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Anime artists

How is your pricing structured as an anime freelance artist?

Can you elucidate your pricing framework, and are there any additional costs or charges clients should be aware of before commissioning a project?

My prices are written fully and with detailed descriptions, as well as additional costs and terms of service. All you need to do is to read them before commissioning me, don’t worry it isn’t that long.

My pricing is mostly on the cheap side since my art style is just a simple anime style.

It would range from $10 up to $50 depending on how hard the project is. I have an additional cost for additional characters and background but that’s all.

Deshen Adiguna
Anime artist at Fiverr

The normal price start for a character. For more quantity of character I will give a bit discount. Additional cost added for background or complicated clothing, armors, or weapons. Moreover I charged more for commercial use and PSD file.

Meloni Shvarts
Anime artist at Fiverr

My pricing is typically based on the complexity of the project and the time required. Before clients commission a project, they can review my Gig description, where I outline the pricing structure and what’s included in the base package.

In some cases, there may be extra fees for fast delivery, source files, commercial use or specific add-on services. These additional costs are clearly communicated in the Gig extras section, and clients have the option to select or decline them based on their needs.