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Glass Spray Bottles: 13 Eco Friendly Refillable Choices [Plastic Free]

If I was to pick one refillable glass spray bottle as my favorite, it would have to be Cleancult’s glass spray bottle. I love that it’s dishwasher-safe and the no-slip grip silicone sleeve.

Disclaimer: We only recommend products we truly believe in and we might earn a commission for purchases made through links in this post.


Top 5 Refillable Glass Spray Bottle

What do you use spray bottles for?

There is barely a task that we currently use plastic spray bottles for that we couldn’t just as easily use a glass bottle with a sprayer instead. Just about any cleaning product that a consumer is going to use is suitable for use in a re-usable cleaning spray bottle. Indeed, if you are trying zero waste cleaning, then using a glass bottle is better at preserving the longevity of the essential oils in your cleaning product.

Glass bottles can be used as anything from a misting spray bottle for plants to a eco-friendly bathroom cleaner dispenser or a vinegar spray bottle for window cleaning. And of course, the main reason for using it, is to cut down on the single use plastic consumption.

The best use for a glass spray bottle is helping to save the planet!

13 of the Best Zero Waste Spray Bottles

1. Cleancult Refillable All-purpose Spray Bottle

A dishwasher safe and shatter resistant bottle that comes with a silicon non-slip sleeve in a variety of colors.

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Cleancult’s spray bottles is available in a choice of four non-slip silicone sleeves and made from shatter-resistant glass, Cleancult bottles are a durable and long-lasting option. If you want a plastic free spray bottle that looks just a little bit fancier than a typical glass spray bottle, then this would be a good choice.

With a selection of all-purpose refills also available it would be a good place to start your journey into changing to a sustainable glass bottle.


All the reviews were positive on the whole, particularly when it came to the bottle alone. Many comments mentioned the feel of the bottle and how useful the non-slip sleeve was. Most of the negatives were actually more concerned with the refill, some mentioned the scent was a bit strong, and others that it felt a bit oily.

On the whole it was mostly a very positive experience.

2. Grove Co. Plastic Free Glass Spray with Silicone Sleeve

This all-purpose sprayer is ultra-versatile for all household cleaning tasks.

  • 16 fluid ounce bottle
  • BPA free
  • Non-slip Silicone sleeve available in many colors
  • Can be ordered with cleaning concentrates
  • Sleek and stylish design

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These plastic spray bottle substitutes by Grove would be a good option for someone wanting to replace a few plastic bottles at one time.

With many separate colors to choose from you can have your cleaning materials color-coded, with the green being used as say, a plastic free plant mister, and another color as a container for your plastic free dishwasher detergent.

When used in conjunction with biodegradable dish scrubbers is a small but meaningful step towards zero waste cleaning and can be used towards achieving a completely zero waste bathroom.

As with a lot of glass bottles, Grove spray bottles can also be purchased with matching cleaning concentrates. A good all-purpose sprayer.


The reviews are generally positive for this bottle, most reviewers exclaiming how much they loved the bottle and a few mentioned the nice design and the usefulness of the silicone sleeves. There were a few negatives about the spray nozzle. But I have noticed that the design of these has been altered since these reviews, which says a lot about the company being willing to listen and learn from feedback.

3. MELIORA Refillable Glass Cleaning Spray Bottle Substitute

A simple but elegant refillable glass spray bottle that is suitable for most household tasks.

  • Can be written on with permanent markers
  • Simple yet elegant design
  • BPA free
  • Ships in 100% plastic free recyclable packaging
  • Nozzle has 3 settings

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Although it is manufactured in China, Meliora checks all suppliers for quality and health and safety standards. The product itself is a nice, simple looking bottle that is suitable as a reusable cleaning spray bottle. It is, obviously, compatible with Meliora’s own range of eco-cleaners, but can also be filled with your own homemade cleaners or other concentrates.

This would be a perfect buy for someone just wanting to try their first glass bottle with sprayer.


Very positive reviews for this one with most customers happy with the quality and feel of the bottle, the major negative was the nozzle which in just a few cases customers had reported it leaking.

4. Blueland Multi-Surface All-Purpose Cleaner

A starter kit that comes with a reusable cleaning bottle and 3 fresh lemon multi-surface tablets.

  • 20 fluid ounce capacity bottles
  • Kit comes supplied with tablets suitable on counter, tile, stone or wood
  • Money back guarantee
  • Easy preparation
  • Stylish

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If you’re looking for spray bottles that don’t leak or spray bottles that don’t break then this one from Blueland might be the right choice for you. This alternative to plastic spray bottles has a mister that is well designed and sturdily built.

Blueleand spray bottle is available in kit form, each kit lets you mix the equivalent of 3 single-use plastic bottles, meaning that over the course of a year one of these bottles would save over thirty single-use plastic bottles.


Overwhelmingly the reviews are positive, many customers have been positive about the bottle design, the mister, and the scent. In saying that, some of the very few poor reviews said the exact opposite, with some reporting that the scent wasn’t the best. Just about all the negative comments were along these lines, the actual bottle and the mister received nothing but plaudits.

5. “Full Circle Home” Eco Friendly Spray Bottle

Manufactured using only sustainable materials and recycled polypropylene plastic for the nozzle.

  • Wide neck for easy filling
  • 16 fluid ounce capacity
  • Silicone non-slip boot
  • Bamboo neck
  • Available in two colors

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Full circle home have really pushed the boat out to make sure that their glass spray bottle with silicone sleeve is as sustainably manufactured as possible. If you are looking for an alternative to plastic spray bottles that is manufactured by a company that is making that extra effort towards ecological sustainability, then this would be a good choice.

Suitable to replace any cleaning sprays that are currently bought in single-use plastic bottles, you have the choice to match this with any of the many eco-friendly cleaners on the market, including zero waste hand soaps.


Okay, so the reviews are mostly positive with the odd comment about a faulty nozzle, but what struck me more than the reviews themselves was how quick the company replied to each of the very few negative reviews. In each case the customer was politely told that a member of the care team would contact them to resolve their issue.

6. Savvy Planet Clear Glass Plastic Free Plant Mister

A pack of two glass spray bottles with silicone sleeves BPA and lead-free bottles that are dishwasher safe.

  • 2 * 16 fluid ounce bottles
  • Silicon sleeve in two colors
  • Lead free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Nozzle with 3 settings

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Savvy planet clear glass spray bottle is a true zero waste spray bottle that with its 3 settings nozzle can be used for multiple household tasks. From being a plastic free plant mister to a dispenser for your home made cleaners. And even though it is a large capacity 16 fluid ounce bottle, the design is such that it has the feel of a small glass spray bottle.

With easy to use and durable nozzles and the protective silicone sleeve, these bottles are durable and eye-catching.


While most of the reviews are positive, particularly when referencing the bottles, the bulk of the poor reviews commented on the nozzle as a potential problem. Even those that did have issues with the nozzle, were still complimentary about the bottle, which customers reported as being the perfect size, with the separate colors making for easy identification.

7. Sally’s Organics Amber Misting Spray Bottle

A pack of 2 amber spray bottles that offer UV protection for its contents.

  • Lead free glass
  • BPA free product
  • Twin pack
  • UV protection
  • Ergonomic adjustable spray nozzle

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Sally’s organics amber glass spray bottle uses Phenolic caps to ensure that as much as possible they supply spray bottles that don’t leak. These bottles are safe and reliable, and the glass and the Phenolic cap combine to ensure that odors and chemicals don’t leach from the bottle. The bottle itself is sized such that it has a large capacity yet at the same time can be easily gripped.

Also supplied with the pack is two bottle caps and a pack of four Sally’s Organics labels. A durable bottle that the Sally’s Organics are so confident of they offer a full money back guarantee.

This product would be a perfect choice for those who want to use it as a misting spray bottle for outdoor plants or as vinegar spray bottle for windows, due to its UV protection qualities.


There seems to be a pattern emerging here, and this one is no different. Whilst the bulk of the reviews are positive and sing the praises of the bottle itself (and let me point out the reviews are overwhelmingly positive) the negative reviews focus on the nozzle. Some customers have reported it breaking when screwing it on and another calling it dangerous.

But these were the minority, most people felt the bottles were sturdy and perfectly sized for ease of use.

8. Aozita Cobalt Small Blue Glass Spray Bottle

A pack of two blue refillable glass spray bottles with measurement markings for easy mixing.

  • Graduations marked in Fluid Ounces and Milliliters
  • 16 fluid ounces capacity
  • Supplied with stainless steel funnel
  • Comes with 4 labels
  • Dishwasher safe

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Aozita cobalt blue glass bottles are perfect for everyday use for your cleaning sprays and offer UV protection for outdoor use as well. The clear markings on the bottle make it easy to mix your own cleaning fluids if you use concentrate to make your own cleaners for the kitchen or bathroom, a great way to help the environment, particularly if paired with eco-friendly cleaning cloths for bathrooms.

Each bottle comes complete with a spare cap and as well as the stainless-steel funnel there is also a supply of labels.


This is starting to sound like a broken record, but once again most customers reported positive experiences using this product, many of them loved the look of the bottle, with one reviewer referring to it as cute. All the negatives were pointing at nozzles that leaked or were otherwise faulty. But once again a mostly positive vibe from the reviews.

9. Diane Aluminum Spray Bottle

A stainless-steel sprayer bottle suitable for beauty needs.

  • 8 fluid ounce capacity
  • Eco-friendly metal construction
  • Handy sized plastic free spray bottle
  • Adjustable nozzle
  • Can be purchased in multipack

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This stainless steel sprayer by Diane aluminum spray bottle isn’t really one for the hard-working kitchen cleaner bottles, it is a more refined object. More suited for hand creams or body moisturizers. If you make your own cosmetics and body lotions, then you might want to consider this as a more robust replacement for small glass spray bottles.

With a mist effect nozzle, it is a perfect bathroom accessory.


While the bulk of the reviews are still positive, this product does have a few more negatives to report. The positive reviews were mostly talking about its size and convenience. Once again, the negatives concentrated on the nozzle, with many customers having trouble with the threads stripping.

10. iabad Clear Glass Vinegar Spray Bottle

This alternative to plastic spray bottles comes with a large collapsible funnel.

  • Heavy duty bottles
  • Silicone non-slip base
  • Includes 3 Phenolic caps
  • Easy grip
  • Comes with silicone funnel

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This plastic spray bottle substitute kit from iabad consists of two clear glass bottles that are heavy duty and are suitable for all cleaning sprays and a host of other household tasks. It doesn’t get simpler than this product in terms of eco-friendly spray bottles, a plain bottle supplied with non-slip base, extra caps and a filling funnel. Chuck in some labels and you have a kit that’s perfect for someone buying their first sustainable glass bottle, and also for those needing to expand their collection


It was the usual bag of mostly positive reviews with most customers liking the product and the economical and ecological saving they made. Most of the negatives reported that the sprayer stopped working.

11. Niuta Sustainable Glass Spray Bottle

These eco-friendly spray bottles are made of premium quality thick clear glass.

  • Lead free
  • Shading glass bottle
  • 16 fluid ounce capacity
  • BPA free
  • Adjustable nozzle

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This all-purpose sprayer from Niuta is suitable for just about any purpose around the home, from zero waste dish soap to a zero waste plant sprayer. It is a no-frills model that is a plain and simple clear glass bottle, but the glass does look of high quality giving it almost a hand-fashioned look.

Excellent for someone just needing an extra bottle around the home.


A very highly rated product with the bottle and nozzle both being described as sturdy and the glass as very thick. When it comes to complaints, I’m afraid its that old culprit again – the nozzle, with some people reporting that it wasn’t very strong. Overall, a very well received product.

12. “Just Like Joan” Cleaning Sprays

A multi-purpose clear glass, plastic free spray bottle with non-slip silicone sleeve.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free
  • Food grade silicone sleeve
  • Sleek, modern design
  • 30% recycled glass

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A nice-looking bottle and silicone sleeve from “Just Like Joan” a small company based in Phoenix and run by a homeschool mom. The bottle is manufactured using 30% recycled glass and the nozzle has three settings with the stream setting making it suitable as anything from a zero waste hand soap dispenser to missing essential oils.

The non-slip cover comes in 3 colours and is embossed with the Just Like Joan logo.


Let’s start with negatives this time, would you believe that they are mostly concerned with the spray nozzle. One customer reported that in a couple of months the lid didn’t screw on. But these were the minority again, the bottle and nozzle were generally considered to be of good quality and in one case to be of super high quality!

13. Lucky Diamond Refillable Spray Bottles That Don’t Break

A pack of two refillable glass spray bottles with silicone sleeves.

  • 16 fluid ounce capacity
  • Non-slip silicone sleeve
  • Adjustable Nozzle
  • Sleek design
  • Dishwasher safe

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This pack of two bottles with non-slip silicone bases by Lucky Diamond can be used for just about any household purpose, even for olive oil. There are two in each pack and the silicone sleeves are supplied in two colors for easy color coding and are embossed with the Lucky Diamond Company logo.


The reviews are very positive for this one, with customers enthusing about the quality of the bottle and the fact that the spray nozzle doesn’t leak. Which is nice to hear. I would put a proviso on this though – At the time of writing, although there were some reviews, there wasn’t the same quantity as the others. For this reason, it would be hard to say it is a true representation, but it could certainly be called a great start.

Which glass spray bottle to choose?

plastic free spray bottle

There is a bottle out there for someone depending on your needs, for instance, if you were using essential oils then either the Aozita Cobalt Blue Glass Spray Bottle or Sally’s Organics Amber Glass Spray Bottle would be great choices as the color of the glass helps preserve the essential oils.

If you wanted to try a bottle and also some ecologically friendly household cleaner then you could be tempted to try either Cleancult Refillable All-purpose Spray Bottle or Grove Collaborative Set of 3 Glass Spray with Silicone Sleeve or MELIORA Refillable Glass Cleaning Spray Bottle, which can all be purchased as a kit with refills.

For just a plain simple glass bottle there are a number of choices too including – iabad Clear Glass Bottle with Sprayer and Niuta Glass Spray Bottle.

There is a whole range of bottles to suit all needs and budgets. If we haven’t covered it in this list have a scroll through again you’re sure to find something.

Are glass spray bottles better than plastic?

alternative to plastic spray bottles

For a whole range of reasons, they are. Not only are they better for the planet by cutting down on single use plastic usage. But they are longer lasting, less prone to liquid tainting them, multipurpose, cost effective and they look a lot nicer around the home too!

Do you have to use a glass spray bottle for essential oils?

It is recommended to keep essential oils in glass bottles, glass is impervious to essential oils and therefore is not likely to taint. Also, because they are impervious it means they are easy to wash out so that they are fresh for that next batch.

Why are essential oils in dark bottles?

eco friendly spray bottles

Essential oils are generally stored in black bottles to protect them from harmful UV rays from the sun. Sunlight can deteriorate the oils quickly in clear glass bottles.

How do you clean a glass spray bottle?

Glass Spray Bottle with sprayer

Nothing could be simpler, for a start many of them have contained a household cleaner or soap, so just a quick rinse out should do the job. In other instances, just some soap and warm water would be all that was needed. In many instances the bottles are dishwasher safe.

How do you make a glass spray bottle?

Refillable Glass Spray Bottle

It’s quite simple really. Vinegar bottles are a perfect size for the job and the screw-top is the perfect size for accepting a standard spray nozzle that you can purchase from just about any hardware store or garden center. Then it’s just a case of cleaning the bottle, removing the label and screwing in the nozzle.

Hey Presto! A sustainable glass spray bottle.

Are Blueland bottles glass?

Glass Spray Bottle for essential oils

Although they are classified as a ‘Forever Bottle’ they are actually constructed using BPA free acrylic as opposed to glass.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this article as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. Switching to a re-usable glass spray bottle is a choice that is a no-brainer. For the sustainability of this planet’s resources and for the good of the climate it is a step we should all try and make. There is also a huge satisfaction to be gained from making your own cleaners as well, either from concentrate or from scratch!

As for my own personal favorite well as I mentioned earlier it is the Aozita Cobalt Blue Glass Spray Bottle. I think that not only is it very practical, but it’s also gorgeous looking. Not a bad boast for a bottle containing cleaning fluid and as I do a lot of mixing with essential oils the funnel comes in handy and the blue bottle protects the oils.

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