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20 Best Treats For Dogs With Bad Breath [Dental Chews]

If your dog has been giving you stinky kisses lately, it’s probably time to look for treats for dogs with bad breath. Dogs are great companions, so it’s always a good idea to take care of their dental hygiene.

If you own a dog with bad breath odor, chances are you might have to double down on the oral care routine with some dental dog treats.

My personal favorite is the Greenies Regular Dental Dog Treats. The unique texture on these dental dog treats goes straight to attacking plaque and tartar, right down to the gum-line.

Disclaimer: We only recommend products we truly believe in and we might earn a commission for purchases made through links in this post.

Top 5 best treats for dogs with bad breath

How can I get rid of my dog’s bad breath?

If your canine companion’s mouth has been smelling a little foul lately, and you find yourself holding your nose every time he or she comes close to snuggle on the couch with you, there are several ways you can combat bad breath in dogs. One of the most effective ways, of course, is regular brushing of their teeth with a toothbrush and specialized toothpaste as part of a regular oral care routine.

However, the tooth brushing routine may be stressful for some dogs, and the next best step is treats for dogs with bad breath or oral care supplements. In the case of the former, these chewable dog dental chews contain ingredients that fight all the nasty stuff involved in bad breath for dogs, and most, if not all of them, contain textured nubs and ridges that help to scrub, polish and clean teeth to leave their mouths happy and healthy and remove any bad breath smells from their mouths.

20 Best treats for dogs with bad breath

1. Greenies Regular Dental Dog Treats

Highest rated all natural and easily digestible dog treats

  • All natural treats with vitamins, minerals and nutrients
  • Vet Recommended
  • Easily digestible ingredients
  • Unique chewy texture to clean all the way to the gumline

Shop Now at:

The Greenies Regular Dental Dog Treats is seriously one of the best on the market, with over 1800 customers leaving positive reviews on this product and giving it an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars. The selling point of these treats is truly the unique texture which is chewy and features distinctive grooves that help to maintain healthy teeth and gums on your dog or pup. These grooves and nubs scrape away the bad stuff like plaque and tartar on the teeth, which keeps them healthy while being a bad breath cure at the same time.

The flavor of these treats for dogs with bad breath can truly satisfy any of the savory canine cravings, and get them to associate their daily proper dental health routine as an enjoyable experience. The many vitamins and minerals that are formulated into these dental sticks help protect your dog’s oral health and by extension, the overall health of your canine companion.

You don’t need to use a regular toothbrush on your dog’s teeth anymore when it comes to oral hygiene. These natural treats, which are made from natural ingredients are all your dog needs to keep their mouth feeling, looking and smelling great. Plus, they are easy to digest, with soluble ingredients that won’t upset your dog’s tummy at all.


Reviewers have said that their dogs love these great tasting fresh breath dog treats and look forward to their daily oral care routine after only a few occasions of use.

2. Virbac C.E.T VeggieDent Fresh Dog Chews

Unique Z-shape that grips teeth and cleans better when chewing

  • Z-shape for better grip when chewing
  • Highly palatable taste for easy application
  • No animal ingredients used
  • Available in multiple sizes

Shop Now at:

If your furry companion needs a reason to smile and show off those pearly whites, this would be it. The Virbac C.E.T VeggieDent Tartar Control dog dental chews help to keep your dog’s dental health in check with a super clean chewing experience, thanks to the patented Z-shape that improves chewing action. Right down to the gums, this easy-to-grasp chew lifts off any plaque, tartar or food residue away from the teeth and ensures that any dog with bad breath odor can have a fresh smelling and clean mouth after use.

These treats for dogs with bad breath also have a sumptuous taste that dogs and pups of all ages will enjoy, and since it is completely plant-based, these organic treats are made without any animal-based ingredients whatsoever, making it a delicious choice of vegetarian dental chew. Just one a day of these bad breath killers is all you need to keep your dog’s oral health in great condition and.


Customers have left reviews saying that these Veggiedent dog chews keep their dog’s teeth clean and sparkling, and some have even gotten their vet’s approval for this product.

3. Virbac C.E.T HEXtra Premium Dental Dog Chews

#1 vet recommended dog dental chew brand that is good for dogs or puppies

  • Made from beef hide which is naturally abrasive
  • Uses Chlorhexidine to protect teeth up to 24 hours
  • Resealable bag for maximum freshness

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C.E.T products are a tried and tested  #1 veterinary brand available on the market today, and the Virbac C.E.T HEXtra premium dental dog chews is proof of that. This premium vet recommended fresh breath dog treats has a patented chlorhexidine system that removes plaque, reduces tartar and provides a sustained antimicrobial protection against any germs or microbes for up to 24 hours in the oral cavity. Your peace of mind is guaranteed when it comes to your canine companion’s oral health.

The chew itself is made from beef hide that is abrasive enough to remove any plaque or tartar buildup, yet is gentle on the gums and teeth to avoid any discomfort. You can use it as an everyday treat, and with regular use, these puppy breath treats are sure to leave your dog or pup’s mouth smelling and feeling clean, and those pearly whites looking absolutely healthy.


Reviews about the effectiveness of cleaning on these chews are great, however, there have been several claims of inconsistency in the serving sizes advertised on the package.

4. Dentalife Daily Oral Care Small/Medium Dental Dog Treats

Savory dental dog treats that reduce tartar and plaque buildup

  • Tasty chicken flavor
  • Porous texture with thousands of air pockets
  • Eight distinct ridges to clean teeth thoroughly

Shop Now at:

The Dentalife Daily Oral Care Dog Treats will make dental care a part of your furry companion’s regular routine, and get them excited and looking forward to it every day. These scientifically tested puppy breath treats have been proven to reduce tartar buildup, and deep cleans the teeth all the way down to the gumline. Savory chicken flavors make this treat absolutely delicious for your dog or pup while keeping their oral health in check at the same time.

The porous texture and eight distinct ridges on these chews help to scrub the teeth clean and the consistency keeps your dog actively chewing, satisfying their natural urge to chew while keeping bad breath smells at bay.


The reviews that have been left on these dental treats state that dogs love the taste and consistency, and look forward to them like snacks.

5. Milk-Bone Original Brushing Chews

Soft yet gentle brushing chews that pups and older dogs will enjoy

  • Clinically proven to fight tartar and bad breath
  • As effective as tooth brushing twice a week when given daily
  • Comes in multiple sizes

Shop Now at:

For those pet parents who find it difficult to get your dog or pup to stay still whenever they see the toothbrush come out, the Milk-Bone Original Brushing Chews are here to the rescue. These organic treats are clinically proven tartar busting chews that fight bad breath while being flexible enough to twist around the mouth while your dog chews, cleaning hard to reach areas of the teeth with the bristle like nubs and ridges.

Each one of these oral health supplements contains 12 essential vitamins and minerals, and can be used daily as a part of your dog’s oral health routine. Also, they come in multiple sizes so all ages of canines can use these treats for dogs with bad breath as part of their bad breath cure.


According to reviewers’ experiences, dogs love these chews and come running for them after they’ve tried them just once.

6. Pedigree Dentastix Fresh Mint Flavored Large Dental Dog Treats

Bad breath freshening dental dog treats with unique texture to lift and scrape plaque and tartar from teeth

  • Tasty and convenient to use
  • Clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar
  • Freshens bad breath smells

Shop Now at:

Pedigree Dentastix are treats with a chewy texture and fresh taste that are designed to maintain daily oral health for your canine companions. The unique texture lifts and scrapes plaque and tartar from any hard to reach areas in your pup’s teeth and gums while they chew. The clinically proven formulation helps to reduce buildup that ultimately contributes to dental disease (which may be costly), and helps in bad breath removal for your dog.


Reviewers mention that their dogs love these dental sticks and that these treats leave their dog with bad breath odor smelling great and healthy.

7. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wild Bones Grain-Free Large Dental Dog Treats

Dental bone-shaped dog treats that feature a grain free recipe

  • Bone shaped for natural chewing
  • Grain free recipe
  • Keeps teeth and gums healthy and smelling fresh

Shop Now at:

The Blue Buffalo grain-free dog dental chews helps keep your furry buddy’s teeth clean and fresh in a natural way – through chewing. These breath bones for dogs are made only from natural ingredients and come in a bone shape which keeps them occupied and encourages healthy and proper chewing, which is a natural instinct in dogs. No corn, soy, wheat, or poultry by-products or anything artificial is used in this grain-free recipe of these chews.

These are not suitable for puppies, and only suitable for dogs over 50lbs, including elderly dogs.


Reviews are fairly positive, saying that the hard texture of these treats make it great for teeth and gum health while chewing.

8. American Journey Grain-Free Large Dental Dog Treats Mint

Minty fresh all-natural dental dog treats that scrubs and lifts stains and residue efficiently

  • Mint-flavored
  • Unique texture and consistency scrubs and cleans hard to reach areas
  • All natural ingredients

Shop Now at:

These american journey dog treats contain all natural ingredients, are mint-flavored and feature a unique brush shape, with a chewy texture that prevents plaque and tartar buildup while tasting great. The mint flavor is effective in removing mouth odors, even bad breath after vomiting. The scrub consistency reaches all around the teeth and effectively brushes any residue away from the teeth or gums to keep your dog’s oral health in tip-top condition. These treats are crafted for large dogs, making them ideal for dogs 50lbs and above, and elderly dogs as well.


Reviewers state that these chews last long enough to help keep their dog’s teeth clean, while the unique consistency helps to clear any buildup of plaque or tartar on the gums and teeth.

9. Blue Buffalo Dental Bones All Natural Rawhide-Free Large Dental Dog treats

Made with natural, easy to digest rawhide with no poultry, gluten or grain products

  • All natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals
  • Easy to digest
  • No poultry, gluten or grain products and no artificial products

Shop Now at:

For those looking to get all natural treats for your furry friend, the Blue Buffalo Dental Bones can help to freshen your dog’s breath while leaving their pearly whites sparkling clean. Designed for dogs 50lbs or more, these large dental treats for dogs with bad breath are formulated with natural ingredients that promote specific health benefits when used daily. This doggie breath freshener is a great bad breath cure for those dog parents who find brushing their dog’s teeth a difficult thing to do.


The many positive reviews on this product state that these dental dog treats come vet recommended and help to effectively combat build up on dog’s teeth, albeit the fact that they don’t last as long as others.

10. VetIQ Minties Medium/large Dental Dog Treats

Featuring natural deodorizers that break down bad breath in the gut

  • Vet-recommended
  • Triple action formula that cleans teeth, freshens breath and controls buildup
  • Natural deodorizers like peppermint, dill, fennel and alfalfa

Shop Now at:

If you are looking to give your precious pup a kissable fresh breath and healthy teeth, the VetIQ Minties Dental Dog Treats are a great option for you. This dog breath mint comes vet recommended and feature a triple action formula that cleans teeth while promoting fresh breath and controlling plaque and tartar buildup. Five natural breath fresheners are formulated in these treats to reduce bad breath from the gut and help break down odor-causing particles that may live in the stomach. These bad breath killers are also free from wheat, gluten, soy, corn, and artificial flavors and animal by-products.


There are a few reviews that state that the smell of these treats are a little too minty, but it gets the job done cleaning dog’s teeth effectively.

11. Virbac C.E.T Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Dental Dog Chews

Made with natural antiseptics and enzymes that treat bad breath

  • Dual-enzyme system to protect oral health
  • Naturally abrasive beef hide to clean teeth
  • Contains natural antiseptics

Shop Now at:

The Virbac C.E.T Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Dental Dog Chews provide a great mouth cleaning experience for your dog or pup, and helps to keep their breath fresh even on non-brushing days. As treats for dogs with bad breath, it contains natural antiseptics, combined with abrasive action texture to loosen any tartar and control plaque buildup on the teeth. The poultry flavor in these chews are made using beef hide, which is naturally abrasive yet gentle on the gums, and the Dual-Enzyme system creates protection against periodontal disease, which is the number one diagnosed health issue in dogs.


The reviews on these treats mention that even the pickiest of dogs love them, and they work effectively to treat bad breath in dogs.

12. Dingo Dental Sticks Tartar Control Dental Dog Treats

Soft and savory naturally made dental sticks that control tartar effectively

  • Soft and easy to chew
  • Proven to reduce plaque and tartar buildup
  • Includes parsley to freshen breath

Shop Now at:

These stick shaped treats by Dingo are soft, and contain natural dental ingredients like baking soda, chlorophyll and parsley seed and act like a natural toothpaste and toothbrush for your dog or pup when chewed. These are suitable for both older dogs and puppies, because of their chewy yet soft texture, making it great as treats for dogs with bad breath. Made out of rawhide and real chicken jerky, these tasty treats will surely keep your little furry companion happy and keep their breath and teeth looking and smelling cleaner and fresher than ever.


Mentions of the crunchiness and hardness of these treats are commonly found in the review section, but overall, reviewers say that their dogs love these treats which keep their mouth clean.

13. Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Dental Chewz Dog Treats

Effective protein packed dental treats for dogs of all breeds and ages

  • Vet-approved
  • Good for all breeds and ages of dogs
  • Designed to prevent tartar and plaque buildup

Shop Now at:

These Purina dog treats for dogs with bad breath are designed to significantly reduce build up of tartar in dog’s teeth and gums. They can be used for all breeds of adult dogs and are long-lasting for a great chew experience. Packed full of protein, the tasty chews ensure that your dog’s teeth are clean from front to back (even the hard to reach areas), while keeping your dog or pup’s breath smelling oh so fresh. Note that you’ll need authorization from your veterinarian if you want to start using these dog treats as part of your dog’s oral health routine.


The experiences of reviewers of this product focus on the size of these treats – they come in big chunks, and are not exactly suitable for smaller dogs unless they are cut up to size first.

14. Vetriscience Perio Plus Everyday Health Dental Stix

Dental sticks packed with enzymes and vitamins to support your dog’s oral health

  • Outer layer has natural ingredients like champignon mushroom extract, cinnamon and parsley
  • Inner layer has taurine, natural zeolites and cranberry for oral health support
  • Added CoEnzyme Q 10 to aid in heart health
  • Great tasting chews that will satisfy even the pickiest eaters

Shop Now at:

For a tasty, convenient and easy to use dental formula designed to support canine periodontal health, the vetriscience perio plus everyday health dental stix could be what you’re looking for. These sticks have been carefully designed to encourage an in-between-the-paws-grip, that makes it easy for your dog or pup to handle the treat while chewing. The outside layer is crunchy while the inner core is soft, ensuring that your dog will have a complete daily teeth and mouth clean experience with these dental sticks.


Reviewers mention that these treats are fresh and clean smelling, and that they leave their dogs’ mouths feeling and looking better.

15. Arm & Hammer Dental Advanced Care Dental Mints

Dental mints that use baking soda to clean your dog’s teeth and mouth effectively

  • Infused with baking soda and peppermint
  • Savory chicken flavor for great taste
  • Trusted brand for over 100 years

Shop Now at:

If your dog is having some pretty bad breath lately, this dog breath mint from Arm & Hammer should do the trick. They are formulated with baking soda and peppermint and work to clean teeth while reducing odors, and the savory chicken flavor is sure to leave them satisfied.

The crunchy exterior and soft interior of these treats for dogs with bad breath work together to reduce plaque and tartar to leave your dog’s teeth whiter, cleaner and their breath smelling fresher so you’ll never have to hold your nose while accepting their kisses again.


The reviews on this product are mixed, with some saying that their dogs love the minty flavor of these treats, while some say it actually makes dog’s breath worse than before.

16. Arm & Hammer Dental Twisters Fresh Breath

Twisty shape dental treats with ridges that clean effectively while chewing

  • Twist shape to reach all areas of teeth, mouth and gums
  • Ridges scrub away plaque and tartar while chewing
  • Mint and baking soda formulation for complete mouth clean

Shop Now at:

These dental twisters help to keep your dog’s dental hygiene in tip-tip condition, thanks to their unique shape that scrubs away any plaque or tartar buildup while your dog chews. The fresh minty flavor leaves your dog with a fresh smelling breath and the world famous Arm & Hammer baking soda is infused into these treats to help kill bacteria that causes bad breath, and penetrates hard to reach places to clean even deeper in the mouth and gums.


Reviewers have left positive comments on these twisters, saying that it really helps with eliminating bad breath and tartar buildup. However, one reviewer left a comment stating that it was too hard for their chihuahua’s teeth.

17. Fruitables BioActive Fresh Mouth Grain-Free Treats For Dogs With Bad Breath

Easily digestible dental treats with scrub texture to clean and polish your dog’s teeth

  • Easy to digest
  • All natural ingredients to fight odor and keep teeth strong
  • Firm yet soft texture for cleaning, scrubbing and polishing of teeth

Shop Now at:

Some dogs may feel stress when their teeth are being cleaned with a toothbrush – and we all know that dental health for canines is important. This is why the Fruitables BioActive Fresh Mouth dog treats allows you to keep your dogs oral health in 100% condition with less brushing and the stress involved.

The scrub texture on these treats for dogs with bad breath are designed to scrub and polish the teeth as they are chewed, and it is formulated with decaffeinated green tea and parsley as odor-fighting ingredients to help prevent bad breath. Organic Icelandic kelp and Calcium keeps your canine companion’s teeth strong and it is full of natural fibers to make it easily digestible. 


Reviewers have left mostly positive comments on this product, focusing on the healthy ingredients and cleaning power of these chews against plaque and tartar buildup on dog’s teeth.

18. Arm & Hammer Dental Smilies Tartar Control Treats For Dogs With Bad Breath

Easy to digest treats with semi-soft texture that cleans plaque effectively

  • Highly digestible for pups with sensitive tummies
  • Baking soda and mint combination to freshen breath and clean teeth
  • Semi-soft texture to clean plaque effectively

Shop Now at:

These Arm & Hammer dental similes dog chews will help your pup to maintain dental health thanks to the scrubbing action provided by the semi-soft texture found on these treats. The Arm & Hammer baking soda and mint infusion works together in these brush shaped treats when chewed to surround the tooth up the gum line and remove plaque and tartar while scrubbing any loose plaque or tartar residue at the same time.

They can be used daily as well, and they are easy to digest, which makes it perfect for pups with sensitive tummies. And if your dog or pup has bad breath after vomiting – these treats will do just the trick to combat the odors.


The many positive reviews left on these dental chews state that dogs love the flavor and consistency, and their owners love the fresh breath smell it leaves in their dog’s mouths.

19. Blue Ridge Naturals Dental Jerky Dental Treats For Dogs With Bad Breath

Chicken jerky flavored dental dog treats that are suitable for sensitive tummies

  • Highly digestible for pups with sensitive tummies
  • Baking soda and mint combination to freshen breath and clean teeth
  • Semi-soft texture to clean plaque effectively

Shop Now at:

Dogs are truly man’s best friend. But when it comes down to it, jerky is a dog’s true best friend – just try waving around a stick of jerky in front of your pup and watch his eyes follow your jerky like a hawk. These Blue Ridge Naturals Dental Jerky Dog Treats provide a fun chew experience while efficiently cleaning their teeth at the same time.

These treats for dogs with bad breath feature smoky real chicken flavor is sure to satisfy your dog’s tastebuds, while freshening your dog’s breath by reducing tartar and plaque buildup. They are made with 100% natural ingredients and are great for dogs of all sizes and ages.


There are a handful of bad reviews on this product, but the comments have been mostly positive on this dental jerky and its effective teeth cleaning power.

20. Dingo Dental Bones Dental Treats For Dogs With Bad Breath

Dental dog treats made of natural rawhide and real meat, with parsley seed to freshen your dog’s breath

  • Made with high quality ingredients
  • Parsley seed as natural breath fresheners
  • Made of rawhide and real meat

Shop Now at:

These Dingo Dental Bones Dog Treats are made out of delicious rawhide, and wrapped around real meat that is completely satisfying for your dog or pup – all while reducing tartar and plaque buildup, freshening breath and maintaining gum health even in hard to reach areas of the mouth. Effective and full of flavor, these breath bones for dogs are a complete oral care solution in one treat, and includes parsley seed as a natural breath freshener, while the real delicious chicken middle makes it palatable for your dog or pup.


The reviews on these dental dog treats are overwhelmingly positive, and dogs just seem to love their taste and consistency according to their owners.

Which treats for dogs with bad breath is best?

dog bad breath remedies

The Greenies Regular Dental Dog Treats are great for those who want overall dental health treats for dogs with bad breath. The texture and flavor of these treats will leave your dog’s teeth looking and smelling great and healthy – plus, the many positive reviews on this product don’t lie.

For a more tougher clean, the Arm & Hammer Dental Twisters Fresh Breath contains baking soda and mint to do a full cleaning experience on your dog’s teeth, leaving them healthy and your pup feeling happy.

If you’re looking for flexible, soft yet effective cleaning for your dog’s teeth and mouth, the Milk-Bone Original Brushing Chews have a unique texture that cleans thoroughly without being too tough on the chew.

The Fruitables BioActive Fresh Mouth Grain-Free dental treats are a stress free way to introduce a dental health regime in your dog’s everyday life and because they are easily digestible, they are great for those with sensitive tummies.

What can I give my dog for bad breath at home?

bad breath cure

Some natural home bad breath remedies for bad breath in dogs include carrots – the beta carotene combats the bad breath causing bacteria in the mouth, in lieu of brushing. Other remedies include Coconut oil, parsley, water and cinnamon powder which effectively reduces odor causing elements in the mouth.

Is bad breath in dogs a sign of illness?

In most cases, dental problems are just the cause of bad breath in dogs. However, in some instances bad breath can be a symptom of a serious underlying health condition, including conditions like diabetes, kidney disease and liver problems. For a more detailed explanation, this article should give you all the information you need.

How can I freshen my dog’s breath without brushing?

dog breath mint bad breath killers

You can do a few things. Firstly, sprinkling cinnamon powder on your dog’s food will freshen their breath as they eat. Coconut oil, when incorporated into your dog’s diet, will reduce bad odors from the mouth, as well as parsley. If all else fails, water can do the trick just fine – unrestricted access to clean, fresh water will produce a moist mouth which will keep odor causing bacteria at bay in dogs. Introducing treats for dogs with bad breath remains the simplest way to freshen your dog’s breath without brushing.

Apart from their oral hygiene, washing their coat of fur with shampoos for dogs with sensitive skin, and using zero waste dog products are just part of the hygiene and sustainability routine that eco-friendly pet owners should follow. As a part of your home cleaning routine as well, waterproof dog bed covers and reusable lint rollers for dogs hair are useful tools to help keep your home premises clean and overall hygiene levels high to give them the best quality of life.

Can stomach issues cause bad breath in dogs?

fresh breath dog treats dental sticks

Stomach problems may be responsible for bad breath, as cancers and metabolic disorders cause a distinctive odor because of the chemicals they produce. Things like reflux of stomach acids in GERD may also cause bad breath in dogs as well.

My Favorite Treats For Bad Breath

The Greenies Regular Dental Dog Treats are a great choice to start with – these treats for dogs with bad breath are delicious tried and tested favorites and for good reason.

The unique texture and consistency of these dental sticks scrub, lift and clean away tartar and plaque all the way up to the gum line, freshening your dog’s breath with natural odor beating ingredients as well. Made from all-natural ingredients and formulated with vitamins and minerals, they are suitable for all kinds of breeds and ages of dogs, and according to the overwhelmingly positive reviews, your dog is sure to love them at first bite.

dog dental chews vet recommended

Keeping your canine companion’s oral health in tiptop condition is an important routine, as your dog’s overall health is more or less indirectly tied to its oral health. There is something to be said about periodontal disease being the number one cause of issues in dogs and is the most common illness that is treated in the veterinary world.

In this case, prevention is always better than cure, and by preventing any build up of plaque, tartar or odor causing bacteria in your dog’s mouth and teeth, you are ensuring that they live a happier, healthier life for the many years to come.

However, in most cases – trying to clean the teeth of your dog can be an absolute struggle. They won’t let you get anywhere near their teeth without thrashing about and vocally letting you know that they’re uncomfortable. You may find it hard to prepare bad breath remedies at home, and are only looking for natural treats for dogs.

dog dental treats

This is when you need to bust out the secret weapon – dog dental treats, or dental chews. Dogs love these great tasting treats and while they satisfy their natural urge to chew, the texture of these treats for dogs with bad breath as they rub along the entire mouth dislodges any small particles from gums, bone and teeth to leave a clean mouth feel for your dog.

And while your dog chews on his or her doggie breath freshener, it removes any bad breath smells that your dog may be suffering from.


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