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McDonald’s Going 100% Recyclable By 2020

With over 37,000 global branches McDonald’s is the biggest restaurant chain in the world. When a giant retailer like that decides to go ‘greener’ it could have a real impact on the entire industry.

“By 2025, all of McDonald’s Packaging will Come from Renewable, Recycled or Certified Sources; And Recycling will be Available in All of Their Restaurants”

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If you’ve eaten in McDonald’s lately you must of notice each meal comes with an excecive amount of packaging.

Weather it’s the soda, the fries, the burger or the nuggets. They’re all decently wrapped.

Knowing those packages will be recyclable or will at least come from a renewable source – is good news.

This announcement is a part of a big change happening in the mega-company

The company plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions related with them by 36% before 2030.

By doing that they are going to be preventing 150 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions from being released into the atmosphere.

They plan on reaching this target by making changes in the supply chain, in the offices and inside the restaurants.
Changes like using LED lights and energy efficient kitchen equipment, recyclable packaging, and by making agriculture practices more sustainable.

What about reducing meat production?

McDonald’s effort to lower carbon footprint is necessary.
Hopefully it will inspire other corporation to do so as well.
But let’s not forget McDonald’s most negative impact on the environment comes from its part in the beef industry.

This industry demands and pollutes tremendous amounts of water, land and crops.

The environmental damage of the animal agriculture is much bigger than this of plastic packages.
Not to mention animal wale-fare.

We can only be happy from McDonald’s upoming policy.

But hopefully in their next announcement will be:
“We’re Moving To Lab Grown Meat!”

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