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New Protest Against Excessive Grocery Packaging

A group of green activists in Keynsham, England, have had it with unnecessary plastic packaging. They decided to protest in a quite reasonable way.All of them got together at a local grocery-store one morning and started shopping.

Once the trolleys were full and everything was paid for – the protesters simply unwrapped all the unnecessary plastic packages from the groceries and left it at the store.

Watch the Protesters leaving packages at the store:

Workers at the supermarket were a beat surprised, but no fuss as been recorded.
The story is getting a worthy exposure by the media, which means the purpose was achieved √
The protesters now plan to visit other stores in the area, and do the same thing.

Supermarkets and Plastics

Some supermarkets are making an effort to minimize plastic packaging, steal most of the product you see on the shelfs include a plastic bag or a plastic box.
Let’s not forget, plastic brought great value to our lives in matters like sanitation and food freshness & durability.
But since then plastic packaging has gone over the top and is now causing a real environmental damage.
Responsible supermarkets can demand their suppliers to minimize plastic packages, in case it’s a must, at least make it recyclable.

What can consumers do to minimize plastic use?

  1. Bring old plastic bags with you to the store to pack fresh food and veggies, instead of using the new ones the store offers.
  2. Choose glass, paper or cardboard packages over plastic ones.
  3. If you do get a plastic package see if it can be recycled or at least reused.

If not – consider leaving the package at the supermarket for them to handle 🙂

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