We asked
Spanish tutors

What essential skills does your beginners Spanish course require?

We asked multiple Spanish online tutors what essential skills or prior knowledge should a beginner have before taking your Spanish course.

Kieran Ball

The good thing about 3 Minute Spanish is that you need no prior knowledge or skills. I truly believe that anybody can learn to speak a foreign language, and I adapted my method over many years, tweaking it and improving it to make sure that it worked for anybody. Whether you’re completely new to Spanish, or you’ve tried and failed to learn it in the past, you will succeed with 3 Minute Spanish

Jennifer Corralizza

No prior knowledge or specific skills are required to embark on our Spanish course for beginners. Our curriculum is meticulously designed to accommodate learners who are starting from scratch. Whether you’re new to language learning or have minimal exposure to Spanish, our course is tailored to guide you step-by-step, providing all the necessary tools and resources to develop essential language skills.

Octavio Olenik Giaccaglia

As my course is absolutely personalized and it consists mostly of private lessons, the only essential skills somebody needs to have prior to taking the course are time, interest in learning the language and speaking a language we both understand (either English, Italian, French or Esperanto, why not?). If the student has those three things, we’d be ready to start.