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This Company Produces Coffins Made Of Fungus For A Sustainable Burial

From the moment humans are born to the day we die, we mostly take from nature without ever really giving back. What if you could give back to nature after you die?

What is a Loop Living Cocoon?

The Loop Living Cocoon® is the world’s first living coffin. Made of the fungal network of mushrooms called mycelium, the Cocoon enables the nutrients in the human body to return to the soil in the most effective natural manner. In this way, the valuable nutrients in the body enrich the soil and become a source for new life to thrive. 

What makes the Loop Cocoon different from a normal coffin?

A body will also eventually decompose if buried in a traditional coffin, but the Mycelium in the Loop Cocoon works as an accelerator for the decomposing bacteria. It has been estimated to take 3 years to compost the human body with the Loop Cocoon compared to the 10 to 20 years it takes in traditional coffins. 

The human body contains around 219 toxins in the form of metals, oils, and micro-plastics that could pollute the soil if traditional burial is followed. The Loop Cocoon neutralizes the waste products in the body and converts them into nutrients for a new life.

Features of a Loop Cocoon

The Loop Cocoon is a living organism; hence every coffin is unique and might vary in color, texture, and dimensions. The coffins are lightweight but strong enough to carry over 200kgs. It is also waterproof. The Cocoon hosts bacteria and microorganisms that neutralizes toxins in both the body and surrounding soil. 

How is a living coffin produced?

The coffin is not really produced, but grown without artificial light or energy! The Mycelium grows in the Loop Cocoon mold, which is filled with wood chips, allowing the mycelium to grow and act as a self-assembling biological binder.

After seven days, the mycelium grows into the shape of the coffin. It is then naturally dried which stops the growth and gives the coffin its strength and waterproof properties. 

How does the Loop Cocoon work after burial?

The coffin will only continue to grow again underground after long exposures to groundwater. In only thirty to forty-five days the coffin degrades and becomes one with nature again.

The human body requires more time than the Loop Cocoon to degrade. The duration of composting strongly depends on the body itself, the soil quality and the climatic conditions. 

Can you book a coffin before you die?

You can either book a coffin now or order a voucher. When needed, your loved ones can use this voucher to order the Loop Living Cocoon®. The coffin could potentially last for over 4 years in storage from now.

With the Loop Cocoon, the human body can quickly become a valuable source for nature, while enriching and cleaning the soil and allowing new life to thrive. Your death could mean something. It is up to you whether you want it to mean Waste or Compost?



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