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What To Use Instead Of Paper Towels?

What to use instead of paper towels? It’s a good question.

In fact, there are a few green alternatives you can use instead of the ordinary paper towel and I will present them all here. Though I’m only going to present solutions that I find to be eco friendly, efficient and money Saving.

So here are the solutions followed by a guide to how I choose them.

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Most popular alternatives to paper towels

Nano Towels - Amazing Eco...
Nanolon Fibers
Swedish Dishcloth...
70% Cellulose / 30% Cotton
Bamboo Towels - Heavy...
Seventh Generation Paper...
Recycled paper
Buff Microfiber Cleaning...
Nanolon Fibers

5 Tree-friendly solutions to use instead of paper towels

1. Nano towels

Nano Towels - Amazing Eco...

This microfiber cloth may look like the ordinary kitchen rugs but they have a few qualities that make them much better.

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Nano towels are made of tiny fibers AKA ‘Microfibers’ What’s special about these fibers is their unique ability to absorb a big amount of fluids and drying them off easily when in rest.

Reading the Amazon reviews about nano towels you widely see how many people had stopped using paper towels over this product.

Are nano towels biodegradeable?

The rugs are made from a material called Nanolon.
Nanolon is a non-biodegradable material. it’s basically polymers similar to plastic.

Are Nano towels eco friendly?

Well despite being non-biodegradable. I do consider them an eco-friendly solution to replace paper towels.

  • Nano towels will make you use fewer chemicals
  • They will make you use fewer paper towels
  • They are reusable and last a long time

So, I guess one needs to ask himself what he prefers, a durable nylon product or nonreusable paper towels.

Will Nano towels save you money?

According to the calculations I made in my extended nano towel review the answer is yes. I took what the average American family is spending on paper towels and compared it with the yearly price of Nano towels.

It comes down to Nano towel saving you around $300/year
(Not including the money you will save not using chemicals)

2. Swedish cloths

Swedish Dishcloth...

These towels are a mix of 80% Cellulose (plants fibers) and 20% Cotton. Which adds up to 100% bio-degradable.

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How eco friendly are the Swedish cloths?

According to the Amazon reviews, the Swedish towels are very durable. Many people say one rug can last for a month and you can also put it inside the washing machine or dishwasher when it gets too dirty.

So they are biodegradable and durable, which makes them eco friendly.

Do they clean well?

They clean very well and they are also fast to dry. You can also mix them with an eco friendly cleaning product for better results.

3. Bamboo towels

Bamboo Towels - Heavy...

People say these bamboo towels are just like paper towels only you can use them again and again and just put them in the dryer.

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They are made from bamboo (which is biodegradable) and it’s considered more eco-friendly to use than paper.

Do bamboo towels clean well?

According to the reviews, I read online, people really like them and use them for many cleaning purposes. Like cleaning the floor for example, which you can never do with paper towels.

4. Seventh-generation

Seventh Generation...

This Seventh Generation paper towels are the solution for you if you just can’t see your life without paper towels.

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They are more eco friendly than the regular paper towels because they don’t include bleaching materials and they are made from 100% recycled paper.

But still, they are disposable and can not be recycled.

Some say they absorb less than the original version of the paper towels.

5. Buff microfiber

Buff Microfiber Cleaning...

This rug is similar to the Nano towels but goes for a lower price.

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Buff microfiber are a bit bigger than the Nano towels and they have more fibers per square inch. Which suppose to make them more efficient in absorbing fluids.

But reading the reviews I found that people say these rugs leave black color behind when wet. And the fact they are big is actually inconvenient. So take that under consideration, and maybe consider going with the (a little bit more expensive) Nano towels.

Guide for choosing tree-friendly paper towels

How did I choose the products presented here?

First I was looking at the negative effects that paper towels have on the environment.

Then I was looking for products that don’t have those disadvantages and have a minimum environmental impact themselves.

The negative impact paper towels have on the environment:

  • Paper towels are disposable.
    You use them one time only and you throw them away.
  • The paper is bleached to get that white color.
    Bleaching materials are non-environment friendly materials that cause harm to the environment
  • Like any other paper, they are made of trees.
    The world is currently facing a problem of deforestation and we should be using our wood supply smartly.
  • Regular towels are usually used with cleaning chemicals.
    Most cleaning chemicals are not earth friendly.

This is why I was looking for products to use instead of paper with the following features:

Products that you can at least use for a few months before throwing away

Made from materials that will end up degrading naturally.

Requires Minimum of unnatural cleaning materials
For example, with the nano towels, you can clean with no chemicals at all.

To sum things up, I hope you now know what to use instead of paper towels and that you find a solution you can stick with.

Last update on 2020-09-19

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