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14 Best Eco Friendly Shaving Creams (Men+Women)

Switching to an Eco friendly shaving cream is great for the environment, but also for your personal health. Whether it is to avoid razor burn and irritation or as a gift for a loved one, natural alternatives to shaving cream are a great solution. This is why I made a list of the best sustainable, cruelty-free shaving products.

One eco friendly shaving cream I found to be great is the Gaffer & Child Calming Shave Butter that will make shaving smooth, clean, refreshing, and most importantly 100% natural.

Disclaimer: We only recommend products we truly believe in and we might earn a commission for purchases made through links in this post.


Top 5 eco friendly shaving creams


Zero Waste - A fully organic and zero-waste packaging shaving experience


100% Vegan - Cruelty-free and vegan shaving cream that leaves your skin smooth


Plant-based - shaving oil that is gluten-free and vegan


Plastic free - shaving cream that is fair trade certified


Eco friendly package - Cruelty-free organic shave oil with fully recyclable packaging

Benefits of eco friendly shaving creams

If shaving is something you do every day, you probably don’t want to even think about the number of chemicals you put on your skin and then rinse down the drain. Often, eco friendly shaving cream is made and sold by people who struggled with the exact same problem as other shavers. So, what makes them stand out from the regular shaving products?

  • Good for sensitive skin: they do not contain parabens, phthalates, SLS and other chemicals;
  • Fight razor burn: the smooth texture forms a protective barrier on the skin;
  • Clean, refreshing result: the natural formula leaves the skin healthy and moisturized;
  • No allergies: the natural ingredients are less likely to cause adverse reactions;
  • Natural glow: organic components naturally improve the condition of the skin;
  • Eco-friendly: plant-based ingredients are more sustainable for the planet;
  • Zero-waste: many creams come in a recyclable package;
  • Cruelty-free: responsible producers never test their products on animals.

Besides, most eco friendly shaving creams can be applied and used in the same way as traditional ones, so there is no need for a major shift in habits to become more eco-friendly.

15 natural alternatives to shaving cream

These eco-friendly, organic products improve both the skin and the planet.

1. Ecoroots Organic Shaving Soap

A fully organic and zero-waste packaging shaving experience

  • Made with USDA certified organic ingredients
  • Zero-waste, plastic free packaging
  • Formulated with citrus, lavender, shea, and cocoa butter

Shop Now at:

Suffering from itchy skin and bumps while you shave your legs? With the Ecoroots Organic Shaving Soap, you can say goodbye to such issues! This eco friendly shaving cream is formulated with a delicious mix of citrus and lavender and enriched with shea and cocoa butter – making it a luxurious foamy treat when it’s time to bust out the safety razors.

Filled with USDA certified organic ingredients, this cruelty-free shaving cream is handmade in the USA, comes in zero-waste packaging, and offers completely plastic-free shipping, which is great for the planet while being good for you – a double win for everybody.


Reviews of the Ecoroots Organic Shaving Soap have been overwhelmingly positive, with an average rating of 5 stars based on 44 reviews. Customers really love the way this soap leaves their skin feeling silky smooth and irritation-free after shaving.

2. 100percentpure eco friendly shaving cream

Cruelty-free and vegan shaving cream that leaves your skin smooth

  • Seaweed collagen restores skin strength after shaving
  • Completely vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free
  • Ultra-hydrating formulation

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The plant-based 100percentpure Pink Grapefruit Seaweed Shaving Cream offers ultra hydration for a super close shave. Specially made with ingredients such as seaweed collagen, toning green tea, and soothing herbs, it promises to leave just-shaved skin feeling soft and smooth, and fully nourished without the dryness commonly experienced with other commercial brands of shaving cream. It is completely vegan, all-natural, cruelty-free, and gluten-free.


Out of 101 reviews, 63 reviewers have left 5 stars on this shaving cream, giving it an impressive average of 4.4 stars out of 5. Some of the most common positive points mentioned by reviewers are the fact that it lubricates well before shaving and leaves their skin soft and clean after, all while giving off a light grapefruit scent that makes it an overall pleasant shaving experience.

3. Olio E Osso eco friendly shaving Oil

Plant-based shaving oil that is gluten-free and vegan

  • Rich in nutrients yet the texture is light and smooth
  • Protects your skin from bumps and nicks
  • Gluten-free and 100% vegan

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The Olio E Osso Shave Oil is a lighter version of the classic Pre-Shave Oil, which has been a popular eco-friendly shaving oil for a while now. This updated version is nutrient-dense, yet light on texture, in order to protect even the most sensitive parts of your skin from nicks and bumps, ingrown hairs, and other shaving-related accidents. The gluten-free + vegan formulation of this plant-based shaving oil is purported to leave your post-shave skin soft, smooth, and revitalized.


The 2 reviews are available on this product rave about the fantastic moisturizing results of this product that offers irritation-free shaving and leaves the legs looking nice and shiny. One reviewer mentioned that the non-glass packaging makes it easy to use while in the shower without the risk of dropping it and having a broken glass.

4. Gaffer & Child Calming eco friendly shaving butter

Fully organic shaving cream that is fair trade certified

  • Vegan-friendly
  • Made in the USA
  • All-natural ingredients without synthetics or chemicals

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This Shave Butter from Gaffer & Child is designed specifically with high-quality organic ingredients like organic shea butter, jojoba oil, sea buckthorn oil just to name a few – making this a top choice for an organic shaving cream alternative to commercial ones which may contain all kinds of synthetics and chemicals.

It is made in the USA, vegan-friendly, gluten-free and fair trade certified, meaning you’ll only get the good stuff when you use this eco-friendly shaving product.


One customer who rated it 5 stars out of 5 mentioned that the all-natural formulation in the Gaffer & Child Calming Shave Butter was a great replacement for the toxic ingredients found in conventional shaving creams that she used to use regularly.

5. Formulary 55 Natural Moisturizing eco friendly shaving cream

Cruelty-free organic shave oil with fully recyclable packaging

  • Cruelty-free manufacturing
  • The entire packaging content is fully recyclable
  • All-natural ingredients for the best shave experience

Shop Now at:

Elevate your shaving routine with this Natural Moisturizing Shave Oil from Formulary 55. All-natural ingredients such as grapeseed oil, meadowfoam seed oil, wheat germ oil, and cranberry extract are used in a non-toxic formulation to reduce nicks and razor burn while shaving. Use it either as a pre-shave application under your regular shaving cream or alone as a complete shaving oil solution.

This organic shaving cream is made in the USA with all-natural ingredients and is certified cruelty-free shaving cream. Because the packaging of the product is fully recyclable (glass bottle, recycled packaging content), this makes it a complete zero waste shaving cream perfect for those who are looking for an eco-friendly alternative to conventional ones from the drugstore.

6. Well Kept Natural Citrus Shaving Soap

Non-toxic, plant-based and 100% plastic-free shaving cream

  • Zero waste product – everything is recyclable
  • Plant-based formulation with non-toxic ingredients
  • Gentle scent and leaves your skin feeling nourished post-shave

Shop Now at:

It’s time to raise the bar when it comes to all-natural shaving products. The Natural Citrus Shaving Soap from Well Kept promises the closest shave yet, with a plant-based formulation of non-toxic ingredients such as chamomile flower, lemongrass oil, cocoa butter, and grapefruit oil that helps to produce a light lather that nourishes your skin when shaving, and leaves a gentle scent afterward.

It is shipped in recycled content and recyclable cardboard packaging, and the soap bar itself is placed in a biodegradable organic cotton cloth bag. If you’re looking for a good zero waste shaving cream, the 100% plastic-free packaging that comes with every purchase will surely appeal to your eco-friendly sensibilities.


Customers love the fine lather that this shaving soap bar produces, which works well to leave the skin feeling soft and silky smooth post-shave, with none of the itchiness and discomfort that some synthetic shaving creams often cause. 4.6 stars out of 5 – not bad at all!

7. Grown Alchemist Shaving Gel Sandalwood, Sage

All plant ingredients give the best shaving experience with the least irritation

  • Softens and lifts hair follicles for a closer shave
  • Maximum protection against nicks and burns
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

Shop Now at:

The Grown Alchemist Shaving Gel does more than just provide lubrication while shaving – it is specially formulated with plant-based ingredients to actually soften and lift the hair follicles, allowing for a maximum glide with the safety razor, resulting in a super close and comfortable shave while offering protection against irritation and razor burn for your skin.

Simply apply to warm, damp skin, massage until lather forms, and start shaving. Rinse off after you’re done with cool water. It is suitable for all kinds of skin types and is especially great for sensitive skin.


There is a single 5-star review on this shaving gel, stating that this unisex product is super silky and smooth and produces a light foam that is not too overpowering. It is also small enough to be taken for a weekend getaway.

8. Schaf Skincare Shave Cream

A unisex shave cream that is naturally made with fully plant-based ingredients

  • Free of soap or fragrances
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Vegan friendly and gluten-free

Shop Now at:

Coconut oil, aloe, hyaluronic acid, and aloe vera are the main ingredients used in this award-winning natural shaving cream that has made its mark on the world skincare stage. A plant-based formulation of luxurious ingredients softens hair when applied to a lather, in order to prepare for shaving. During the shave, the lather gives your safety razors optimum slip to give a supremely close, comfortable shave that is irritation-free and nondrying, with a lowered risk of drag that can cause uncomfortable razor burn.

The fragrance-free and soap-free qualities of this shave cream make it suitable for even the most sensitive skin types and are unisex. Proudly made in Canada, it is suitable for vegans and is completely gluten-free.


Customers love the texture, fresh clean scent, and the razor burn preventing qualities of this eco friendly shave cream.

9. Badger Organic Shaving Soap

Family-owned organic shaving cream that uses plastic-free packaging

  • Made with all organic ingredients
  • Zero waste packaging
  • No chemicals, synthetics, fragrances, parabens or GMOs

Shop Now at:

Based in New Hampshire, USA, Badger is a family-owned and run company specializing in skincare and shaving products. The organic shaving cream produced from the lather of this bar soap is rich in glycerin and contains coconut oil and aloe vera to provide unparalleled lubrication for a bump-free and ultra-smooth shave. The essential oil, low furocoumarin bergamot reduces irritation and redness after shaving.


Reviewers mention that the 100% plastic-free packaging is a big draw for this zero waste shaving cream, and they also love the fact that it is made without chemicals, synthetics, fragrances, parabens, or GMOs.

10. Aesop Moroccan Neroli Shaving Duet

Cruelty-free and vegan formulated shaving cream from a well-known brand in skincare

  • Softens skin for shaving
  • Cruelty-free
  • Soothes skin post-shave

Shop Now at:

The Aesop skincare brand is highly popular worldwide, and the Moroccan Neroli Shaving Duet is proof of why it is so. The vegan formulation in this shaving serum does more than just provide lather – it calms and softens the skin to prepare it for contact with the safety razor, resulting in a super close shave while balancing and pacifying the skin post-shave to prevent any irritation or discomfort.

For those who are looking to stock up their skincare shelf with more eco friendly products, this cruelty-free shaving cream is sure to take your shaving experience to new heights.

11. Burt’s Bees Natural Skin Care for Men Shave Cream

Natural ingredients including sunflower and coconut oil

  • 6 oz
  • 99% natural
  • Cruelty-free
  • Recyclable package
  • All skin types, sensitive
  • Hand application

Burt’s Bees shave cream for men is designed for all skin types and it is made from 99% natural ingredients. Calendula extract makes it nicely soothing for the skin, and the plant-sourced ingredients give the skin an extra boost of natural glow. This cream does not contain beeswax, so it might be suitable for vegans, even though it does not have the appropriate stamp. Still, it is a good idea to check the ingredients to be sure.


While some buyers were disappointed that this natural alternative to shaving cream does not lather and foam, others explained that this actually helps against irritation and makes a shave cleaner. Some reported that since switching to use this organic shaving cream they had less ingrown hair and stopped having allergic reactions. Reviewers also recommended it as an easy travel alternative to traditional brush and foam shaving. However, some found the smell too strong.

12. Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream Bowl

Sandalwood Shaving Cream creates a uniquely smooth and creamy lather

  • 5.7 oz
  • Plant-based
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • Recyclable package
  • All skin types
  • Brush application

This Taylor of Old Bond Street classic comes in a variety of scents, but the musky sandalwood is a timeless staple. This shaving cream creates a rich lather and is best applied with a brush. The seller does not specify how natural this cream is but says that all of its products are plant-derived, contain no animal ingredients, and are cruelty-free.


Buyers say that this shaving cream whips into a satisfyingly thick lather makes shaving smooth and clean, and leaves the skin feeling moisturized and soft. On the other hand, washing it off can be somewhat difficult. Reviewers also love the sandalwood smell, but some found it too overpowering. But many reviewers who spent a lot of time and effort on finding the perfect natural alternative to shaving cream concluded that this one gives the best shaving experience for the money.

13. Pacific Shaving Company natural alternatives to shaving cream

Plant-Derived Ingredients

  • 3.4 oz
  • Plant-based, organic
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • All skin types, sensitive
  • Hand application

Pacific Shaving Company makes its shaving creams from all-natural, plant-derived ingredients. The key components are aloe and shea butter, which soothe and moisturize the skin, leaving it hydrated and smooth after shaving. This natural alternative to shaving cream comes in travel-sized tubs so it is easy to take on a plane and enjoy a clean shave even away from home. And thanks to the concentrated formula, the tub will last for months despite its small size.


This shaving cream gets a lot of positive reviewers from long-time shavers who have tried many different products in a search for a perfect shaving experience. They like the subtle scent, the thick leather, the clean result, and the smooth, irritation-free skin. Customers say that when using this cream there is no razor burn, and it performs well even for unusually thick hair and delicate skin. However, many people had problems with the tube that easily broke from the sealed top. Some also said that it dries out too fast.

14. Brickell Men’s Smooth Brushless Shave Cream for Men

Softens your whiskers and gently lifts them

  • 5 oz
  • 99% natural, 72% organic
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • All skin types, sensitive
  • Hand application

Brickell Men’s shave cream is designed to prevent cuts and razor burn and keep all skin types moisturized. It works especially well for sensitive, irritation-prone skin. The rich non-lathering shave cream is made from natural and certified ingredients that nourish and hydrate the face, protecting it during shaving and leaving it fresh and clean throughout the day. As a bonus point for green consumers, all of the company’s products are vegan and cruelty-free and do not contain parabens, phthalates, and other chemicals.


While most people enjoyed the smooth, silky texture of this cream, others reported that the contents of the jar were uneven and it was impossible to mix them. The shaving experience was also different, as several reviewers felt that the cream does not create any protection for the skin. Still, many people with very sensitive skin commended this cream for the most effortless shaving experience they ever had.

My favorite eco friendly shaving cream

It can take years to find your perfect shaving product, and even the best cream might just not work for you. Still, when choosing among all the natural alternatives to shaving cream, there are a few things that are worth checking. It is good to know how organic the product is, what skin type is it designed for and how it should be applied.

eco friendly shaving cream

Taylor of Old Bond Street sandalwood shaving cream seems like an excellent option on all counts. It is vegan, cruelty-free, and comes in a recyclable bowl. I think it is a great addition to an eco-friendly bathroom. Especially when switching from traditional shaving cream applied with a brush. Unlike many natural alternatives to shaving cream, this product lathers into a rich foam and is applied in a similar way.

eco friendly shaving cream

And for those willing to experiment, it is also easy to make a natural DYI shaving cream at home. Most recipes are based on coconut or olive oil that are known for their moisturizing and nourishing properties. Note that this might not work for all skin types as the oil might clog pores.

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