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Non Toxic Nail Polish For Kids: 13 Children Safe Finger Nails Gel

We gathered a list of nail polishes and gels that are 100% kids safe and toxic-free.

Non toxic nail polish for kids is a great way of letting your little princess act grown up without nasty chemicals that can harm them or the environment. I have compiled a list of the best kid safe nail polishes.

My personal favorite is the water based, quick dry, peel off nail polish set by Townley Girl. Their Disney Princess Nail Polish set has a huge range of color and glitter nail polishes that makes your kids feel just like a proper princess.

Disclaimer: We only recommend products we truly believe in and we might earn a commission for purchases made through links in this post.

Top 5 Non Toxic Nail Polish for Kids

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What to look for in nail polish for kids?

Kids will be kids, they all love to act grown up. Allowing your youngsters and toddlers to use adult nail polish exposes them to harsh chemicals that can be damaging to them and the environment.

Using a non toxic nail polish that is designed specifically for youngsters is a great way of allowing them to feel like a princess. Non Toxic Nail polish for kids should ideally be a water based solution, that is quick dry, environment friendly, and chemical-free. There are even vegan options to choose from, and these are all eco-friendly products.

Let’s have a look at some of the best non toxic nail polish the market has to offer.

Top 13 Non Toxic Nail Polish for Kids

1. Abitzon Easy Peel off Nail Polish

A great toxic free nail polish for toddlers

  • Fast Dry
  • Water based
  • Great for babies
  • Non-irritating
  • Includes top coat nail polish

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The Abitzon non toxic nail polish set includes 9 colors and a top coat nail polish for that extra sheen. Because this is such a quick-drying product, it makes it a great nail polish for toddlers or for babies, as the drying time doesn’t push their patience.

The ingredients are all toxic free and eco-friendly, making this is a sustainable nail polish choice. Application and removal are both simple, with two coats and a top coat all achievable within a few minutes. Removal is simply a case of soaking the fingers in warm water for a short while, then peeling the polish off the fingernails.


The reviews are mostly positive about this non toxic nail polish, the negative reviews focus mostly on its short-liveness. However, this could be conceived as a benefit, when considering a nail polish for toddlers.

Many of the positives commented on how good this product was for young children, others commented on how easy it was to apply.

2. Townley Girl Disney Princess non toxic nail polish

Easy-peel nail polish with glittery colors.

  • Suitable for ages 3 and over
  • Includes toe separators
  • Eco-friendly nail polish
  • Great Children’s nail polish
  • Bubble-gum scented

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This company has been manufacturing make-up for kids since 1952, so the Townley Girl Disney Princess nail polish set can boast two rich heritages. Kids of age three and up will love the variety of opaque and glittery colors that come in this kid safe nail polish set.

Colors include red, pink, green, orange, and sky blue to name a few. The manufacturers love to encourage children to get creative by mixing and matching colors, which is great fun for the kids.

This non toxic nail polish is also fast drying and can simply be peeled from the fingernails when required.


The reviews are mostly pretty good for this eco-friendly nail polish. Lots of reviewers loved the bright colors and how easy it was to apply and remove, others liked the fact that there was very little odor, and that it was a pleasant odor.

On the downside, some buyers found a few of the bottles to be half empty others found that the nail polish didn’t last long.

3. Piggy Paint Scented 100% Non Toxic Nail Polish

This is a great choice for those looking for a vegan product.

  • Virtually odorless
  • Kid Safe
  • Made in the USA
  • Free of harsh chemicals
  • Vegan and cruelty-free

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The Piggy Paint children’s nail polish comes in a pack of four vivid colors that kids will love. The water based formulation that this gel nail polish uses is free of any harsh chemicals making it safe for the most delicate of children’s skin.

All the ingredients used are sustainable, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly. The finish is hard and durable, although to achieve the best results it is recommended that you use their top-coat finish for long-lasting nail polish. This is sold separately.

This is a great eco-friendly nail polish for those looking for a longer-lasting, yet completely kid safe, and sustainable nail polish for toddlers.


Really good reviews for this product, one mother said her 4 yr old daughter loved it. Others loved the vibrancy of the colors and the lack of an overpowering odor. One reviewer loved it because it doesn’t matter how messy the kids get with it, it washes out of everything.

On the downside, one reviewer noted that it didn’t last very long.

4. Suncoat Product Inc. Peelable Children’s Nail Polish Set

A peelable nail polish that is non-toxic and water based.

  • No harmful vapors
  • Suitable for age 3 and above
  • 10 x 2ml bottles
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Easy to apply

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Suncoat Product’s non toxic nail polish was created by a chemist who is also a mother. Mothers know what kids like and how to keep them safe from harm, and this product does both. It comes in a pack of 10 vibrant colors that include red, pink, orange, blue, and pink.

This natural nail polish is free from harmful chemicals and vapors. The product also won a recent Family Choice Award.

This is a long lasting nail polish that can stay for days on fingernails and weeks on toenails. At any time if you want to remove it, it simply peels off.


Most of the reviewers loved this non toxic nail polish. One reviewer noted that the product gave her peace of mind knowing that it was a toxic free and vegan nail polish. Another said that it was easy to apply and great fun!

One reviewer was disappointed that her polish arrived and it was dry and flaky with unusable brushes.

5. Airdom Quick Dry, Water Based Nail Polish Set

A 100% water based, eco-friendly, completely kid-safe, nail polish kit.

  • A fast dry polish
  • 11 colors
  • Includes a 2-1 base and topcoat
  • Glitter nail polish
  • Money-back guarantee

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Airdom is so certain that you and your children will love their water-based nail polish set, that they offer a full money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. The kit includes 11 colors and a combined base and topcoat polish, the colors include red, blue, pink, and green.

If the children in your life love a bit of sparkle, then they are going to have a huge amount of fun with this set, each of the colors is glitter-infused for that added fun factor.

It is also good clean fun as the product contains no harsh chemicals and is cruelty-free and vegan. If the little angel in your life loves that extra sparkle, then this is a great choice.


Another excellent set of reviews with this product, although there is the odd niggle. Positive reviews reported that it paints on easily, and also peels off easily. Another reviewer thought the colors were awesome.

The negative reviews were mostly unhappy at how easily the product came off unintentionally.

6. Three Cheers for Girls – Non-toxic Neon Nail Polish Kit

Great for those who love a neon splash of color.

  • Non toxic nail polish
  • 5 Vibrant neon colors
  • Quick-dry nail polish
  • Suitable for ages 8 and up
  • Water based

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This Three Cheers for Girls set is a water based, non toxic, nail polish that is aimed at a slightly older market. If used with a water-based topcoat, this polish simply peels off. However, using a traditional topcoat will give this polish greater longevity, but it will need a nail polish remover to come off.

If you have an 8yr old or above with a love of bright colors then this neon set is a great choice. It comes in five vibrant colors – Tangy Tangerine, Highlight Yellow, Neon Pool, Electric Periwinkle, and Bubblegum Pink.

There are no harsh or toxic chemicals used in this nail polish, so it is kind to delicate hands and nails.


There are good and bad reviews for this product. Amongst the positives were reviewers who loved the colors and how easily it peeled off, with one reviewer calling the colors wicked!

However, there were quite a few reviewers unhappy with the product, amongst them was one who had to use over 7 coats and another whose product arrived dried out.

7. Townley Girl Disney Frozen 2 Non Toxic Nail Polish

A complete nail and lip set for the ultimate makeover.

  • Five lip gloss colors
  • Comes with Frozen 2 Makeup mirror
  • Non toxic
  • Glittery and opaque colors
  • Water based

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Young girls love to get a makeover just like the grown-ups, this Townley Girl set has everything they need to safely get the look of the Princess from Disney’s frozen. The set includes 3 lip balms, 3 lip glosses, and 5 nail polishes. Colors include light blue, blue, pink, purple, and rose.

The lip glosses are also flavored and flavors include cherry, cotton candy, and blueberry. As well as the nail polish and lip gloss, the set includes a make-up mirror and a sequined carry bag, perfect for taking on those sleepovers.

This is a versatile kit that can make the perfect party gift or stocking filler.


Loads of great reviews for this kid safe nail polish. One reviewer said her daughter loved the sparkly colors, and another said it gave her daughter hours of fun. One reviewer said she loved the cute zip pouch and the amazing scents.

On the negative side, one reviewer was disappointed to receive two red lip glosses, but no blue, and another was disappointed how easily it came off.

8. Melissa and Doug Pretend Nail Care Set

A great kit for girls to play pretend make-up.

  • 20-piece pretend nail care set
  • Includes pretend hairdryer
  • Great for 3 – 6 years old
  • Does not include nail polish
  • Includes everything required for pretend manicure and pedicure

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The Melissa and Doug Pretend Nail Care Set is the perfect gift for those that may just be a little too young for the real thing, in Mummy’s eyes. Although it does not contain any actual nail polish. This allows for toddlers and older to experience a “makeover” without any actual nail polish being applied.

It is a 20 piece kit that consists of all the pretend tools and accessories needed to give kids all the fun of giving and receiving manicures and pedicures, with none of the mess. Included are five play nail polish bottles with pretend brushes, realistic accessories for trimming, buffing, and cleaning nails, and even a soft bowl for that all-important pre-soak.


The reviews are excellent for this product, many of the reviewers commented on just how much fun their children had with it. One reviewer thought it was an excellent product for toddlers and loved the realistic “clipping” sound the nail clippers made.

Amongst the negatives was one reviewer who was disappointed how easily one of the parts broke.

9. Townley Girl Disney Minnie Mouse Non Toxic Nail Polish Set

Plenty of colors to choose from in this gel nail polish set.

  • Suitable for ages 3 and up
  • Toxic free
  • Bubble gum scented
  • Easy peel off
  • 18 colors

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This eco-friendly nail polish from Townley Girl is another product that kids will love thanks to its association with Disney. The set includes 18 nail polishes in a wide variety of colors, both opaque and glittery, for that extra fun factor and to get those young creative juices flowing.

These polishes are great for toddlers up to tweenies and are easy to apply, and can be simply peeled off without the need for any nail polish remover.

Colors that come in the set include purple, teal, red, blue, yellow, and green. This gives the little ones plenty of scope to mix and match and impress their friends with their multi-colored fingernails.


There is a high rating for this product in the reviews section. One reviewer noted that she loves the quick-drying and the fact that it peels off easily but not too easily. Another loved the vibrant colors.

Amongst the few negatives was one reviewer who found that the nail polish didn’t last for more than an hour.

10. My Little Pony Super-Sparkly Deluxe Non Toxic Nail Polish Set

A great set for girls that love My Little Pony.

  • Water based and non-toxic
  • No harmful vapors or chemicals
  • Safe for ages 3 and upwards
  • Quick drying
  • Easy peel

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This nail polish set from Townley Girl is a fantastic gift for little ones that love My Little Pony (and who doesn’t?). It comes in a set of 18 polishes that include super sparkly colors and opaque colors. There are no harsh chemicals in the polish and no nasty vapors when applying it, making it perfectly safe for toddlers from ages 3 and upwards.

As with all Townley girl products, this kid safe nail polish is easy to apply and easy to peel off. With such a variety of colors, this means that there are hours of fun to be had experimenting with all the available polishes.


 Another set of mostly positive reviews for this product. Many reviewers mentioned just how much fun the children had playing with the available colors. Others mentioned just how easy it was to apply.

One worrying negative review mentioned that a glass bottle shattered in their child’s hand and she cut herself.

11. TOMICCA Rainbow and Candy Colors Kids Nail Polish Set

Plenty of colors to choose from in this set.

  • Chemical free
  • Water based natural ingredients
  • Easy to apply and peel off
  • Fast dry
  • Great selection of colors

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This nail polish set from TOMICCA is a great environment friendly choice. TOMICCA has 15 years of experience in creating eco-friendly, non-toxic, and ethically produced products. All their products are produced cruelty-free and are suitable for vegans.

This is a virtually odorless product that is easy to apply and peels off easily when finished with (or when a change of color is desired). And the girls will want to change color frequently because this is another set that features 18 colors, both glittery and opaque to keep them amused for hours and inspire their creativity.


This is another product with a high overall review rating. Some reviewers loved the fact that it cleans up so easily thanks to being water-based. Others said that their girls just loved the range of colors available.

Amongst the negatives were some reviewers who were disappointed at how quickly the nail polish wore off.

12. Hot Focus Nail Art Kit

A kid-friendly complete 80pcs nail art kit.

  • Includes nail stickers
  • Water-based
  • Kid-safe scented nail polishes
  • Meets U.S. safety standards
  • For ages 5 and upwards

Shop Now at:

The Hot Focus Unicorn set is a complete makeover set for girls’ fingernails. There are over pieces in the set including 2 water-based nail polishes, 2 jars of glitter powder, a unicorn nail file, and sheets of nail stickers that include cupcakes and unicorns.

If you want to move beyond just having your little one’s nails painted and go for a complete makeover, then this set is ideal. All the materials are non-toxic and kid-safe, with no harsh chemicals. The nail polishes are scented with strawberry and lemon scents that your kids will love.

This kit is designed in the USA and complies with or exceeds USA safety standards.


The reviews are mostly positive for this product. Some reviewers loved how cute the set was, and said it gave their girls hours of fun. Others said that their kids loved the stickers.

Negatives included one reviewer who said the nail polish had set worse than glue and the brush got stuck in it, rendering it unusable.

13. Three Cheers for Girls Confetti Nail Polish Set

A set of five confetti multi-colored nail polishes.

  • Long-lasting
  • Suitable for ages 8 and up
  • Glamorous look
  • Water-based
  • Non-Toxic

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This set of confetti nail polishes from Three Cheers for Girls is perfect for slightly older kids. The confetti look is a multi-colored effect that girls love, these nail polishes can give fingernails a unique look that is designed to last for days when used with a topcoat finish.

The polishes are manufactured using no harsh chemicals and if used with a water-based topcoat can be simply peeled off. They are also highly versatile and different colors can be layered for some stunning effects.

If you are buying for a slightly older girl who wants to create her own unique look, then this would be a great choice.


The reviews were pretty good for this product, without being great. Amongst the positives were reviewers who said their kids had great fun with their friends using these nail polishes. Others loved how cute the colors looked.

Amongst the negatives was one reviewer who had difficulty getting the glitter to stay on the brush, and another who thought the product was just poor quality.

Which Non toxic nail polish for kids should I choose?

There we have it, 13 products that are bound to bring a smile to any young girl’s face. Many of these products are suitable for toddlers and babies and if they like Disney and My Little Pony, then any of the Townley Girl range would be a fantastic choice. These include Frozen 2, Disney Princess, and of course My Little Pony.

Children Safe Finger Nails Gel Non Toxic Nail Polish

If you are looking for a super quick drying polish that is suitable for babies then the Abitzon nail polish set is a definite contender. For slightly older kids who want to experiment with neon colors and glitter finishes then the Three Cheers for Girls, Neon, and Confetti sets are long-lasting and can provide hours of fun.

For those who would prefer their little ones have the experience of a makeover without actually using nail polish, then the playset from Melissa and Doug is a great choice. And for real makeovers, then the nail art set from Hot Focus is a must!

If you are looking for a simple non toxic nail polish to brighten up a young girl’s life then the offerings from Airdom, Piggy Paint, and Suncoat are all highly recommended.

Is non toxic nail polish safe for babies?

Non Toxic Nail Polish For Kids

It is always worth checking the label before using any product on a baby. This list includes many non-toxic and water-based nail polishes that are perfectly suited for young babies. However, some of the products are only recommended for kids of age 8 and above.

What age is safe for nail polish?

Normal nail polishes use harsh chemicals that can be damaging to young children who still tend to suck on their fingers and even chew the nail polish off. For that reason, it is best to not use this type of nail polish until they have matured and understand this.

Children Safe Finger Nails Gel Non Toxic Nail Polish

However, the non-toxic polishes on this list are safe for toddlers and babies from age of about two upwards. However, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on what ages they consider safe for their product.

What is the least toxic nail polish?

Any product that avoids the use of traditional nail polish ingredients like formaldehyde, ethyl acetate, Bisphenol, and other toxic ingredients can be considered non-toxic.

Non Toxic Nail Polish For Kids

All of the products on this list are completely free of such additives and are completely non-toxic. Water-based polishes that use natural ingredients are the least non-toxic.

Can kids use gel nail polish?

As long as they are manufactured using non-toxic ingredients that don’t irritate delicate skin, then these can be safely used on kids.

What is non toxic nail polish for kids made of?

Children Safe Finger Nails Gel Non Toxic Nail Polish

Most of these are water-based nail polishes that use non-toxic pigments to give it their color. Natural waxes and non-toxic glitters are added to some products to give them that glamorous finish that young girls and toddlers love.

Why is regular nail polish not safe for kids?

Non Toxic Nail Polish For Kids

The problem is down to the harshness and toxicity of the chemicals used in the manufacture of regular nail polishes. These are harmful to children if ingested and the fumes that they give off when they are applied can damage those still growing lungs.

What is the fastest drying nail polish?

Non-toxic nail polishes are generally developed to be fast drying. The fastest ones can be dry in around a minute and in most other instances they will be dry to the touch within three minutes.

My Personal Favorite Nail Polish

Children Safe Finger Nails Gel Non Toxic Nail Polish

Kids just love Disney and they also love a bit of bling in their lives, so any of the Disney range from Townley Girl is a hit with them.

However, as they also consider themselves little Princesses then the outright winner is the Disney Princess range. They just love the colors and the glitter that these nontoxic nail polishes have, this set can keep them amused for hours.

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