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11 Eco Friendly Laundry baskets (Sustainable Hampers)

Honestly, I can’t stand the look of plastic hampers anymore. Their design is anything but functional. On the other hand, I absolutely love the sustainable look of an Eco friendly laundry basket. And the fact that it’s plastic-free and easy to clean just makes it the perfect container for dirty clothes.

Out of the zero-waste baskets below, I especially like the design of the Honey Can Do Laundry Hamper. It’s big, made of high-quality bamboo and it’s easy to clean.

Disclaimer: We only recommend products we truly believe in and we might earn a commission for purchases made through links in this post.


Top 5 Eco Friendly Laundry Baskets

Why Sustainable Laundry Baskets Make a Great Choice?

Try to look over the only potential pitfall -the slightly higher price than their plastic counterparts- there are endless reasons for favoring sustainable laundry wickers over plastic ones.

Here’s a list of reasons why they stand out:

  • They’re sturdier and more durable
  • Using biodegradable material is -obviously- great for the environment
  • They’re visually appealing and add a natural vibe to your home.
  • They’ll sustain weather conditions and are smell-resistant.

For reviewers, the most outstanding features of this hamper were its contemporary look, compact size, and convenient price.

List of natural eco friendly laundry baskets with Liners

1. Honey Can Do Laundry Hamper

Complete with a bamboo frame and cloth bag

  • Natural materials
  • Bamboo frame
  • Easily foldable and quick to assemble

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The Honey Can Do eco-friendly laundry basket is made from natural and sustainable materials. Included in the laundry basket is a liner that is easily machine washable and can easily be removed for cleaning. This functional wooden hamper is complete with a bamboo frame and cloth bag. The square pattern bamboo frame is stable but also foldable, so easy to carry around if necessary. 


The majority of the customers mentioned it was easy to put together and very light to carry around. However, one customer was disappointed as they mentioned that the frame was light but cheaply made.

2. Honey-Can-Do Square Wicker eco friendly laundry basket hamper

Square Wicker Hamper 25-Inches Tall

  • Contemporary look
  • Bamboo Wicker
  • Aesthetically pleasing

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Honey- can-do hamper looks effortlessly simple and natural. The contemporary design is achieved through natural bamboo wickered around a durable steel frame, all of this featuring removable canvas liners, but with no lid.


Honestly, we couldn’t find negative reviews about this one!

3. Trinity Bamboo EcoStorage 3 Bag Laundry Sorter

This 3-bag bamboo laundry cart is the perfect blend of form and function

  • Available in two colors, Chrome and Dark Bronze
  • Includes wheel casters and carry handles
  • Made from sustainable and renewable resources

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The Trinity’s Eco storage 3-bag Laundry Cart is crafted from sustainable bamboo. When produced no toxins or harmful chemicals were released into the environment. This eco-friendly laundry cart includes 100% pre-shrunk cotton bags that are ideal for large loads. The hamper is functional and gives the user plenty of space and sections to organize laundry effectively. It’s also very easy to assemble and requires hardly any tools.


Generally, customers said the hamper was easy to assemble and said it was great to organize and sort dirty clothes. Many customers really enjoyed the sorter and given it high reviews. One reviewer mentioned that the wheel broke off however this was only one customer.

4. Household Essentials willow wicker natural laundry basket with liner and handles

Curved for comfortable carry in arms or on the hip

  • Natural willow
  • Handwoven
  • Curved for a comfortable carry
  • Washable cotton liner

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This cute looking natural laundry wicker basket with liner from Household Essentials should be a staple in eco-friendly houses, who care about the environment, like clean natural products, and still want an elegant setting.

All essential requirements are present at this natural laundry wicker basket; an average-sized basket, a detachable cotton liner, and 2 efficient handles. But Notice it doesn’t have a lid.


Feedbacks are balanced here. Some people like the fact that it’s naturally woven from natural willow, while others complained about the size and it is not smell-resistant.

5. Seville Classics water-hyacinth lidded oval double natural laundry basket with liner

Includes 2 machine-washable laundry bags in thick, natural white, canvas

  • Timeless elegant look
  • A bit on the expensive side
  • Divided into 2 sections
  • Hand-woven with an iron-wire frame

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This product here, by Seville Classics Water-Hyacinth, is a state-of-the-art hand-woven laundry basket for those who love a classic elegant touch in their homes, even when it comes to their laundry basket.

Seville Classics Water-Hyacinth showcase their craftsmanship through these wicker baskets that are tightly woven from water hyacinth. They’re both eco-friendly and organic laundry hampers.

A smart design decision was dividing this hamper into 2 sections internally, so that you can separate dark colors from light ones. Each section has its own lid.

Customer reviews

Although the feedback was mostly positive, we can’t help but point out how much hate the cotton bags or ‘liners’ received. They can shrink after washing. Hence, they won’t fit well. The bad news is that they’re not sold separately so it’s something to consider.

6. Best Choice products water hyacinth double laundry hamper

Designed with a durable metal wireframe underneath to support heavier items

  • Dual Compartment
  • Attached Lid
  • Machine washable liners

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The 2 compartments make it easier to separate your bright and dark-colored clothes. Each of which has a separate liner that hangs on a cut-out handle to ease the transportation of the unit.

This dual hamper by Best choice is made of natural hyacinth, which looks and feels good!

Best choice laundry hamper is available in 2 colors; regular brown that’s rather ‘beige’ and dark ‘espresso’ brown. This hamper isn’t only a means of sorting and organizing your laundry, but rather a nice addition to your home decor. Especially, if you’re a fan of natural vibes like me!

Customer reviews

Generally, this hamper received positive feedback. People loved that it’s strongly woven and hangs tightly on the metallic frame. The fact that the liners are machine washable also helped the product gain traction.

7. Seville Classics foldable water hyacinth portable natural laundry basket with liner

Environmentally sustainable and totally unique piece of furniture

  • Impressive handcraft of woven water hyacinth
  • One of the few foldable wickers
  • Large size

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Another impressive product from Seville Classics is their foldable biodegradable laundry hamper.

This hamper basic construction is a sturdy steel frame around which water hyacinth is tightly woven. Inside the hamper, you’ll find a detachable thick canvas bag with handles for ease of use.

Moreover, This Hamper by Seville Classics has a lift-up lid to trap the smell and keep a neat tidy look. The price tag isn’t the cheapest in town, but it’s well worth it.

Customer reviews

The recorded pitfalls were all associated with the bag. Some people reported that it shrunk after a while, and the velcro fell off after some time. Other than that, reviewers loved how spacious it is, how effortlessly it blended it their home decor, and its sturdiness.

8. The Basket Lady 3-compartment wicker eco friendly laundry basket

3 Compartments to sort your darks, lights and whites easily

  • Divided into 3 sections
  • Cotton liners are available separately
  • Available in 3 colors

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If you thought that you can’t get better than a dual laundry hamper for your money’s worth, allow me to tell you you’re mistaken. The Basket Lady walked the extra mile and introduced this 3-compartment wicker. You can separate your brights, dark, and whites for easier laundry.

The Basket Lady wicker is handwoven in Indonesia. It’s made of natural rattan and it’s hand-dyed. This might be the reason why the colors of units aren’t identical. 

Customer reviews

Most of the comments focused on size and space. How big the wicker is and how it efficiently snuggles your laundry no matter how big your family is. A recurring complaint was that the lid doesn’t stand still when it’s open though.

9. GOFLAME Corner Bamboo Laundry Hamper

Corner bamboo laundry hamper

  • Durable steel frame
  • Fits into small spaces
  • Removable cotton bag and machine-washable liner included

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If you’re short on space, GOFLAME Corner Bamboo Laundry Hamper might be the natural laundry hamper for you.

This corner-hamper from GOFLAME laundry Hamper might be the smart solution you’re looking for. Slide it to your bathroom’s unused corner and enjoy the merits of having a stylish laundry hamper that fits in a small space without crowding your bathroom.

Probably you’ve noticed how much we love bamboo. It’s eco-friendly, resilient, and aesthetically appealing. This hamper is no different. Add the clever space-saving architecture, and you get a perfect purchase!

Customer reviews

The hamper received good reviews in terms of appearance, price, and how it fits into tight rooms.

10. Birdrock home square eco friendly laundry basket

Square bamboo laundry hamper with lid and cloth liner

  • Super quick set-up
  • Spacious interior carries up to 1 load
  • No wheat, soy, corn, or gluten
  • Collapsible with string handles

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Bamboo hampers aren’t just eco-friendly, but also they’re a bliss to look at. No wonder this stylish laundry hamper from Birdrock is one of my favorite on the natural laundry baskets with liners list!

This spacious hamper by Birdrock has a lid to trap the smell of unwashed clothes, in addition to a removable liner that can be taken away to clean occasionally. The only downside would be that it’s not so sturdy. It’s a bit flimsy.

Customer reviews

Reviews about this product came out positively, for the most part. Reviewers’ favorite features included the generous capacity, the elegant look of bamboo, and the reasonable price.

11. BirdRock Home Double Laundry Hamper with Lid and Divided Interior

Eco-Friendly – Hand Woven Water Hyacinth Fibers

  • 2 compartments
  • Aesthetically-appealing neutral colors
  • Spacious

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Here’s another versatile color-neutral zero-waste basket from BirdRock Home. It can be used as a laundry basket, toy basket, or blanket basket. Whatever you see fit.

This basket is eco-friendly. Thanks to its water hyacinth fabric that’s both good-looking and safe for kids.

The BirdRock Home is divided into 2 separate compartments with 2 detachable hanging cotton bags. It features durable dowels on the hooks that help in lifting, standing, and transportation.

Customer reviews

People are raving about the natural vibe it gives to the room. Also, most of them reported that they love that it’s lightweight. Yet, they advise against placing it in humid areas.

Eco friendly laundry basket – Things to consider


Probably the most significant aspect when it comes to choosing the right natural laundry basket with liner. To realize how big of a basket (or how many baskets) you need, you’ll have to factor in how many people are living in the house, and how often do you wash your clothes.

For a busy household with kids, for example, I’d recommend something like Best choice hyacinth double laundry hamper, it’s spacious, well-organized, and easy to clean. If you have limited space, make sure to get something that’s either snuggly and that fits into corners like Honey-Can-Do Bamboo Wicker or maybe even a collapsible one so that you can fold and store when out of use.


Since we’re talking about natural laundry baskets with liners we’ve excluded plastic. So, we’re mostly looking at woven wickers or fabric hampers. Don’t get tricked into thinking this is limited variety. As we’ve seen, wicker laundry baskets can be made of bamboo, water hyacinth, or jute. For instance, Chicvita’s Jute wicker laundry basket is one of my favorite picks. Besides, it -arguably- is the most stylish laundry hamper on the list. The only downfall of wickers is that they have a higher price point than other options, it’s the price you’ve got to pay to be environmentally-friendly!

Lid/ No Lid

Having a lid is a plus! You get to trap the sight & the smell of the laundry away. It’d be essential if you’re placing the laundry humper anywhere other than the laundry room. If not, we don’t see a problem in getting a Lid-free hamper. The Basket Lady Laundry Sorter is a beautiful natural basket that comes with a built-in lid.

eco friendly laundry basket


If you’re an organized individual who needs to pre-organize your laundry before feeding it to the washing machine, you should look for a hamper with separate compartments like the Songmics handwoven laundry basket. They’re extremely handy when it comes to decluttering.


Having internal liners would protect your clothes from getting trapped into solid frames or wickers. However, many products have replaced the traditional liner with a separable inner coating that’s machine washable. It’s an okay solution. We’d like to point out that having a cotton rope laundry humper eliminates the need for liners.


Portability won’t be much of a concern if you’re keeping your wicker basket in the laundry room. But, if you’re keeping it elsewhere, you should look for a hamper with wheels or strong handles.

eco friendly laundry basket

My Favorite Eco friendly Laundry Basket

Getting an all-natural laundry basket with a decent liner will help you organize your home, save some effort, and add a natural touch to your home interior. Our favorite wicker is the Seville Classics Lidded Oval Double Laundry Hamper because it has it all. Double compartments, lids, interior cotton.

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