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Cheap Containers To Grow Vegetables – Affordable Pots

Container gardening is a great solution for growing vegetables at home, even if they don’t have a garden! You just need a container suitable for vegetables. For that exact reason, we researched and listed the best eco-friendly cheap containers to grow vegetables in.

cheap containers to grow vegetables

The most popular and cheap container to grow vegetables in we found is the 247 Garden’s Grow Bags that are made of fabric.

Disclaimer: We only recommend products we truly believe in and we might earn a commission for purchases made through links in this post.

 Top 4 Cheap Containers To Grow Vegetables


Effective and relatively cheap fabric containers


Affordable containers to grow vegetables in.


Extremely durable, biodegradeable and work well indoors and outdoors.


Stackable planter grow towers are easy and fast to water.

Benefits of growing vegetables in cheap containers

Growing vegetables in containers has a few benefits over traditional vegetable gardening.

  1. Less soil per plant
  2. Fewer weeds so you reduce the use of weed-killers
  3. Your plants are less vulnerable to harmful diseases

Below are 4 cheap containers to grow vegetables in. Choose the one suitable for your needs. Don’t forget to consider the best size for your needs.

4 Cheap Containers To Grow Vegetables

1. 247Garden’s Grow Bags

  • Indoors or outdoors
  • Different sizes
  • Durable fabric
  • Washing machine safe
  • Harsh weather tolerance

247’s fabric grow-bags are very effective and relatively cheap fabric containers to grow your vegetables in.

These fabric grow bags can be used to grow virtually any vegetable. The bags come in a range of sizes from 1-gallon to 100-gallons.

What’s speacial about these gardening containers is their aeration system. That unlike completley sealed containers, allows the roots to breath freely.

One thing to take into account is that these fabric containers are not 100% sealed, and that water might leak from them if you over hydrate. So if you plan to grow veggies indoors, it’s better to place it over some sort of tray to keep the floor dry. Although with careful watering, there shouldn’t be any leaks.

Customer Reviews

One Gardner says he had tried many different products before and that so far he thinks the fabric grow bags are his favorite style of container gardening.

Another reviewer says that she cannot get enough of these “garden pots” Her mother is using it to grow potatoes and says it’s the best quality she saw since the 80’s.

2. Mkono’s Plastic Planters

  • Plenty of drainage holes
  • Attractive minimalistic design
  • Lightweight, eco-friendly material
  • Will fit almost any type of plant

Mkono’s plastic planters are perhaps the most common cheap containers to grow vegetables in.

The advantage of plastic pots is their flexibility when you’re planting or watering the plants. Although Mkono’s plastic planters allow less airy for the roots, they are less vulnerable to wind and heat because of their solid sides, so the soil won’t get dry as often as with fabric pots.

Plastic pots need to have drainage holes in them. Take note that not all of them do and you might be needed to drill some holes at the bottom by yourself. (Don’t worry, this one has a draining hole)

If water remains in the pot and doesn’t drain, your roots will have no air access so they will drown and your plant will die.

You should look into the pot volume depending on what you plan to grow. If you have nothing in mind, go for an average-sized 6.5-inch pot.Should you need something bigger (for tomatoes or cucumbers), you can choose the bigger, 5-gallon, pot. 

Customer Reviews

One of the satisfied buyers says she found the perfect planters. She ordered three of them and wants to buy more. They are such a good value for the money and make planting a fun experience.

Another one says that these are one of the best pots she’s found. The shape is modern and the pot is thicker than those you find at your garden store. She also likes the size and the option of using the plug to catch water drips when used as a container.

3. Classic Home and Garden’s Cement Square Planter

  • Many size variations, from small flower planters to huge, 25-inch, ones
  • Works well with pretty much anything that you intend to plant
  • Made from natural cement, you get the best industrial look in your garden
  • Incredibly durable

Another non-expensive option to consider is these Garden’s cement square planters. They are extremely durable, biodegradable and work well indoors and outdoors.

Stone planters are great because they can really turn your garden into an elegant landscape.

The only downside to the Garden’s cement square planters is that they’re going to be heavy, so you might want to pick a permanent spot for them.

Customer Reviews

One customer says that If you were to tell him that a concrete planter cost $200, he’d serve some ridiculous side-eye, but he’d believe you. So he just wants us to imagine the awe he was in when he found out that those $200-looking pots set him back just around $30.

And another happy buyer says that it’s exactly as pictured. Sturdy. 8″ tall and all cement. It can be used as a planter or outdoor tabletop fireplace if used with Sterno warming candle and some lava rocks which is what she got it for. It would be easy to decorate.

4. Amazing Creation’s Stackable Planter

  • Very easy to water
  • A budget-friendly alternative to the several hundred dollars grow towers
  • The best option for people starting out with gardening

Amazing creation’s stackable planter grow towers are very interesting. I personally like them because of how easy and fast it is to water them.

With Amazing creation’s stackable planter, you can grow a huge amount of l eaves and weeds in a considerably small space, which makes them incredibly practical if you don’t have a big garden.

This planter is humble in size, easy to move around (even indoors!), made with sturdy materials, and is low budget.

It is also very efficient in watering the plants. All that you need to do is pour water on the top tray and watch it drip down to all other compartments of the tower. You should stop pouring water when the last tray starts receiving water.

You can strategically place the plants that need constant sunlight on one side and the shade-loving plants on the other side.

Customer Reviews

One buyer says that she can never resist trying to grow ALL the herbs she’s tempted to cook with, but that usually leads to a haphazard mess of little pots everywhere. She especially likes this set-up because it is perfect for growing small quantities of many different kinds of plants in a compact space, which is ideal for a kitchen herb garden.

Another one says that these planters went together easily, was easy to plant and stack the tiers, and will look great once the plants take off.

Other Forms of cheap containers to grow vegetables

Getting a professional container that is specifically built for vegetables has its perks. But if you’re creative enough, there’s simply no limit to what you can use to grow vegetables. And if you want to keep it 100% free simply use the containers you already have at home!

Reusable fabric Bags

You can grow your favorite vegetables in fabric bags. Like the reusable bags, you take to the supermarket. They are great for vegetable growing because they are airy and can contain a good amount of soil.

Just make sure you find a bag that is strong enough to carry the load.

Large Baskets

Large baskets can be used for things other than planning a picnic outdoors. If you are looking to plant herbs or salad greens, large baskets can be a great addition to your garden.

Most baskets will last a long time, and you can line your basket with moss to increase its water retention rate.

Hanging Baskets

Similar to large baskets, hanging baskets are also great if you want to plant lettuce, herbs, or salad greens. It’s fun and unusual.

It is worth mentioning that if these baskets are made from coir, they can absorb moisture from your soil. It is essential to line your basket with plastic and frequently check if they need water.

Conclusion – Cheap Containers To Grow Vegetables

Choosing cheap containers to grow vegetables can be both fun and challenging, enabling your creativity to spiral in any direction.

According to our research, the best planter for your gardening needs, which is also extremely durable, and highly efficient is the 247 Garden’s Grow Bags.

Not only does it offer the highest quality in terms of material, but it also offers the best terms for the plants’ roots.

If you have tried any of the products on this list, or if you have any other recommendations please let us know!

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