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Eco Friendly Pens: 11 Plastic-Free Zero-Waste Alternatives

We use pens every day, to jot down notes, our thoughts, or create a to-do-lists so why not use an eco-friendly pen? Pens are not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about sustainability but the reality is when your pen runs out of ink you’re likely to throw it out.

environment friendly pens

After researching eco-friendly pens, my personal favorite is definitely the Simply Genius Eco-Friendly Pen. This pen is my favorite because not only does it come in a pack of 100 but it’s also biodegradable, refillable, long-lasting and great for everyday use. 

Disclaimer: We only recommend products we truly believe in and we might earn a commission for purchases made through links in this post.

The Most Popular Eco-Friendly Pens Brands

Below is a list of my top 5 eco-friendly pen brands. All of them are sustainable pens, with different benefits.  So any choice you make from the brands below will be eco-friendly, you just have to find out the one best to suit your needs.


Eco-friendly pens made to last


Pens are Made from Recycled Bottles


100% Handcrafted Bamboo Material


Made from 100% Recycled Materials, Completely Non-Toxic


Plants from Pencils/Pens

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Did you know?

The problem is traditional pens are not recyclable. A traditional pen contains various metals, plastics, and chemicals so it can’t be recycled.

In America, over 1.6 billion disposable pens are thrown in the bin contributing to 25 trillion pieces of plastic littering the ocean!

Evidently, we need to reduce the amount of pens we use and stop throwing harmful chemicals into the environment. Eco-friendly designs are the best way to contribute to sustainability.

11 Best Eco-Friendly Pens

I gathered a list of 11 sustainable pens and pencil that will help you contribute to sustainability.

1. BIC Ecolutions Ballpoint Pen

Works Straight Out of the Box

  • 50 in a pack
  • Made 74% recycled material
  • Medium ballpoint
  • Writes first time, every time

Created by BIC, the brand famous for designing affordable pens, these eco-friendly pen are a great alternative to traditional pens. They’re made of 74% recycled material and a great option for consumers who are environmentally conscious and need a dependable performance. However once the ink runs out you need to check with your local authority to see if it can be recycled.


Generally, reviewers enjoy this pen because it’s light-weight, writes smooth and is made from recycled materials. Many reviewers said normally pens don’t work straight out of the box so were happy that this pen worked straight away. However, a few reviewers stated that the pens were made cheaply made and stopped working after a while.

2. LUXUN Wordsworth Fountain Pen

100% Handcrafted Bamboo Material

  • Made with 100% Bamboo
  • Includes refillable ink converter
  • No spill and consistent flow of ink
  • Packaged in an eco-friendly bamboo case

This handcrafted eco-friendly fountain pen by Luxun, is not only made from 100% bamboo but includes refillable ink converter therefore is considered a pen for life. This pen is tested for both balance and no-spill guaranteeing a consistent flow of ink. The packaging is also crafted from eco-friendly bamboo material. For personal use or a gift, sustainability and craftsmanship are evidently important factors throughout the design.


Majority of the reviewers are extremely happy with the elegance of the design. The design displays true craftsmanship along with great performance. One reviewer mentioned the pen was easy to grip and a smooth write. A few reviewers were unsure why the ink cartridges had to be bought separately however Wordsworth and Black stated this is for safety reasons.

3. Explormate Fountain Pen – Handcrafted Bamboo Set

The Perfect Sustainable Gift

  • Bamboo material
  • Accepts universal ink cartridges
  • Includes an eco-friendly packaging

These bamboo fountain pens by Explormate, have a balanced and no-spill design. Crafted from bamboo with a stainless-steel German-made fine nib, this sustainable pen is perfect for journaling and calligraphy. This product is built with an efficient ink refill converter so accepts universal ink cartridges, therefore cartridges can be bought from any provider. To finish, it’s packaged in an eco-friendly bamboo desktop case.

Plus, if you’re new to journaling like myself this product even comes with a FREE ebook.


Many reviewers are satisfied with the quality of the product for such an affordable price. Majority of the reviewers have received this pen as a gift and liked it so much that they’ve bought this pen for others. However, some reviewers were disappointed that the ink is sold separately.

4. Simply Genius Eco-Friendly Pens

Eco-friendly pens made to last

  • 100 in a pack
  • Made with recycled
  • Biodegradable
  • Long-lasting and durable

These smooth writing and fast-drying eco-friendly pens by simply Genius, are durable and made to last. The ballpoint pens are made with ABS plastic (plastics that can be recycled), half wheat stalk, therefore, minimizing the use of plastic. The closure design is retractable therefore ink can be refilled.  These pens are in a pack of 100 offering a variety of colors including blue, green, pink, white, yellow, and black.


Reviewers enjoy these pens as they are strong, good for the environment and great value. Overall, reviewers were genuinely surprised at how strong the pens are. However, one valid point from one reviewer, unfortunately the pens were wrapped in plastic (unknown if this is recyclable plastic).

5. Eco Pen Eco-friendly Pen Set Made from Biodegradable Materials

Made from 100% Recycled Materials, Completely Non-Toxic

  • 2 in a pack
  • 100% recycled plastic and cardboard
  • Arrives in a recyclable tube

Made from 100% recycled plastic and cardboard, these pens by Eco-Pen, are biodegradable, completely safe and non-toxic. These eco-friendly pens are smooth and quick-drying so perfect for not only writing but drawing too. The sustainable pens are also packaged in an eco-friendly barrel that you can decorate.


The reviews are mostly positive and acknowledge that the pens are light-weight and durable. Many mention that the eco-friendly pens write smoothly and great for the environment. One reviewer mentioned that even the barrel can be composted.

6. PILOT B2P – Bottle to Pen

Pens are Made from Recycled Bottles

  • 5 pack
  • Made from 86% recyclable bottles
  • smear-resistant ballpoint inks
  • Available in blue, black and green

This eco-friendly ballpoint pen by PILOT B2P, is made from 86% post-consume recyclable bottles and includes smear-resistant ballpoint refillable inks, therefore long-lasting. The pen includes a latex-free rubber grip design for an easy holding experience. These pens are available in a variety of colors including blue, black, red, green and purple


Overall the reviews are positive as the ecofriendly pen provides a smooth, precise writing experience. However, it can’t be ignored that many reviewers prefer a 1 mm point for writing and this particular variation is a 0.7mm therefore a please expect a finer writing execution.

7. Eco Pen Club Eco-friendly Recycled Pens

Made from BiBlendodegradable and Recyclable Materials

  • 10 in a pack
  • Smudge and smear-free
  • Made from recyclable, eco, biodegradable and sustainable materials
  • Quick-drying ink

These smooth writing, quick-dry eco-friendly pens by Eco Pen Club, are made from biodegradable and sustainable materials. The pens are durable and can be used for office supplies, business, and travel. Arrives in cardboard packaging that can only be composted when the ink holder is taken out. Available in black and blue ink.


Positive reviews as the pens are designed to glide nicely and dry quickly so no smears or smudges. One reviewer mentioned that these pens have a comfortable grip and are a great eco-friendly alternative to traditional pens.

8. Starsource – Medium Point Rollerball eco friendly pens

Kraft Paper Barrel Writing Pens

  • 10 in a pack
  • Refillable ink 
  • Quick-dry, no fading or smudging

These pens by Starsource, are made with eco-friendly barrels and includes a refillable converter. This pen is high performance with quick-dry ink designed for no smudging or bleed throughout your writing experience. Ideal for writing and take down notes. Yet, it’s difficult to know whether the pen can be composted or recycled.


Overall the reviews are positive and great for daily writing however it’s hard to ignore that some reviewers mentioned the ink dries up fast and the pen arrived in layers of plastic sheets.

9. Wordsworth and Black’s Luxury Wooden Bamboo Fountain Pen

Luxury Wooden Bamboo Fountain Pen

  • Sleek and classic design
  • No-spill technology
  • Luxury, hand-crafted pen

Another one of Wordsworth and Black’s, long-lasting fountain pens made with pure craftsmanship. This fountain pen is designed for ultimate writing experience with a German Iridium nib and delicate weight to suit right and left handed writers. Includes no-spill technology ideal for calligraphy and lots more.


Most reviewers loved the pen’s classic and elegant look. Reviewers also accepted that ink cartridges are bought separately. However, some reviewers experienced some difficulty with the converter and ink flow.

10. Tree Smart Recycled Newspaper eco friendly pens

Completely Tree Free

  • 24 in a pack
  • Made from 100% recyclable newspaper
  • Sharpens well

The Tree Smart eco-friendly pencils, are made tightly rolled from torn strips of 100% recycled newspaper to create the perfect sustainable pen. The pencil can be easily sharpened and writes smooth and consistent. There are 12 pencils per tube therefore great for office and school supplies.


Reviewers thought that the recycled pencils were more expensive than other recyclable pencils on the market however great value for the money and cause. Some reviewers were disappointed that the packs arrived in non-recyclable plastic packaging which effected the overall experience.

11. Blend-Divine Plantable Pencils

Plants from Pencils/Pens

  • 11 in a pack
  • Made from Non-toxic recyclable newspaper
  • Grow plants from the pencils
  • Pens and pencils included

Biodegradable, non-toxic Blend-Divine pencils and pens, made from recycled newsprint paper in a round recycled kraft paper box. The pencils come in a variety of shades using non-toxic edible colors. With selected pencils, when the stub is left you can then plant your pencil and watch it grow, yes watch it grow! Both the pens anc pencil come with eco-friendly capsules with seeds where you can grow plants.


There are limited reviews however the reaction is positive as these eco-friendly pencils encourage sustainability and reduces waste.

Different types of sustainable pens

environmentally friendly pens

There are two types of pens on the market, refillable which is also known to be a pen for life and disposable pens that are either non-recyclable or recyclable. These are important factors to consider when choosing the right eco-friendly pen. Refillable pens are better for the environment as they can stay with you for life and only the ink needs to be replaced.

This article summarizes all the best eco-friendly pens on the market. All are sustainable pens but as mentioned above eco-friendly pens have a variety of different benefits, please read on to find out.

eco friendly pens

My final thoughts

Overall, working out the best pen for you can be very confusing. There is lots of option; some pens pretty much say what it is on the tin but some have to dig deep for more information. When considering what to buy you need to consider the main factors, why you want to choose sustainability. Some reasons may be:

  • To stop harmful plastic ad chemicals going into the environment
  • To slow down plastic production
  • To find a quality long-lasting pen with a great writing experience

Considering all the above points my favorite eco-friendly pen still is  Simply Genius Medium Point Black Ink Click Pen. Not only do you receive 100 pens they are all made

from recyclable materials and are refillable; so technically the whole family doesn’t have to think about buying a new pen for the rest of their lives!

Eco friendly pens – Additional resources

zero waste pens

I hope my guide provided you with sufficient information about eco-friendly pens, so you can choose appropriately. Remember most items in our household can be replaced with eco-friendly and sustainable products so check out our Eco-Friendly products, a knowledge base for practicing an efficient green lifestyle.

Knowledge is power; so share this information with your friends and family.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please let me know about it in the comment section.

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