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Refillable Deodorant Is Refilling Hope in Humanity To Save The Planet

Meet Fussy, the new refillable deodorant that is aiding the effort to reduce the amount of waste people produce on the planet.

Fussy, the company that produces durable and refillable deodorant, was founded by Matt Kennedy in hopes of reducing the amount of packaging that gets dumped into landfills. In September 2020, the EPA estimated that 14.5 million tons of waste are produced each year.

How does refillable deodorant help anything?

When consumers use reusable containers, even for eco-friendly deodorant, that is one less thing that gets tossed into the trash and then landfills or the ocean. Deodorant is something almost every human on the planet uses daily, which means each tube gets used relatively quickly; if that data is then compounded by the population of earth (sans babies through small children, who don’t use it), then that is a staggering amount of deodorant tubes in garbage cans around the world (not to mention all the other trash that is produced). 

With a product like Fussy, consumers only need to purchase the entire product once; once the deodorant inside is used up, all they need to do is order a refill (not a whole new stick of deodorant) since the casing is reusable! By creating a deodorant product that reuses the casing, Fussy is able to help reduce plastic waste and humanity’s carbon footprint. 

Why does the world need zero waste cleaning products?

The answer is simple; the world produces millions of tons of plastic waste each year; much of that waste ends up in oceans, rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water. Here is where it gets interesting, between 4.8 and 12.7 million tons of plastic invade the world’s oceans every year, according to statistics published in the Journal of Science in 2015. Plastic waste can enter the seas as large, identifiable items such as water bottles, jugs, milk gallons; it can also enter bodies of water as microplastics, e.g., sections smaller than five millimeters in length.

Who can consumers support to reduce waste in this regard?

One company, in particular, that is fighting this uphill battle is Fussy.

According to the CEO,

“[Fussy will] Please your pits and the planet. Fussy is the refillable deodorant turning the tide on single-use plastic.”

This sustainable, refillable deodorant can help reduce plastics discarded into the environment. Interested parties can view Fussy’s KickStarter campaign to support the cause and get beneficial information for those interested; consumers can also view their direct website,

What are the ingredients in Fussy? Does it work? 

People who love the environment know that zero waste deodorants have easy to read ingredients and still do the tough job of any chemical-based deodorant. Fussy is packed full of straightforward, natural components that take care of a person’s skin, any stink in their armpits, and the planet. Fussy has eight ingredients: sunflower wax, coconut oil, shea butter, caprylic, tapioca, sodium bicarb, magnesium hydroxide, and new probiotic technology that consumes sweat molecules.

This zero-waste product is revolutionary in the way it handles so many delicate issues in one little, plastic-free bottle, such as the environment, fragile skin, and body odor.

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