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FORM Card: A Thermo-Bioplastic That Mends Almost Everything

form card

The FORM Card is a handy bioplastic card that can be molded into any shape to make easy solutions for everyday problems. 

What is a FORM Card?

The FORM card is a starch-based bioplastic card that can be used as a quick fix for many household problems. The card can be remolded into various shapes which helps to mend broken things or to make new ones. 

Whether you’ve forgotten a tool for a job, or you need to fix pans in your kitchen, FORM cards are your go-to product. The convenient size also enables the FORM card to be put into a kitchen drawer, a toolbox, or even carried around in your wallet!

How do you use a FORM card?

Using a FORM card is as easy as making tea. Just immerse the card in hot water and it’s ready to mold and mend!

The FORM card that normally looks like a credit card loses its shape on contact with hot water. After cooling a bit, it is ready to use. In this form, it is moldable into various shapes and sticks to almost every kind of plastic. Hence you can use a FORM card to instantly fix things that are made of plastic, like a broken handle. 

Where can you use FORM cards?

FORM cards are useful wherever easy and effective solutions are required. The possibilities of the FORM card are endless as they can be molded in any way that suits your purpose. 

fixing plastic tools

You can fix a broken umbrella or a broken tent pole with the FORM card. They can also be molded and remolded into different toys for kids as they keep growing out of them. 

What makes the FORM card a great product?

Many articles are thrown away in a household because they are difficult to mend. The FORM card is an instant easy fix that ensures that every article gets the second life it deserves.

bioplastic fixing cards

One card can last a long time as the card itself is reusable. Once your utility with the current form is over, you can melt and re-assemble the card into another form as many times as you like. 

The FORM card is reported to be as strong as nylon when it is cold. Hence the solutions made with FORM cards are extremely durable as they can be used for long-lasting solutions. 

Is it eco-friendly?

The FORM card is made of starch bioplastic and hence has a limited negative impact on the environment. Even the colors of the FORM Card are produced using powder pigments which makes it completely non-toxic.

form card

Mending and reusing household articles with the FORM card also helps to minimize household waste as you do not need to throw away broken things. This also reduces unnecessary buying. 

Getting creative with the FORM card

Monochrome-colored FORM Cards are available for those who like to keep things simple. However, they come in various colors in case you want to get creative and glue them all together! Neon color FORM cards will be released soon for people that like to have funky colors in their lives!

Available on all e-commerce retail stores like Amazon and Aliexpress, the FORM card aims to be readily available for everyone who thinks about fixing things when they break.


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