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Finally: UK Company Packs it’s Chips in Compostable Bags

Potato chips in compostable packaging

Two Farmers chips or crisps as they are called in the UK, are potato chips packaged in a compostable bag. Although the market competitors believed that a compostable packaging solution for chips could not be achieved, Two farmers launched the UK’s first 100% compostable and plastic-free chips packet in 2018.

The story of Two Farmers

Crisps in compostable packaging

When two farmers met over a pint of beer, they decided to make chips from locally sourced, farm-grown potatoes. They wanted to make delicious, home-cooked chips which celebrate the flavors of Herefordshire, which is in the countryside of the UK. By doing this, the aim was to bring Herefordshire on the food map.

The perfect crisp

Ensuring that the finest end product (a perfect bag of chips) is received by the consumer is the main goal of Two Farmers. For this purpose, the varieties of potatoes grown are Lady Claire, Lady Rosetta, and Taurus which have been chosen for their high quality and excellent fry color.

Two farmers plastic free chips

The chips are hand-fried to ensure premium quality. Small batches are separately fried so that they all get evenly golden and crispy.

Committed to being local

Procurement of raw materials, and processing activities are done as locally as possible. The potatoes are grown on the Herefordshire farm. They are then graded on the farm using renewable energy produced there.

Potato chips in compostable packaging

Besides the potatoes, the special ingredients in each of the flavors of the chips are either produced on the farm or sourced locally, which keeps road miles low. Be it the apples in the “Salt & Cider vinegar” bag or the onions in the “Hereford Hop Cheese & Onion” flavor, they all grow on the Herefordshire orchards and farms.

In the flavor “Lightly Salted”, Droitwich Salt from natural springs is used. The salt is also harvested by hand and crystallized using renewable energy.

A clean green bag of chips

The brand has several stamps indicating clean practices including “100% compostable”, “locally sourced ingredients”, and “plastic-free”.

Crisps in compostable packaging

The bag is compostable since it is made from sustainable cellulose and plant-based, biodegradable ink and glues. The packets break down into carbon dioxide, biomass and water once turned into compost.

Crisps in compostable packaging

For all activities such as growing, harvesting, storing, cooking, and packing, renewable energy generated on the farm is used as far as possible. Moreover, some of their chip flavors are also vegan.

Delicious flavors celebrating Herefordshire

The flavors are kept as simple and local as possible drawing inspiration from Herefordshire, where the farmers are from. The range of flavors include meaty flavors such as “Hereford beef”, and “Herefordshire Sausage & Mustard” to vegan chips such as “Lightly Salted”, “Salt & Cider Vinegar”

Two farmers plastic free chips

Two Farmer chips are available in stores across the UK. They can also be ordered in bulk for those who do not like to share chips. The bulk orders come in a recyclable box.


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