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Eco Friendly Coffee Cups: 23 Durable & Reusable Travel Mugs

High-quality travel mugs are not only more sustainable but also keep your coffee fresh for much longer.

Searching for the ideal eco friendly coffee cup I looked for sustainable, reusable, and durable travel mugs that will keep our coffee safe and warm.

I personally like YETI Eco-friendly coffee cups for their beautiful style compactness and durability.

Disclaimer: We only recommend products we truly believe in and we might earn a commission for purchases made through links in this post.

Top 5 Coffee Cups

What’s the best material for eco-friendly coffee cup?

The best material to use for eco friendly coffee cups is chemical-free glass, stainless still, or ceramics. These materials keep your coffee hot and do not affect the taste and smell of your coffee.

10 best Eco Friendly Coffee Cup


Kitchen-grade rust resistant stainless steel reusable cup

  • Puncture and rust resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Double wall vacuum insulated to keep drinks hot and cold

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YETI is one of the leading brands in reusable drinkware, and the Rambler is by far one of its most popular products. This is all thanks to its great features, such as 18/8 stainless steel, double-wall vacuum insulation and a no-sweat design on the outside. It is also made with thick gauge steel so you know this is virtually indestructible, keeping your coffee intact wherever you choose to bring it.


Reviews on this product are overwhelmingly positive, no doubt because of YETI’s high quality and commitment to producing superb products. Reviewers love the handle, the secure lid and the flawless visual design.

2. Frankgreen

Reusable bottles made of ceramic

  • Comes in 3 sizes
  • Choice of colors to choose from
  • Ceramic is durable and lasts long

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The Frankgreen ceramic eco friendly coffee cup is a durable essential to your everyday coffee drinking needs, and it comes in 3 sizes and a wide variety of colors that you can choose from to customize your zero waste coffee drinking experience.


There are no reviews yet for this product as of time of writing.


Food grade, premium stainless steel coffee mug

  • Comes in a wide choice of color variations
  • Inner insulation repels stains and odors
  • Dust-proof and BPA-free

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The CIVAGO premium reusable eco friendly coffee cup is made of super strong 18/8 stainless steel, with a double wall vacuum insulation inside it that preserves the temperature of any drink poured in it. This means if you have a hot coffee, you can expect it to stay hot for hours to come. The exterior is matte coated and has a no sweat design, so that it is easier to grip. The clear plastic lid ensures that you know how much coffee you have left and whether you need a refill, easily.


Reviewers love the high quality construction and the color choices of this stainless steel reusable eco friendly coffee cup and praise the temperature regulating qualities of the inner double wall vacuum insulation.

4. SUNWILL Eco Friendly Coffee Cup

Insulated, powder coated and stainless steel coffee travel mug

  • Free from BPA lid
  • Easy to use handle that is ergonomic
  • Vacuum insulated to keep drinks hot or cold

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This is a reusable coffee cup for those who have to travel from place to place and need their dose of caffeine on hand whenever they need it. The SUNWILL reusable coffee cup is made of premium 18/8 stainless steel and will never rust or break, in addition to the powder coated finish on the outside that does not slip, scratch, peel or fade.


Reviewers are positive about the travel capabilities of this reusable coffee cup, and despite its price, they feel it’s worth spending the money for a high quality product.

5. Simple Modern

Stainless steel thermos cup with straw and clear lid

  • Perfect for on-the-go purposes
  • Comes with a leak-proof lid and 2 straws
  • Insulated to keep coffee piping hot for hours

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The 18/8 stainless steel construction on this eco friendly coffee cup makes it super durable, and is perfect for traveling wherever you need to bring it to. Because of its double walled vacuum sealed insulation and the copper-coated interior, you can have a cup of hot coffee even hours after you’ve poured it in and secured it into this travel reusable coffee cup. The straw is also a nice touch, and it fits most cup holders in cars, making it ideal for long road trips or commutes.


Positive reviews for this reusable coffee cup praise the leak-proof capabilities, the way it keeps coffee hot for hours and the beautiful colors and styles it comes in.

6. KeepCup Eco Friendly Coffee Cup

Originators of the reusable coffee cup revolution

  • Splashproof lid to keep coffee away from other than your mouth
  • Durable tempered glass construction
  • BPA, BPS, phthalates free

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It seems you can’t go wrong with the classics. In this case, the barista-approved reusable coffee cup from KeepCup. This durable tempered glass cup is made to the highest standards for a perfect pour and is made to fit under coffee machine heads for the perfect extraction and pour, meaning you’ll have the highest quality coffee just as your barista intended – and saving the earth from an extra takeaway coffee cup at the same time.


Reviewers have mentioned that these aren’t really travel cups, but rather just a replacement for a to go coffee cup. There are no handles or double walled insulation, however the praise its ease of use and easy to clean design.

7. Stojo Eco Friendly Coffee Cup

12oz collapsible hot and cold beverage reusable cup

  • LFGB certified silicone (stricter than FDA)
  • Chemical, BPA, lead and phthalate-free composition
  • Dishwasher safe

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This collapsible coffee cup from Stojo is a perfect fit on standard cupholders, and is great for traveling where you need your caffeine fix to go. The dishwasher safe material that makes up the Stojo can be easily taken apart for cleaning, and when reassembled, features a leak-proof and airtight mouth tab seal.


Customers of the Stojo love the perfect size, convenience and the collapsible feature and the different colors that it comes in.


Shatterproof Hot & Cold beverage reusable coffee mug

  • Made out of 18/8 stainless steel
  • Double wall vacuum insulated inside
  • Non-toxic and BPA free

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If you need some time to enjoy your CHILLOUT LIFE, this travel mug should be the companion you need. The powerful insulation in this portable reusable coffee cup keeps your drinks cold or hot for hours, thanks to its double wall vacuum insulation. The large handle, spill resistant rubber lid and easy to use sipping mechanism makes this portable, robust reusable coffee cup a perfect companion when you’re out on the road.


Reviewers praise the handle and the robust leak-proof construction on this reusable coffee mug, and the insulation that keeps hot drinks hot for hours.

9. Tru Blu

Premium Stainless Steel eco friendly coffee cup with spill resistant lids

  • BPA Free and non-toxic
  • Safe for dishwasher cleaning
  • Shatterproof thanks to its stainless steel construction

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They say good things come in pairs – and no doubt, these tru blu reusable coffee cups come in a 2 pack of stainless steel, double wall insulated travel mug goodness. The brushed metal exterior looks elegant, minimalistic even, and the ergonomic handles are comfortable and easy to grip, meaning no nasty accidents involving hot drinks and an exposed lap. It is unbreakable, thanks to its rugged durable design, and is dishwasher safe for those who don’t want to do more dishes by hand than they have to.


Comments on the Tru Blu coffee mug 2 pack are mainly positive, and talk about the heat-keeping effectiveness of the mugs as compared to a ceramic mug. However, some comments have pointed out at the construction is not as robust as they thought it would be, especially at the joint areas of the handles to the mug itself.Reviewers praise the handle and the robust leak-proof construction on this reusable coffee mug, and the insulation that keeps hot drinks hot for hours.

10. W&P Porter

Ceramic reusable coffee cup with protective silicone sleeve

  • Ceramic construction with a silicone sleeve
  • Made with food grade materials
  • Easy to clean with hand wash or dishwasher

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This ceramic reusable coffee cup is easy to use and is comfy on the hands thanks to the silicone outer sleeve, while the ceramic construction eliminates any metally taste in your hot drinks.


Reviews are fairly positive, with many praising the cute design of this coffee cup.


Double wall insulated reusable eco friendly coffee cups made with rice husk fibre

  • Lightweight and double wall insulated
  • BPA-free
  • Textured grip and lightweight for ease of carrying

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Using rice husk fibre, which is a waste product in industrial agriculture, BIOGO makes BPA-free and non-toxic reusable coffee cups with a screw-on lid that secures the mouthpiece and ensures no spillages.


Reviewers love the high quality of this product and its leak proof lid, and its eco-friendly angle of using waste rice husk fibre to make coffee cups.

12. Zyliss

Travel french press mug with detachable mesh filter

  • Double wall insulated to keep beverages hot or cold
  • Features a clip in mesh filter / coffee press
  • Suitable for hot chocolates and teas

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If you’re outside most of the time and prefer your coffee french pressed or nothing else, consider this your lucky day. The Zyliss travel reusable coffee cup has a detachable french press mesh filter, so you can get your coffee plunger action on, whenever and wherever you may be. It is also BPA free and dishwasher safe.


The reviews on this product mention the perfect size and ingenious idea of implementing a french press into a reusable coffee cup.

13. Neon Kaktus

Eco friendly glass coffee cup made with fully recyclable and sustainable materials

  • BPA free unique design thermal silicone non-slip sleeve and splash proof lid
  • Borosilicate glass construction for the purest coffee flavors
  • Lightweight and durable and perfect for all coffee machines

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The attractively designed Neon Kaktus reusable coffee cup is good enough to provide the ultimate drinking pleasure every day, and it is free from any harmful toxins or chemicals. Did I mention it looks good? Yep – and I’ll mention it again, anyway. It’s sure to look great on your desk for your daily eco-conscious caffeine fix.


Comments on this product praise the leak-proof construction of the lid and the non-metallic taste thanks to the glass construction.

14. Avito

Long-lasting premium quality stainless steel eco friendly coffee cup with lid

  • Double walled insulated for keeping drinks hot for hours
  • Shatterproof and spill resistant
  • BPA free and healthy choice

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Made out of 100% stainless steel, this reusable coffee mug from Avito holds 14oz of beverage, so you can switch out your coffee for a beer whenever you feel like either.


Reviewers love the mug for its affordability, light weight and its ability to insulate hot drinks for hours on end.

15. Mora Ceramics

Ceramic constructed coffee travel mug with splash resistant lid

  • Constructed out of elegant ceramic
  • Portable, microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Fits standard car cup holders

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If you’re looking for a ceramic reusable coffee cup, the Mora ceramics looks good, and performs functionally. It is made out of a lead-free all natural glaze throughout, meaning there are no harmful toxins in your cup of coffee from this attractive looking shatterproof reusable coffee cup.


Reviewers praise the way how attractive it looks, but pay attention to the fact that it isn’t as good as thermal insulation as stainless steel or other double walled insulated coffee cups.

16. Joe Cup

Spill stopping reusable coffee cup made with organic bamboo fiber

  • Plastic free and BPA-free
  • Portable and dishwasher safe
  • Contains spill proof lid

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The bamboo Joe Cup is easy to clean, and is perfect for keeping hot drinks warm longer than a ceramic or a takeaway cup while being eco-friendly.


The reviews on this cup love the fact that it’s easy to use on-the-go, but some caution that it isn’t great for piping hot beverages.


Stainless steel insulated coffee tumbler cup

  • Double wall insulated interior
  • Spill proof and powder coated exterior

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The SIMPLE DRINK reusable coffee cup features a spill proof lid that is secure, simple to use and functional, even with one hand. It fits most cup holders and under most coffee makers.


Comments on this product are positive, with many praising the insulating properties and leak-proof functionality of this reusable coffee cup.

18. Ecoffee cup

Sustainable coffee mugs made from natural bamboo, cornstarch and resin

  • Sustainable construction with all natural nontoxic materials
  • BPA, BPS and phthalate free
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

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The resealable no-drip lid on this Ecoffee cup makes this a great reusable coffee cup to have if you’re on the go and need your coffee to be mobile.


With appearances on Forbes, The Times, MTV and more, the reviews are highly positive and praise the design and functionality on this cup.

19. Mr.Cuppie

Bamboo fiber reusable coffee cup that is truly environmentally friendly

  • Made from natural, sustainable PLA materials
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe for convenience

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Mr Cuppie swears by the quality of its reusable coffee cups, and offers a money back guarantee if you don’t love your purchase of this splash proof and well-designed coffee cup.


The reviews on this item praise the usefulness and the convenient size of this reusable coffee cup.

20. UDMG

Ceramic travel coffee cup that is double wall insulated

  • DIY designable with acrylic paint markers
  • High-grade glossy and durable porcelain clay construction
  • Double ceramic wall to insulate hot or cold beverages

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These porcelain cups from UDMG are great for gifts thanks to the easy to DIY exterior, and are 100% lead-free, microwave and dishwasher safe.


The comments on these reusable coffee cups talk about the effectiveness of its insulating properties and its attractive design.

21. CAFE CONCETTO Eco Friendly Coffee Cup

Rose gold, elegantly designed premium insulated reusable coffee cup

  • Contemporary and attractive design
  • Constructed out of high-grade stainless steel

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This lightweight reusable coffee cup from CAFE CONCETTO keeps drinks hot for up to 1 hours and cold for 2-5 hours, and is finished in an exclusive titanium coating.


Reviewers praise the small yet perfect size of this cup, and it’s pleasing general aesthetic when drinking out of it.

22. HUNU Eco Friendly Coffee Cup

Collapsible, pocketable eco-friendly reusable coffee cup

  • Great for hiking or camping
  • Food grade certified, BPA free construction

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If you spend a lot of time in the great outdoors but need your caffeine fix, the HUNU leakproof pocket cup packs your coffee hit when you need it, and neatly folds away when you don’t for your ultimate convenience


The reviewers on the HUNU cup love the fact that you can use it for a small coffee, and then rinse it and dump it in a bag without taking up any space.

23. AniSqui Eco Friendly Coffee Cup

Durable, heat proof borosilicate glass reusable coffee cup

  • Endures temperatures from -50ºC to 200ºC
  • Made from durable and food grade silicone cover and premium glass

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If you don’t like the taste of metal or bamboo seeping into your daily coffee, this glass reusable coffee cup from AniSqui will elevate your everyday coffee drinking needs in an eco-friendly way.


Reviews praise the ease of use thanks to its microwave safe feature and perfect size to bring to travel, and its durable glass construction.

Which reusable coffee cup should I choose?

If you’re looking for an easilyr portable reusable coffee cup options, the HUNU is your best option

Zero wast travel mug Eco Friendly Coffee Cup

If aesthetics is your a primary factor, I think you should have a look at the Mora Ceramics.

Those who don’t want any metallic or ceramic tastes in their pure coffee can look to the AniSqui for their daily eco-friendly coffee needs.

Are bamboo cups environmentally friendly?

Reusable cup for hot beverage Eco Friendly Coffee Cup

Bamboo is very fast growing and is cultivated with much fewer resources and environmental damage compared to trees, and of course it’s biodegradeable – Making bamboo coffee cups a very eco-friendly option for reusable coffee cups.

Do bamboo travel mugs keep drinks warm?

Eco Friendly Coffee Cup

Yes, they do, but not as much as stainless steel with a double wall vacuum insulation. Think of it as more effective than takeaway cups with lids, but less than a well vacuum insulated one.

Benefits of using an eco friendly coffee cup

Zero wast travel mug Eco Friendly Coffee Cup

You get to enjoy your coffee while saving the earth and landfills from one more takeaway cup that doesn’t have to be there!

Downsides of using an eco friendly coffee cup

Reusable cup for hot beverages Eco Friendly Coffee Cup

Most eco-friendly coffee cups are expensive to begin with, so it’s an investment into a lifestyle you’ll really need to follow if you want to make it worth your purchase.

How do reusable coffee cups help the environment?

eco friendly coffee cup

If you drink a cup of coffee a day – that’s 365 takeaway cups a year. Multiplied by the world’s population of coffee drinkers, you’ve got a lot of takeaway cups used and thrown every single day. Reusable coffee cups can change that effect significantly.

Are plastic reusable coffee cups safe?

Zero wast travel mug Eco Friendly Coffee Cup

If it’s food-grade plastic and you can trust the brand then it is safe to use. But the best option would be to find cups that are not made of plastic at all.

My personal favorite eco friendly coffee cup

Reusable cup for hot bevrages Eco Friendly Coffee Cup

While all the reusable coffee cups on our list are great options, my personal favorite eco friendly coffee cup has to be the YETI coffee cups. I simply like the style of it and that it looks like your everyday cup but actually it’s much more than that.

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