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Freelance Anime Artist moritz about His Style, Tools, and Artistic Journey

Moritz's self-taught anime artistry shines through his vibrant neon colors and unique hard strokes. Inspired by "Bungo Stray Dogs" and artist Ethan Becker, he specializes in edgy street-style characters and digital designs. Explore Moritz's distinctive work on Fiverr.

What sets your anime art style apart?

Hi! My name is Moritz! I have been self-taught since I started drawing when I was 10.

made up of hard strokes and messy lines i had come up with a comical yet anime style of illustrations. mostly using neon colors of pink and violets it gives a personality to my characters, yet its distinctive enough to not be compared to other artists. My simple and easy style has made me reach a lot of heights. I have been a freelancer for 2 years now and am still finding ways to improve. 


What type of projects or styles do you specialize in?

I have been really into edgy and street style genres of anime, and making my own characters out of it is fun so my specific part of the project is character creation and fine tuning it. I also deal with posters and banners.


Which artists or styles have influenced you?

An anime called Bungo stray dogs did a part on my current art style. having similarities in slanted eyes and messy hair,  and an artist called Ethan Becker taught me a lot of anatomies on the do’s and don’ts in your own styles. 


What is your experience in anime art?

I started drawing because of my uncle who does it for a hobby, he makes comics of him and his friends adventuring, this motivated me to do my own with my friends and since then i have been constantly drawing and sketching anytime i get the chance to, even more when i started high school and would just doodle in the back of my notebooks. I have been in many art contests and would get top place most of the time, then I started digital art 2 years ago and have got to do many jobs including making covers and short comics for a magazine.


Can you share standout examples of your work?

Edgy drawings of humans and monsters are what I’m good at, and adding some cuteness in it too is definitely fantastic.

How do you translate a client’s vision into art?

I have been asked this question a lot and my answer always is, asking for the characters personality, likes and dislikes, habits to fully understand the way the characters pose and expressions and of course making sketches out of it till the client is satisfied with their creation.


What customization options do you offer?

I would provide a couple of sketches and references with different poses, looks and expressions and proceed on making little tweaks on it till they are satisfied. Customers are most satisfied when you give the time to appreciate and learn a lot from them and their creations.


In which formats and resolutions do you deliver?

Since I use clip studio paint, I would give them the base file of .clip if they asked for it, but normally I would just give it to them in PNG formats in 350 dpi with different canvas sizes depending on the client on how they want it.


What design tools do you use?

I started using Krita since it was free software but I switched to clip studio paint since it has more functions that I can use such as using other artist’s shared brushes and tools.


Do you also create original custom anime art?

Yes I do, I have been working freelance for a year and a half on that specific job and it is very relaxing with a good community, some people make me do a lot of their ref sheets and OCs and getting to draw a variety of it is in my own way of experience.


How do you ensure customer satisfaction?

In the art industry, always be gentle and patient on how to communicate with clients, in some rare cases that clients are rude and hot headed, you’ve got to be firm and clear with their request and adjust to their flow so that you can satisfy them. But weirdly enough everyone in the art community is nice and easygoing.


How is your pricing structured?

My pricing is mostly on the cheap side since my art style is just a simple anime style.

It would range from $10 up to $50 depending on how hard the project is. I have an additional cost for additional characters and background but that’s all.


How do you address intellectual property rights?

I mostly leave it to their consents since they paid me for it, but some of them want to credit me for it and I would just gladly accept it.


What type of requests do you accept and which do you decline?

In my line of work i would honestly just accept it as long as its within my art style capabilities but i would at least avoid portraits of real people, since that’s the thing I’m not confident enough to draw and i don’t want clients to not have the best of mine.