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Tea bags Without Plastic: 18 Plastic-Free Compostable Teas

If you want to have tea bags without plastic you can either go with plastic-free tea bags from an Eco-friendly brand, or you can buy loose tea and brew it with a reusable, and compostable bag. In this article, we’ll explore both options.

My personal favorite plastic-free teabags from our list are The Republic of tea teabags. These bags are 100% biodegradable and they come inside a tin box that can be reused.

Disclaimer: We only recommend products we truly believe in and we might earn a commission for purchases made through links in this post.

Top 5 Plastic-Free Tea bags


Certified Organic, encased in eco-friendly recycled packaging


Bags are made of Manila hemp (a type of banana) and the string from organic cotton


Packed in a tin box. Enjoy premium tea while lending a helping hand to the environment


Sustainably farmed, Recycled, BPA-free packaging


15 biodegradable tea temples per pack, Teas are sourced from pesticide-free estates

Benefits of Plastic-free Teabags

Tea is the most popular drink in the world with over 84 billion cups drank in the US alone each year. Many don’t even think about the environmental damage their tea cuppa causes. But with most tea bags being made and packed with plastic, the impact is very high given the quantities used.

Luckily enough, a few brands decided to introduce plastic-free tea bags in some or all of their products. Buying compostable tea bags without plastic has a few advantages over loose-tea.

  • Less messy – unlike loose tea, you don’t need to deal with the tea at all, no cleaning, no spooning, just brewing the tea straight from the package.
  • Saves time – Since the right amount of tea is already packed and ready for brewing, it takes less time than to measure teaspoons and fill it to the bag.
  • Cleaner – Since the tea bags are compostable, after your cuppa is finished you can just through them in the garbage or in the compost bin.

List Of Plastic-Free Tea Bags

1. Teeccino Roasted Herbal Tea, Dandelion Dark Roast

Encased in eco-friendly recycled packaging

  • Gluten-free
  • Recycled packaging
  • Certified Organic

Shop Now at:

The Teeccino roasted Herbal tea, Dandelion Dark Roast has been tested to have no gluten. The natural dark roasted tastes bring health benefits of dandelion root including antioxidants and stimulating effects on the liver. This certified organic, gluten-free product is encased in eco-friendly recycled packaging.

A tea that brings the health benefits including its inulin content, antioxidants, and stimulating effects on liver function

What the reviews say?

The majority of the reviewers enjoyed the pleasant tastes of the herbs and roasted flavors. Customers loved this as a great replacement for coffee and are great for tummy issues. Many great reviews, only a couple said it didn’t taste like coffee and had a bad taste.

2. Yogi Tea Organic Mango Ginger tea bags without plastic

Bags are made of Manila hemp (a type of banana) and the string from organic cotton

  • 100% organic
  • Vegan
  • Recyclable
  • Supports a Charity

Shop Now at:

The Yogi tea brand is committed to offering healthy, natural teas to support the well-being of tea drinkers. Yogi invests in completely biodegradable materials that are plastic-free and made from Manila hemp (a type of banana) and the string from organic cotton.

This Yogi organic mango ginger tea drink is a vegan, organic, eco-friendly tea that helps support the digestive system and is great for the tummy.

What the reviews say?

Customers love the great flavors and health benefits of the tea. Customers said the tea helped with tummy issues, heartburn, and good for their digestive system. Some reviewers said the ginger was powerful, so to be aware when the coffee is tried.

3. The Republic of Tea – Biodynamic tea bags without plastic

Enjoy premium tea while lending a helping hand to the environment

  • 100% biodegradable bag
  • Grown from ethical farming
  • Gluten-free and sugar-free

Shop Now at:

The Republic of Tea ensures every full-leaf tea bag is 100% biodegradable and made from sustainable and renewable corn mesh with no plastic. The tea is not only gluten-free and sugar-free but also grown with a conscious approach, by concentrating on sustainability.

The hibiscus is originally from Egypt and ethically farmed using biodynamic methods. The Republic of tea ensures that social, ecological, and economical sustainability is at the heart of their tea production.

What the reviews say?

Overall customers really enjoyed this tea due to the flavors and quality. Many customers said the tea tasted great hot or cold and said the taste is high-quality no matter the temperature.

4. The Republic of Tea Organic Milk Thistle Super Herb Tea

Teabags made from 100% biodegradable resources

  • Includes 36 tea bags
  • Gluten-free and Sugar-free
  • Milk Thistle helps protect the liver from toxin

Shop Now at:

This Republic of Tea’s Milk Thistle Tea been used for centuries from the local region’s daily diet for boosting performance, strength, or longevity, the tea can be easily added to your daily routine.

The Milk Thistle helps protect the liver from toxins and people have been drinking it for over 2,000 years, so holds health benefits. Every full-leaf tea bag is made from biodegradable corn mesh which is 100% sustainable and biodegradable.

What the reviews say?

Customers enjoyed the great-tasting ingredients. Customers use the tea for liver detox and cleanse the liver. Some customers drank the tea more than once a day to support a healthier lifestyle.

5. Traditional Medicinals organic plastic free

Sustainably farmed, Recycled, BPA-free packaging

  • Teabags are compostable, made of Manila fiber paper
  • 98.9 percent of ingredients are certified organic
  • The manufacturing process is based only on renewable energy

Shop Now at:

Traditional Medicinals organic, plastic-free tea bags are especially eco-friendly. Not only they make teabags without plastic, but they also produce them with renewable energy. The tea itself is 100% organic. A few different flavors are available.


Reviews for Traditional Medicinals tea are extremely positive. People really appreciate the quality of this brand and attributes it with medical virtues. A reviewer said it changes his life! Other than that, a few buyers said the flavor wasn’t strong enough to their liking.

6. Teapigs Tea bags Without Plastic

15 biodegradable tea temples per pack, Teas are sourced from pesticide-free estates

  • Made of corn starch
  • Teabag is plastic-free, the box is not
  • Biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable teabags

Shop Now at:

Teapigs teabags are a little unconventional but their plastic-free teabags are some of the best around. The teabags themselves are made of corn-starch, the strings, labels, and all of the packagings is sustainably sourced and can be recycled.

There is very little to complain about Teapigs and they were the first teabag certified as being “Plastic Free”. They are a little more expensive than others here but are one of the best so it is a tricky decision for the eco-friendly consumer.

What the reviews say?

4.5/5, Teapigs is relatively new to the US market but is taking it by storm with a lot of happy customers.

7. Clipper everyday teabags without plastic

Plant-based biodegradable teabags

  • Unbleached, organic, Fairtrade
  • Plastic-free and non-GMO
  • Made from abaca, a form of the banana plant

Shop Now at:

Clipper everyday brand tops the list as they claim they were the first to produce tea bags without plastic. More than that, each Clipper teabag is unbleached, organic, Fairtrade, plastic free and non GMO.

Clipper everyday teabags are made from abaca, a form of banana plant with a natural adhesive to bind it together. It is great tasting tea and probably the most common teabag without plastic in the world. Be warned though, only Clipper string and tag tea bags are plastic-free, the square bags are not yet.

What the reviews say?

An all-time classic. Clipper is adored around the world and now with it’s full set of ethical credentials, it’s hard to see anything topping it.

8. Teatulia Organic Breakfast Black Tea

Premium Corn Silk Pyramid Tea Bags

  • Pyramids teabags without plastic, made of corn silk
  • USDA-certified pure organic black tea, low caffeine levels
  • The package is plastic free and compostable

Shop Now at:

Teatulia Organic Teas is a brand with a very environment-friendly orientation. The teabags are plastic free and so is the package (also compostable). The tea leaves are made in northern Bangladesh and are USDA-certified organic. These teabags are also low on caffein (half the amount you get in coffee).


Reviewers love how green and eco-friendly Teatulia Organic Teas is. Negative reviewers only mention they didn’t like the taste very much, which is a matter of personal taste.

9. Zest Tea Energy Hot Tea Teabags Without Plastic

Paper and cardboard packaging inside a tin box

  • High caffeine levels (just like coffee)
  • Teabags are compostable
  • 5 different flavors to choose from

Shop Now at:

Zest Tea is great for eco-friendly consumers who like coffeine but don’t like coffee (the teabags contain just as much caffeine as coffee). The teabags are made of Soilon which is a form of corn starch.


Reviewers are very fund of these tea bags as they are plastic-free. Some said they completely shifted from coffee drinking Zest Tea high-coffeine chai instead.

10. Pukka Teabags Without Plastic

This product is certified Fair wild and fair for Life

  • Organic and fairtrade
  • The envelope of the teabags contains a small amount of plastic

Shop Now at:

Pukka is another big name that makes this list as having teabags without plastic. Pukka tea uses a simple fold and stitch method of sealing their bag and were the first to do so. The teabags do come in a small envelope which contains a small amount of plastic. Pukka says it is so thin though that it can still be recycled alongside paper without causing any problems. It is also organic and Fairtrade which is positive.


4.5/5 Great tea but some reviews point out it is Pukka Chamomile is actually “Golden Chamomile” which contains Licorice so watch out for that!

11. T2 Plastic Free Teabags

Biodegradable teabags made from food-grade corn starch. They are recyclable and compostable!

  • Made of corn starch
  • Teabag is plastic-free, the box is not
  • Biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable teabags

Shop Now at:

T2 tea bags recently made the switch to teabags without plastic after consumer pressure. It is great to see a company responds to the upsurge in green consumers and they are now making teabags out of corn starch.

Like others, though they do use plastic in the packaging so whilst the tea bag is plastic free, the box is not.

What the reviews say?

4.5/5, T2 is a well-established brand and they know their market well. Very little to dislike in terms of flavor or production.

12. Lipton Quality Black Tea Teabags Without Plastic

Plastic-free tea bags by Lipton

Shop Now at:

These Lipton tea bags are a bit of a surprise addition to the list. They are made from hemp and cellulose fibers so are purely natural.

Lipton tea bags is sustainably sourced and certified by the “Rainforest Alliance” so the tea itself is also ethically produced which is great news for the eco-conscious green consumer! It is also one of the easiest to find in shops and one of the cheapest too.

What the reviews say?

Most reviews regard this as a solid, everyday tea. Pretty unspectacular but not bad. Not at the premium end of the market but a solid performer.

Refillable tea bags for loose tea

You don’t have to buy teabags without plastic to enjoy plastic-free tea. You can always buy loose tea (like this one by T2) and put it through a strainer or put it into a reusable compostable bags or infuser.

Advantages of loose tea and compostable tea bags:

  • Loose tea is fresher and stronger tasting than bagged tea so you need less of it which makes it go further.
  • It also has undergone less processing and so less energy overall has been used to make it!
  • The thing to be careful with though is that loose tea often comes in plastic packaging. One that doesn’t though is T2.
  • Some stores let you fill your own bag with loose tea which is the best option but if not then T2 is a pretty good alternative.

13. BSTEAN Disposable Tea Filter Bags

Unbleached Paper bags comes with a Free Clip

  • Width: 2.75”, Height: 3.15”
  • Biodegradable & chlorine-free
  • Natural wood pulp filter paper
  • Unbleached

Shop Now at:

Bstean tea filter bags are made of paper (wood pulp), biodegradable and chlorine-free. They are mainly suitable for a single cup or a small pot. But a large size is also available for big pots or travel mags. The bags are disposable and not reusable but are made of degradable materials. The package is made of plastic which is another downside to consider.


Most Reviewers of Bstean tea filter bags rally liked it. One lady mentioned it can contain 3-4 teaspoons and that unlike other bags, it does a great job keeping the tea leaves inside. One reviewer mentioned a mild after taste caused by the bags.

14. BetyBedy Natural Material Tea Infuser

Natural wood pulp filter paper teabags

  • Set of 100 paper tea bags
  • 3.15 x 3.94 inch
  • Natural wood pulp filter paper, unbleached
  • Processed by UV sterilization and infrared drying.

Shop Now at:

BetyBedy tea filter bags can be used for loose tea, coffee, herbs, scented tea and more. The bags are made of paper and are disposable – can only be used once. The bags are made in china.


Reviewers mentioned a changing quality of the bags from one shipment to another. One lady mentioned the bags are not solid enough to hold “sharp leaves” from her loose tea pile.

15. Tatuo Cotton Drawstring Bags

Cotton Drawstring Bags for tea

  • Durable material: these bags are made of cotton
  • 3 x 4 inches / 4 x 6 inches
  • Each cotton bag has a drawstring

Shop Now at:

Tatuo cotton bags are very durable. They’re made of cotton so you can use them over and over again, which makes them very eco-friendly. They come in 2 different sizes 3 x 4 inches for a single cup of tea, and 4 x 6 for a large pot.


Reviews are mostly 5 stars. Some people mentioned the bags don’t tie securely enough.

16. Simple Ecology Reusable Cotton Bags

Reusable Organic Cotton Muslin Fine Mesh Straining Bags

  • Available sizes: 12 x 13 inch / 7 x 10 / 6 x 8 / 3.5 x 5.5
  • Certified organic cotton muslin fabric
  • Made to prevent from ripping or bursting during straining

Shop Now at:

Simple Ecology organic cotton bags are the most eco-friendly tea bags on this list. They are made of organic cotton which is certified for ecology and social responsibility. The bags are made from all-natural material and constructed in a way that is meant to last for years without ripping. Simple Ecology organic cotton bags comes in 4 different sizes according to your needs.


The reviews are very positive among tea makers, both for large pots and small cups of tea. Negative reviews are mainly from people trying to brew coffee with these bags.

17. Tea Buddies Disposable Tea Infuser Sachets

Natural Tea Filter Bags for Loose Leaf Tea

  • The large opening makes it easy to scoop loose leaf tea into the filter
  • 100% natural materials
  • Pack of 100/200/300
  • Unbleached with no added glues or staples

Shop Now at:

Tea Buddies tea infusers come in big bulks of 100/200/300. They are very popular among eco-friendly tea drinkers as they are made 100% from natural materials. Another benefit they have over other items on that list is the one piece of a paper tab on the end of each string, preventing the bag from falling entirely into the teacup. These tea bags are disposable.


Reviews for Tea Buddies tea infusers are overall great. Some mentioned that it’s hard to tie the bags tightly, but once you do the drawstrings are just tight enough to prevent leaks and the filter does enable the herbal benefits and essential oils to infuse fully into hot water.

18. BEFOREYOU Safe & Natural Unbleached Paper Tea Infuser

Drawstring Tea Filter Bags Safe & Natural Unbleached Paper

  • Pack of 400
  • Size: 2 x 2.7 inch , 2.3 x 3 , 3 x 4
  • Natural wood pulp filter paper, unbleached

Shop Now at:

BEFOREYOU tea bags are made from a thin paper. They are disposable but compostable. These bags come in a big pack of 400 tea bags and you can choose the size suitable for your needs.


Reviewers seem to really like BEFOREYOU tea bags. While the bags are made of thin paper they can withhold big amounts of teaspoons. Some buyers mentioned the strings falling apart from the tea bags occasionally.

Make your own tea

tea bags without plastic

Many teas can be grown or made by yourself.

Lemon and ginger, mint, chamomile, rose or a mixed blend can easily be made by steeping the ingredients in hot water.

You may even find new combinations to try and end up with your own unique brand. It’s easy, fun and about as eco friendly as you can get!

Go Local!

tea bags without plastic

There are lots of small independent tea producers making eco friendly tea at a small scale. It is usually much cheaper for small manufacturers to make teabags without plastic.

Have a look in your local area and see if you can find some. You will not only be helping the environment but you will be supporting your local shopkeepers and your local economy too!

Tea bags without plastic are not common enough

Plastic free tea is a tricky area but there are good options on this list.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers claim to still be working on developing plastic-free teabags which are a poor excuse given how many plastic-free ones already exist.

There is no new technology required, only copying what has been done already. As green consumers, we should all choose eco friendly ones when we can to show these companies what customers demand.

My personal Favorite plastic-free tea bags

If you are struggling to choose from the list above, then you can’t go wrong with my personal favorites: Teapigs teabags have a great flavor and they’re plastic-free but if you want something that is readily available, go for Clipper teabags.

Just check the one you choose is plastic-free and, if you can, buy it in person to save the packaging and shipping.

tea bags without plastic

One final tip

Now that you have compostable tea bags, to keep your kitchen truly eco-friendly, put your used tea bags in an eco-friendly compost bin.

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