24 Eco Friendly Hangers For Clothes (Zero Waste, Plastic Free)

Eco-friendly hangers for clothes should be plastic-free and made of natural materials but they should also be sustainable and durable so they can last in the closet for years. I gathered a list of 15 environmental zero-waste hangers you can use without feeling bad for the environment.

plastic free hangers

My personal favorite eco-friendly hangers are the Topline classic eco-friendly hangers. They are 100% natural and eco friendly, and I find their design to be both practical and beautiful.

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Top 5 Eco friendly hangers

The problem with plastic hangers

Most plastic hangers are not made of one type of plastic, but a mix of different plastics. Which makes it hard to recycle them. You can find ways to reuse them, but the truth is that a good amount of them will inevitably end up in landfills or in our oceans.

Plastic hangers aren’t long-lasting either. They don’t hold up heavy clothes as well as wooden ones do. All it takes is bulking two or three layers of clothes on these hangers, and they snap.

Plastic hangers are not eco-friendly, and they’re not exactly a good long-term investment. But luckily, there are many natural alternatives to plastic hangers that look better and last longer in your clothes rack.

24 Best Plastic Free Eco-Friendly Hangers

1. Topline classic eco-friendly hangers

Comes in an eco-friendly cardboard package

  • 20 Pack
  • Made from sustainable Hevea wood
  • 360-degree hook
  • Chip-resistant

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These hangers by Topline are a great eco-friendly alternative. They’re made of Hevea wood (Rubberwood) which is considered very eco-friendly (due to the fact it’s taken from plantation trees that have already been used once before) but they also come in an eco-friendly cardboard package, they have non-slip notches and they have a 360-Degree Hook.


Reviewers love this sleek, chip-resistant hanger. Solid and sturdy, these are great hangers for coats. One reviewer noted that these hangers are perfect for jackets, and you can easily double up clothes on the same hanger.

2. Neaties bamboo eco friendly hangers

Lightweight but strong bamboo hangers

  • 12 pack
  • Made of 100% bamboo
  • 360-degree hook
  • Maximum weight capacity is 10 pounds

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These slim hangers by Neaties are designed to save room in your closet. You’ll immediately notice how lightweight they are. But don’t be fooled, they can handle heavy-duty, the hook is anti-rust and can swivel 360 Degrees.

Neaties hangers are made of 100% grade-A bamboo. When talking about eco-friendly materials bamboo is on top of the list since it’s one of the fastest-growing plants on earth. In fact, it self-regenerates every 5 years. Made of high-grade 100% bamboo, you can consider these hangers an eco-friendly option.


Bamboo hangers aren’t exactly common. A lot of customers couldn’t find bamboo hangers in local shops and claimed these hangers are pricey compared to regular wood hangers. Other than that people were happy with this product. So if you don’t mind spending the extra bucks, then this is a good option.

3. Koobay eco paper cardboard hangers

Made of recycled cardboard, compostable

  • 50 Pack
  • Made of paper cardboard
  • Can hold up heavy jackets

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Made of high-quality paper cardboard, Koobay Eco Paper hangers are bio-degradable. Koobay Eco Paper hangers are made from recycled materials that can be easily recycled again. The design is plain and basic, but it gets the job done.


Super slim, these compostable cardboard hangers will save much-needed space in your closet. One user said these sturdy hangers can easily handle heavy jackets and that shirts don’t slide off.

4. Jetdio metal hanger with anti-slip rubber coating

Lightweight and durable but not the most eco-friendly hangers

  • 30 pack
  • Has anti-slip rubber coating
  • Lightweight
  • Heavy-duty; lifetime performance

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The materials Jetdio metal hangers are made of sustainable materials. But while wire might be reusable, it is not easily recyclable. These hangers are also covered in rubber, which isn’t the most eco-friendly material you can find. Jetdio metal hangers are a great solution if you’re a fan of metal hangers.

But it’s hard to ignore how practical they are for your closet. Jetdio metal hangers are lightweight, so they won’t overcrowd your closet.


One reviewer praised the soft vinyl covering and said is very gentle on your clothes, and they are definitely non-slip.

That’s another thing you should mind. This anti-slippage feature can backfire, as some users have struggled in getting their clothes off of these hangers.

5. TOPIA American red cedar eco friendly hangers

Made of eco-friendly wood harvested from renewable forests

  • Made of cedar wood
  • Features 360-degree swivel hook
  • Chemical-free

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TOPIA hangers are made of high-grade cedar, which is a popular eco-friendly wood. While it TOPIA hangers are not easily recycled, it’s reusable. This wood is also harvested from renewable forests, so you don’t have to worry about the source.


It seems like these fragrant hangers can break if you keep pushing the maximum weight capacity. One buyer noted that the hook came off with a very small load. So they’re durable, as long as you keep those heavy garments to a minimum.

6. JS HANGER clothes hangers with soft non-slip stripes

Stylish + Anti-slip

  • 10 Pack
  • Made of high-grade wood
  • Features 360-degree swivel hook
  • Space-efficient

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JS HANGER clothes hangers are made of eco-friendly wood and they have a glossy finish and beautiful design. One thing I really loved is the rubber teeth strips on the hanger’s shoulders to you that even loose shirts won’t slip off the hanger.


While JS HANGER clothes hanger are more space-efficient than other hangers, some reviewers thought that the hanger itself is a bit thick for normal clothing.

7. SONGMICS eco-friendly hangers

Swivel hook and hanger bar

  • 20 Pack
  • Made of solid wood
  • Features 360-degree swivel hook
  • Non-slip

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With its dark walnut color and sleek finish, SONGMICS eco-friendly hangers are one of the most stylish hangers we have on the list.

Another great advantage SONGMICS eco-friendly hangers have is the hanging bar. It’s great for pants and skirts. Most hanger bars would happily let your pants slip into a heap on the floor, but this hanger will hold it up easily.

Some reviewers mentioned that the paint is a little rough and that the hangers are not particularly smooth. If you have delicate clothes – It’s something to consider.

8. High-Grade wooden suit hangers

High grade Lotus wood hangers for suits

  • 20 Pack
  • Made of premium Lotus wood
  • Has a non-slip pants bar
  • Has a 360-degree swivel hook

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High-Grade hangers are made from Lotus wood, which is farmed sustainably. The non-slip pants bar is a great feature. It’s covered in nylon and designed to keep a non-slip grip. And most importantly, it doesn’t crease clothes.


Reviews on this product are very positive. One buyer claimed, these hangers are made of smooth wood, with no snags. These green hangers are definitely worthy of your consideration.

9. AMKUFO wooden hangers

Eucalyptus wood – very durable

  • 24 pack
  • Made of eucalyptus wood
  • Arrives with 24 free hanger connector hooks
  • Has a 360-degree swivel hook

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AMKUFO wooden hangers are made of eucalyptus wood. We all know how long it can last in a wet environment, but is it eco-friendly? Well, it’s relative. Compared to teak, this is an eco-conscious choice. But on the other hand, when you compare it to bamboo it’s less eco-friendly.

AMKUFO wooden hangers. The splinter-free finish is glossy, and you shouldn’t expect anything to rub your clothes. One buyer noted the hangers are very strong and that you can easily store heavy pants on these hangers.

10. Elong Home Solid wooden hangers

Solid rubber wood and painted by Eco-friendly varnish

  • 20 Pack
  • Made of natural rubberwood
  • Features a 360-degree swivel chrome hook
  • Sturdy, ergonomic design

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Elong Home Solid wooden hangers are made of solid rubberwood and painted by eco-friendly varnish that will last for a long time. Elong Home has eco-friendly certifications like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), so you shouldn’t worry too much.


Some reviewers claimed they had issues with clothes snagging. But these are mostly quality control issues, so you might get lucky and end up with a great batch. One buyer said the quality is super good, The surface is smooth and the hanger is light weight.

11. Wild in Bloom baby hangers

Baby clothes hangers

  • 5 Pack
  • Handmade bamboo/Natural rattan
  • Ideal for children’s clothes
  • Good for decorative hanging

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The thing that you’ll notice immediately about Wild in Bloom’s non-plastic clothes hangers is the distinctive design. It can lend a decorative flair to your child’s closet. Each hanger is handmade, so each hanger’s design is a little different and a little more unique than the one before.


Buyers seem to love these hangers but wish they were more affordable. These hangers don’t have a 360-degree hook. Though, they make up for it in being strong, great hangers for clothes. One customer noted that they held up baby coats with absolutely no trouble.

12. Elong Home solid cedar eco-friendly hangers

the natural aromatic cedar scent can protect your clothes

  • 12 Pack
  • Made from natural cedar
  • Features a 360-degree swivel hook
  • Durable construction

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Another eco-friendly product by Elong home, only this time the hangers are made of cedar. Fun fact: the natural aromatic cedar scent can protect your clothes. To refresh this scent, you can sand your hangers every once in a while. It’ll look and smell brand new.

With their elegant frame and red undertones, Elong home hangers look like they were pulled out from a high-end store. They perform like it too. The ergonomic design will definitely help keep your clothes safe and intact.

13. Albie Wood Non-Slip Hangers by Rebrilliant

Perfect for every kind of garment

  • Set of 30
  • Made with lotus wood
  • Fair-Trade certified

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The Albie Wood Non-Slip Hanger is a sustainable hanger kit that includes a selection of natural wood, eco-friendly hangers for pants, and suits but can also accommodate all types of garments. In this 30 pack, there is an array of hangers with different sized hangers. The Albie Wood Non-Slip Hanger is designed to save space for heavy-duty garments like blazers, uniforms, coats, and your every-day clothing. These hangers are created with non-slip qualities for different types of clothing.


All reviews were rated an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars, reviews were from over-satisfied customers, as they described the hangers as sturdy, sophisticated, and in great quality. Many mentioned it was a great way to organize their closet keeping it neat and tidy.

14. Bamboo Hanger with Clips by Rebrilliant (Set of 10)

A great sustainable alternative to hardwood

  • 10 in a pack
  • Heavy duty
  • Includes an anti-stain

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The Bamboo Hangers are well-constructed, durable, and made with sustainable, biodegradable material. The design is in a streamline flat design made to organize your closet to save you some space. Created with resilient, strong bamboo wood with a European ball and swivel hook in polished chrome, the bamboo hangers are made to last a lifetime. These 10 bamboo hangers also include anti-stain cushion clips to hold your clothing in position and coated with high gloss to prevent splintering.


Although these bamboo hangers seem like the ideal eco-friendly product with a sleek and smooth exterior, some reviewers mentioned the clips to hang garments are not as strong and durable as expected.

15. Destin High-Grade Wide Shoulder Wood Non-Slip Hangers

High-quality hangers, crafted of fine-quality lotus wood

  • 12 in pack
  • High-grade wide shoulder shape
  • Made from fine-quality lotus wood
  • Heavy-duty suit hanger feature

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The Destin Hanger is available in three different colors, beige, brown, and cherry, and come in a set of 12. 

The Destin Hanger is a high-grade hanger that provides structure and support for your suits, uniforms, and jackets to prevent sagging and stretching. Crafted with lotus wood, which is an eco-friendly, sustainable material. The Destin Hangers have been designed with an inward curving shape that evenly distributes the garment’s weight to maintain your clothes’ original shape. This is a perfect eco-friendly coat hanger. Additional features include a 360-degree swivel stainless steel hook and pants bar with a fitted grooved non-slip rubber tube.


Many customers loved using these hangers for their suits and coats. The reviews also mentioned that the hanger shape and wide design helps coats and heavy items stay in great condition and prevent clothes from creasing.

16. Cedar Hanger with Hanging Clips on Crossbar (Set of 4)

Natural red cedar that freshens and protects against moisture and pests

  • Set of 4
  • Heavy-duty polished chrome hook
  • Sources from renewable Cedar Wood
  • Protects against pests

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The Cedar Hanger is a 100% natural red cedar that protects against moisture and pests. This hanger is eco-friendly and has been harvested from renewable and natural resources.

The Cedar Hanger has a classic shape for shirts and includes a metal crossbar with clips to hang skirts and trousers. The wooden hanger is perfect for sets and suits as the clips hold your clothing creating a neat and tidy closet. The Cedar Hanger includes notches for clothing straps and strong metal clips. As soon as you open your closet filled with the Cedar hanger there is a scent of Cedar. Plus, the manufacturer provides a one-year warranty.


The majority of the reviews were positive, and many commented on the great quality, smooth sanding, and nice clips. Generally, customers love the Cedar smells and said that they are excellent quality hangers and received exactly what was advertised.

17. Codman High-Grade Suit and Skirt Hangers

Best hangers for suits

  • Set of 10 or 20
  • Heavy-duty hangers with clips
  • Dark brown, cherry, and light brown
  • 2 precisely cut shoulder notches

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These wood hangers by Codman are an all-in-one solution. These can hold suits, coats, skirts, pants, and T-shirts without any efforts. The 2 precisely cut shoulder notches will prevent clothes from slipping and the clips will handle gentle fabrics perfectly.

These hangers by Codman are also space and time saving. The hook on top is a 360° Swivel – making it easy and convenient to pull a hanger out of the closet. Also the strong chrome-plated clips with the rubber grip ensure that clothes never fall.

Most importantly these hangers are long-lasting and made of natural, eco-friendly materials. So that even once you don’t need them any more you know they will biodegrade.


The reviews for these hangers are all positive. Reviewers seem to appreciate the Swivel hook and the legancy of the hangers.

18. Rounded Wooden Pant Hanger with Adjustable Cushion Clips

Great hangers for pants and skirts

  • 25 in pack
  • 360-degree swivel hook
  • strong and sturdy hardwood

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The Rounded Wooden Pant Hanger with adjustable cushion clips are beautiful, rich dark wood, and natural. These hangers include adjustable, clear, anti-stain cushions to firmly hold your garments. Not only are the hangers ideal for your every-day clothes but are great for heavy-duty pants. The hangers also include 360-degree swivel hooks to ensure they are neatly in your closet. These wooden hangers are perfect for skirts and pants.


Scoring an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars, overall many customers enjoyed using the Rounded Wooden Pant Hanger as the majority of the customers commented on how sturdy, strong, and good quality the hangers are. Ultimately, the perfect eco-friendly hangers for skirts and pants.  However, one or two customers mentioned some of the hangers were chipped and peeling at the clips.

19. Honey Can Do Wood Hangers

Eco-friendly hangers that will keep your clothes from slipping

  • 10 in pack
  • Non-slip bar
  • Heavy-duty construction

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This set of Wood Hangers by Honey Can Do are perfect for your every-day clothing including blouses, blazers, and dresses. These slender and shaped eco-friendly hangers also include pant clips to prevent your garments from slipping off. Created for all items but specially shaped for coats, suits, and shirts. The Wood Hangers are eco-friendly and a great plastic-free alternative.


The majority of the reviews are positive. Many of the customers use the hangers for heavier items such as coats and suits. Although a couple of customers thought the quality was cheap, overall many customers believe this wooden hanger is light-weight but sturdy.

Rowland Wood Non-Slip Hanger

Read Consumer Reviews

Adds the atmosphere of luxury and fashion to your closet

  • Set of 20
  • 100% solid hardwood
  • Flat body design
  • 360 Rotating hooks with 360 anti-rust swivel

Shop Now at:

The Rowland Wood Non-Slip Hanger is crafted with 100% solid dark hardwood (biodegradable) and coated with a gloss, theses hangers add luxury to your closet. Designed in a flat shape to ensure your clothes maintain their original shape and style. Special features include perfectly cut notches for shoulder straps and a rounded pants bar with a grooved plastic cover preventing your clothes from slipping off.


Many of the customer’s comments on the high-quality and strength of the hangers to hold heavy items like coats and suits. One customer mentioned that the hooks are too small, however, the overall majority of the customers enjoyed using the hangers. Read more reviews.

20. Combo Wood Hanger by Rebrilliant

High-quality, low-cost set guaranteed to last you a lifetime

  • Set of 25
  • Sturdy and strong
  • Streamline flat design

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The combo wood eco-friendly hangers for skirts, pants, and sweaters are created in a streamline flat design to save space and keep your closet neat and tidy. Produced from strong sturdy hardwood, these wooden hangers also include precision routed notches to hold up clothes with straps. Finished with a double coat of lacquer to prevent splintering and finish with a smooth surface, this high-quality wooden hanger set has been carefully manufactured to last you a lifetime.


These wooden hangers received great reviews. Many customers felt that the hangers complemented their wardrobe and looked great. Some customers mentioned that the combo wood eco-friendly hangers help create space and made their closets look neat and well-organized.

21. Gino Wood Standard Hangers

Engineered a special type of hanger that surpasses the competition in quality, durability, and look

  • Pack of 30
  • Feature 2 precisely cut notches
  • Created from the wood of resilient lotus tree

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The Gino Wood Hanger has been engineered with lotus wood to surpass the competition with high-quality and durability qualities. The Gino Wood high-end eco-friendly hangers are designed to imitate the human shape to prolong the quality of clothing. These eco-friendly hangers are sustainable, strong, and durable to withstand the weight of heavy garments such as coats and suits. The cylindrical pants bar is created to hang and support heavy pants and jeans. These eco-friendly hangers have been smoothed down and coated with clear lacquer for protection and an elegant look.


Customers highly recommended these eco-friendly high-end hangers. Reviews include comments about the great quality and luxury feel. One customer mentioned the hangers are designed well so you can even hang your spaghetti strap dresses and tops.

22. Tristian Wood Non-Slip Standard Hanger

Can withstand heavy clothing such as suits and pants

  • Pack of 40
  • Crafted from wood sourced from the lotus tree
  • Non-slip

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The Tristian Wood Non-Slip Hanger is beautifully crafted wooden and can withstand heavy clothing such as suits and pants. The pants bar is cylindrical to stop creasing and enhances security without fear of the bar collapsing. The grips are made with a nylon covering to prevent the clothing from falling. You can choose from three different colors including light brown to dark brown. The wooden hangers kit includes 40 hangers in different shapes for you and the family to use.


Overall, all customers enjoy using these hangers as they are strong sturdy, and practical for all types of garments. Many of the customers can’t wait to swap their current plastic hangers for these eco-friendly, wooden hangers. Customers were genuinely satisfied with the amount of space within their closet after they started using the hangers.

23. Binegar Wood Non-Slip Standard Hanger

Made of Lotus tree wood

  • Set of 20
  • Premium lotus wood
  • Non-slip

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The Binegar Wood Non-Slip Hanger luxurious clothes hangers are made from exceptional high-quality wood and include a 360-degree chrome hook, a grooved, vinyl covered pant bar. The wooden hanger wood is shaped to imitate a contoured shoulder line to embody the design of heavier garments. The hangers have been finished with coated in a clear lacquer for additional protection and to ensure no splinters. To eliminate creases the pants bar is rounded and covered in clear, grooved vinyl a grip. These elegant hangers are great for gifting to other especial special occasions and weddings.


Overall many of the customers mentioned that the product was just as advertised and excited to swap their existing hangers with the Binegar wooden hangers. Some customers had minor challenges including broken parts however this was only a couple of reviews from over 300 reviews.

24. Deluxe Bamboo Coat Hanger

Semi curved body maintains garment shape

  • Set of 6
  • Heavy-duty polished chrome hook
  • Bamboo wood
  • Non-slip

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This Deluxe Bamboo Coat Hanger is a great plastic-free alternative to hardwood, as bamboo, is a regenerative and biodegradable material. The sustainable coat hangers have a color that is created through a special heating process that cures the natural sugars found in bamboo. This bamboo is high-quality wood and can withstand the weight of everyday wear, shirts, dresses, and sweaters. It is simple to care for bamboo hangers if they become dirty, just wipe clean with a damp cloth. These hangers are not only good for coats but heavy-duty items too. 


Only some reviews on this product, however generally customers felt the hangers are very sturdy and strong for a sustainable coat hanger. Customers mentioned that the hangers are well suited to heavy-duty items, however, some customers said they were concerned that light-weight garments will simply slip off.

The Effect Plastic Hangers Have On the Environment

eco friendly hangers

Would you be surprised if we said that an estimated 8 billion hangers end up in landfills every year? This is because there’s no other way to recycle them.

The thing is these hangers don’t lie harmlessly in landfills. Plastic hangers often contain chemicals that are toxic to the environment. Such chemicals, like polystyrene and polycarbonate, exude bisphenol-A (BPA) and benzene. It’s more than often that these chemicals seep into our groundwater.

Plastic hangers don’t have the best quality either. They’re often flimsy and easily breakable. You need sturdy and good quality hangers for your wardrobe. Well, these plastic hangers aren’t going to hold up your well-tailored suits or dresses for a long time.

Want to know a little secret? These plastic hangers aren’t decomposing any time soon. Plastic and wire hangers aren’t compostable anyway. So yes, they’re bad for you and for the environment.

Types of eco-friendly hangers

eco friendly hangers

Eco-friendly hangers aren’t just durable but are also recyclable. Here are some natural alternatives to plastic hangers:

Wood Hangers

The inclusion of wood hangers might make you a little skeptical. Wood is reusable, but not recyclable.

When you’re looking for eco-friendly wood, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) -certified tree plantations wood is your best choice.

Reclaimed wood is a close second, followed by bamboo and cork.

Rattan Hangers

You’ll love how these vegan hangers look inside your closet. They’re completely eco-friendly too. But unfortunately, rattan hangers aren’t very durable. You can expect them to hold a light t-shirt, but forget anything about a heavy luxurious coat.

Rubber-Covered Hangers

You might think, “Rubber? Really?” But rubber-covered hangers are a much more eco-friendly option than plastic hangers. Rubber is a natural material, after all.

Rubber-covered hangers aren’t only natural, but they’re also anti-slippage. They’ll keep your clothes looking sharp and neat.

Sugarcane Hangers

When we say ‘environmental hangers’, you don’t think of sugarcane right away. You’d be surprised to find that they’re 100% biodegradable green hangers.

‘What are they made of?’ Sugarcane hangers are made from an ecological compound. This compound consists of 50% reusable plastic. The other 50% belongs to bagasse fiber.

eco friendly hangers

Are Velvet Hangers Eco-Friendly?

Looking for pre-consumer waste hangers? Velvet hangers will try to deceive you. Here’s the thing: they’re not 100% plastic-free. These hangers are usually covered by a coat of velvet, with an interior body of plastic.

So unlike their name would suggest, these hangers aren’t without plastic. Our verdict? These hangers aren’t 100% eco-friendly. And unless they’re made of biodegradable plastic, then you shouldn’t expect otherwise.

Which Eco Friendly Hangers Is Best for You?

All of these options can be a bit confusing. We get it, so let’s try to narrow things down.

We love the Combo wood hangers by Rebrilliant. It’s completely eco-friendly, too. Sure, it’s a bit on the expensive side. But it has a good value for the money, especially if you want an eco-friendly option that’s both recyclable and reusable.

On the other hand, Destin High-Grade Wide Shoulder Wood Non-Slip Hangers are hard to beat. They’re made from Lotus wood, which is harvested from renewable forests. It’s also aesthetically-pleasing, so if you want to give your wardrobe a high-end store aesthetic this is a great (and eco-friendly!) choice.

My Favorite Eco-friendly hangers

eco friendly hangers

Looking for eco-friendly products and alternatives is hard. So many choices in our daily lives can contribute to the environment, and it’s hard to point out each of them. But you can start small with recycled hangers.

Combo wood hangers by Rebrilliant are a favorite for me. They’re durable, eco-friendly, and space-efficient.

Well, no matter what you choose in the end, one thing’s for certain. Your clothes and the environment will thank you for it.

Last update on 2021-01-26

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