manual labor than other lint rollers for clothes, but the process still takes some time as this reusable lint roller must be held on the garment to remove lint. It’s a plastic tool with metal blades, a metal guard, and a motor and electrics on the inside. It removes lint and fluff balls from clothing including wool coats and furniture from couches to curtains. To clean, detach the metal head and use the provided mini brush to clean the lint and dust from the inside.

Customers say:

The powerful pill remover is in danger of damaging delicate garments such as cashmere. If using on clothes, they must be laid on a flat surface and the lint roller alternative must not be pressed onto the fabric. However, it is effective especially on certain coats and sweatshirts. Other customers mentioned that the electric lint remover was loud.

6. Gleener

  • 2 in 1 Fabric shaver and reusable lint roller
  • Adjustable with 3 different fabric shaving edges
  • Revives fabric from pilling

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Most reusable lint rollers focus on picking up hair but this product by Gleener is part ‘fabric shaver’, which is designed to revive fabric from pilling. The 3 different edges make it appropriate for various fabrics from bulky wool to delicate silk or cashmere.

Customers say:

There is disagreement over how much physical effort it takes to use this lint remover, but reviewers are generally impressed by the results. A few reviews mention damage to clothes as the pilled balls were dragged out which created holes. Therefore, it works best on heavier fabrics such as upholstery rather than cotton t-shirts.

7. Ruri’s

  • Easy to use and simple design
  • Fabric shaver and paperless lint roller
  • Wood lint brush

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This is a lint roller for clothes made with beech wood and copper which are made to last. Ruri’s lint remover has an elegant look and targets pilling on garments specifically. This reusable lint remover is made with a copper head and durable beech wood handle. It’s effective on pet hair, crumbs and lint and can restore fabrics from pills and bobbles. Clean by picking off the debris by hand.

Customers say:

Good quality, most customers were impressed that it shaved lint and fuzz from garments without damaging them.

8. Lilly Brush

  • Removes stubborn pet hair from all types of carpet and rugs
  • Targeted at stairs, carpets and pet beds
  • Mini detailer to remove lint from specific small areas

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This is a mini handheld edition of the Lilly Brush, a lint roller for floors, carpets or the couch. It can be dragged over any upholstery to pick up excess lint and pet hair. The mini detailer is designed to collect lint from all corners of furniture as it is small enough to get into the cracks and seams. This product would be described as a pocket lint roller because it is extremely transportable. This roller is for pet hair removal and detailing in the car and on carpets and furniture. To clean, wipe on a damp paper towel or pull debris off by hand.

Customers say:

An effective product as a reusable lint roller. Useful in the car to remove pet hair but quite small to use on other areas. Users have experienced static electricity and commented that it’s a little expensive for the size of the tool.


  • Removes the most stubborn pet hair
  • Firm shape to target problem corners effectively
  • Massages hairs out of the upholstery

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YOUDIWADI is marketed specifically as a lint roller for dog hair. It is a thin scraper which would be able to get between tight crevasses which other products may struggle to reach. It is easy to hold and scrape along all surfaces from furniture to floors, but it is quite small so could be time consuming to cover a large area. The tool is made from soft resin and silica gel. It’s targeted at pet fur on furniture and in the car. To clean, pull the lint and hair off by hand. This is easily done from the thin scraper

Customers say:

Many customers use this in combination with vacuuming to get hair out of the carpets. This lint roller for dog hair needs repeated motion to lift the hair from fabrics but eventually it performs well and helped customers to clean their sofa and carpets from pet hair.

10. Carrand

  • Lint remover brush with electrostatic bristles
  • Comfortable handle to grip
  • Will not scratch or damage surfaces

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The electrostatic nature of this furniture lint roller by Carrand means it attracts hair, pet fur and lint like a magnet. Its soft rubber bristles are safer for furniture and wouldn’t cause scuffs. It’s made with natural rubber bristles to remove hair, lint and fluff from upholstery and carpets. Pull off the clumps of lint collected by hand or vacuum cleaner.

Customers say:

This was reviewed as a helpful product in clearing pet hair from surfaces. Some say it is good to use instead of a vacuum cleaner because it prevents hair clogging. Others say the static nature means that it may be easier to vacuum off the collected lint which adds complication to the method. A few commented that the handle makes the brush too high to reach under car seats.

11. Nado care

  • Simple back and forth rolling mechanism to pick up hair
  • Cap for protection against damage in storage or on the move
  • Ergonomic design

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Nado care is a lint roller for pet hair which comes with a cap to collect hair and protect the lint brush. It is intended to be easy to use for every surface from furniture to carpets to bedding.

Customers say:

Many customers complimented this reusable lint roller for its ability to remove embedded hair. It is easier than paper sheets in terms of usage and cleaning, but quite flimsy and cheap feeling for the price.

Who needs reusable Lint Rollers?

reusable lint rollers

Have you ever opened the dryer and found clumps of grey material matted together? That’s lint. It occurs because of the many things we have which leave behind tiny fibers. Of course, you can hoover the ground and the nooks and crannies in your house to rid them of dust. With surfaces, you can use a spray cleaner and a cloth. But what happens when lint gets on your clothes or bedding? You don’t want to hoover up your shirts and if you got caught spraying fabric with anti-bacterial cleaner you’d get some funny looks. This is where lint rollers come in!

You may also be looking for a lint roller for dealing with your pet’s fur. Another solution for that issue might be a different dog shampoo for sensitive skin or a special collar for sensitive skin.

The essential idea is to roll a sticky surface down something which has collected excess fibers. This roller snatches up all these annoying unaesthetic bits, while being gentle on clothes. If you imagine your favorite t shirt is covered in cat hair and dust, then with a few rolls of a lint roller it’s all gone – it’s pretty satisfying! Lint rollers are a great solution to an irritating problem; however, the classic lint roller comes with issues… It’s highly wasteful.

The effect that plastic single use lint rollers have on the planet

reusable lint rollers

One plastic sticky lint roller can have around 30 meters of unrecyclable plastic sticky paper which is single use and becomes waste after being used for just a few seconds. If you accidentally tear too much of the sticky sheet, this becomes waste without even being used.

This waste will end up in landfill, which takes years to break down and over time releases toxins into soil and groundwater and greenhouse gasses into the air. On its journey to landfill, lightweight plastic waste can easily blow away to pollute our oceans and natural environment. Any way we can cut down our single use waste is amazing, and one of the easiest ways is with reusable lint rollers.

Which reusable Lint Rollers to choose?

There are many zero waste lint removers, some specialising in carpets and floors, some for furniture or the car and some for fashion. Ultimately it is down to the individual which reusable lint roller will be right for them, based on their concern. As a customer without pets, my main concern is lint on my clothing. I’m drawn to the element of ‘fabric shaving’ combined with a reusable lint roller for clothes. Anyone with a problem of pilling knows how annoying this can be and I feel like a fabric shaving product can enhance the life of clothes which is an extremely sustainable thing to do!

reusable lint rollers

My favorite Reusable Lint Rollers

For me, I would choose a product such as the Life Without Plastic wood lint brush or the 2 in 1 Gleener because I am mainly concerned about pilling in clothing. If I had pets I believe a different product would be more appropriate.

Life Without Plastic wood lint brush plastic-free product that is also locally produced and sold by an ethical family business, it is the most sustainable in terms of materials and manufacturing. It’s a wooden product so I also find this the most aesthetic option. It would be a great addition to a sustainable cleaning cupboard with other wooden equipment.

Many of the products in the above list use micro-bristles technology so it may even be a decision of which shape, size, cleaning system, or price point you’d prefer rather than which product is rated best by reviewers.

Cleaning should be tailored to your needs whether that be for your car, couch or carpets. If you need a small thin product to get into cracks in the car, then there’s a product on this list for you but equally if you need something larger to tackle the cats favorite carpet, there’s a lint roller for carpets here too. One thing I won’t complain about when it comes to environmentally friendly solutions is an abundance of choice!

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