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Degradable or Biodegradable Trash Bags

Biodegradable trash bags are a part of what is called eco-friendly plastic bags , bags that cause less damage to the environment. Because unlike conventional plastic bags, they degrade after just a few years.

But there are also ‘degradable plastic bags’

Which is greener? Which is better to use?


Biodegradable trash bags are decomposable because living micro-organisms can break them down (Natural decomposition is the prettier sister of recycling).

Below are the differences between degradable, biodegradable and non-degradable products.

Biodegradable vs Degradable vs Non-degradable trash bags

Biodegradable trash bags decomposes naturally

Bio degradable means the material can be decomposed by microbial living organisms like fungi or bacteria.

These microscopic organisms are breaking down biodegradable trash products, and we need to thank them for that. They cause organic matter to decay and form manure for plants to grow on. They can live on the materials used in making biodegradable trash bags.

Degradable trash bags decomposes chemically

Can be recycled but can not be eaten by microorganisms.
(Although scientists are working on it!)Degradable trash bags are usually plastic, but a type of plastic that can be degraded by specific chemicals. In order to recycle them you will need to send them to special companies who do that (If they operate in your country) Think of this solution as a ‘time and resources’ exhausting way to be eco-friendly. Plus it’s isn’t exactly effective because it only shrinks the bags anyways.

Non-degradable trash bags doed not decomposes

Can NOT be recycled and can NOT be eaten by micro organisms.Burning Non-degradable trash bags is usually the way to get rid of them.This causes global warming and a whole lot o green-house effects.

Downsides of Using Biodegradable Trash Bag

So as described above biodegradable trash bags are the best solution for the environment. But they do have some downsides in other aspects of life.

They can decompose while still holding trash

100% biodegradable bags can begin to degrade from their storage locations in the home. Some of these bags lack quality except for the fact that they can be degraded biologically. That means you need to pay attention to the quality of the bag you’re buying.

They can host microbial cultures

Cultures are like ‘houses’ of micro-organisms where they breed and reproduce. These microbes pose health risks. This means you might come in contact with these organisms which is not always good for your health.

So biodegradable trash bags are ecofriendly, and in my opinion it’s enough. The advantages outweighs the disadvantages. Plus if you choose an eco friendly trash bag carefully you can avoid the disadvantages.

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