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12 Best Bamboo Toilet Paper (Forest-Friendly, Tree-Free)

Numerous eco-friendly toilet paper companies are claiming that it’s time for people to change from conventional toilet paper to bamboo toilet paper. Thank goodness for their innovative thinking. Natural bamboo toilet paper is far more sustainable.

I personally love Who Gives A Crap Bamboo toilet paper. It’s one great example of bamboo toilet paper that is plastic-free, tree-free, and fun to use!

Disclaimer: We only recommend products we truly believe in and we might earn a commission for purchases made through links in this post.

Top 5 Great Bamboo Toilet Papers

In the following table, we’ll give you a summary of the top 5 Great Bamboo Toilet Paper.

On The Same Subject:

Why is bamboo more sustainable than trees?

The alarming reports and numerous warnings about the condition of our environment show us that our trees and forests are crucial for our survival on this planet. We must find tree-free alternatives. Especially for our disposable products like cutlery, packaging, tissue, paper towels, and of course toilet paper.

With rising consumer awareness of this issue, more and more companies are now looking at bamboo as the solution.

But why bamboo?

Well, it turns out there are numerous reasons why bamboo is much better than trees for disposable products.

Growing rate
A tree takes 30 years on average to reach maturity, whereas bamboo (not a tree but a type of grass) takes only 5-7 years to reach maturity, and then it can be harvested yearly as it’s roots regenerate new sprout naturally. Additionally bamboo grows extremely fast. According to Guinness book of records, Bamboo can grow UP TO 91 cm (35 in) per day.

Fewer chemicals – The trees from the so-called “sustainable farms” are growing fast due to the pesticides and fertilizers that farmers use. These chemicals poison the soil so nothing else can grow there. Bamboo agriculture requires much less use of harsh chemicals.

Requires less water
It is estimated that bamboo uses 30% less water than hardwood trees.

Requires less land
bamboo, like other types of grass, grows very densely. You can get a lot more dry material from an acre of bamboo than an acre of trees.

Hardwood is a great material for reusable products that are meant to last for years. Furniture, houses, railway tracks, and so on. But taking hardwood and softening it with chemicals, turning it into wood pulp makes no sense. On the other hand, bamboo fibers are naturally soft and durable. Thus, they’re less likely to deteriorate as time passes. Which makes bamboo much better material for toilet paper.

13 Great Bamboo Toilet Paper (Tree-free)

It’s pretty obvious by now that bamboo toilet paper rolls are more earth-friendly than wood pulp toilet paper. And to me, they also get the job done just as good. But if you wish to look at other green options you can check my guide to eco-friendly toilet paper alternatives. In there you’ll find plastic-free (zero-waste) toilet paper options, along with rapid dissolving toilet paper alternatives for septic tanks RVs and boats.

1. Who Gives a Crap Premium Toilet Paper

  • 100% bamboo paper
  • No inks, dyes, or chemicals added 
  • 3-ply design 
  • Individually wrapped style 

Shop now at:

Who Gives a Crap toilet paper is made entirely from bamboo. Its chemical-free properties will allow you to use this TP on sensitive skin without worrying about any irritation.

This biodegradeable tissue paper is strong enough not to tear easily but also soft to touch.

Responsible packaging means that you can recycle it without worrying about its effects on the environment. The funky individual wraps are super cool and can even be reused in many creative ways. 

Who Gives A Crap donates 50% of their profits to help build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world. Read more about it here.

Customers say

Numerous customers are impressed with how soft this eco-friendly toilet paper feels. Some said that the sheets are a bit narrow, but it doesn’t make a big difference.

2. Tushy bamboo toilet paper

100% Septic safe

  • Made of bamboo
  • Biodegradable
  • Plastic free
  • Eco-friendly

Shop Now at:

Tushy bamboo toilet paper is one of the greatest bamboo toilet papers on our list. Not only it’s septic safe and biodegradable it’s also eco-friendly.

This toilet paper isn’t just septic safe, it’s septic encouraged!

TP without dyes or bleach breakdown quicker and are less likely to cause any harm to the system.

Tushy toilet paper is made of bamboo, which has a lot of advantages over wood pulp toilet paper. For example, bamboo toilet paper is softer, it absorbs 35% more CO₂ per hectare and since it grows super fast it helps to reduce deforestation.

Moreover, to make one roll of Tushy bamboo toilet paper takes 0.59 gallons of water. One roll of conventional TP takes 37 gallons of water. Could you believe how much water you’ll be saving?

Tushy toilet paper is completely plastic-free! So if you care for the environment and also want a toilet paper that dissolves fast you should give Tushy bamboo toilet paper a try.

What customers say:

Costumers love the fact that Tushy toilet paper is good for the environment and prevents deforestation. Some costumers said that the TP is softer than other bamboo toilet paper brands but is not as soft as wood-pulp toilet paper can get.

3. Reel bamboo Toilet Paper 

  • $0.5 of profits are donated to charity
  • No dyes, BPA, nor inks added
  • Box of 24 rolls 

Shop now at:

Sometimes we realize that we don’t have toilet paper at inconvenient times. You no longer have to worry about this issue if you purchase a subscription plan from Reel. They offer a subscription plan where you receive a box of 24 rolls every month. 

The 3-ply design will maintain its strength even when it’s wet. Furthermore, the biodegradable sheets and packaging are eco-friendly. 

Customers say: All of their customers appreciate the quality of their products and their ability to help those in need of useful resources in developing countries.


  • Responsible packaging
  • Certified B Corp 
  • Septic-safe

Shop now at:

Grove bamboo toilet paper is made from responsible-grown bamboo.

Similarly, with the other products on our list, Grove’s bamboo toilet paper doesn’t affect the pandas. In addition to this, it has a 3-ply strength to absorb everything there is. 

In comparison with the others, this product has 400-sheets per roll. So, it’s suitable for those with many in their household. 

Customers say

Customers say that the sheets are sufficiently thick and soft to touch.

5. No. 2 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper

  • Clog-safe and septic-safe
  • Forest Stewardship Council Certified
  • Responsible Forestry Certified
  • 100% recycled paper packaging 

Shop now at:

Unlike conventional toilet paper or recycled toilet paper, No. 2 100% bamboo toilet paper is silky and soft but doesn’t rip easily. Thus, you no longer have to worry about leaving residue behind or tears during “inconvenient times”. No. 2 Unique textured designs is another great benefit of this zero-waste brand. 

You also don’t have to worry about hiding away the toilet paper as each roll is in an individual wrap with funky designs. Don’t worry; no chemicals or dyes are added to the toilet paper. 

Customers say

If you want to live a plastic-free lifestyle, take a look at this organic toilet paper. Its strength will blow your mind, and its softness will make you forget how sturdy bamboo is. 

6. Betterway Organic Bamboo Toilet Paper

  • Hypoallergenic material
  • Recycled packaging
  • Plastic-free product 

Shop now at:

If you’re looking for wood pulp toilet paper alternatives, take a look at Betterway organic bamboo toilet paper. The antibacterial material is lint-free and soft. Even though it’s much more affordable than most brands, it has kept the same quality. 

The sheets are 2x longer than conventional toilet paper. Thus, by considering this earth-friendly product, you’re also saving space on the shelf. 

Customers say

The majority of the customers are impressed with the quality of the paper. The colorful recyclable packaging keeps everyone entertained. 

7. NooTrees Bamboo 3-ply Bathroom Tissue

  • FSC Certified
  • Free of BPA’s, Dyes or Chemicals
  • 100% Virgin Ecoluxe Bamboo Pulp

Shop now at:

In case you have sensitive skin, NooTrees bathroom tissue is one of the best choices that you can make. The tree-free toilet paper, combined with the 3-ply strength, makes this toilet paper highly absorbent. NooTrees website says that it can absorb 20% more than the standard toilet paper. 

Customers say

Not many are happy with the plastic packaging. However, some say that all of the materials, including the plastic, are recyclable. The packaging is biodegradable. 

8. Caboo Tree Free Bamboo Toilet Paper

  • Septic-safe
  • Accredited by BRC Global Standards
  • FSC certified 
  • Non-GMO Project Verified

Shop now at:

Some companies that farm and use bamboo can be just as damaging as those that use wood. However, this isn’t the case Caboo forest-friendly toilet paper. This brand has many certificates, recognition, and accreditation due to their responsible manufacturing process.

Caboo earth-friendly toilet paper is hypoallergenic and free from any parabens, chemicals, and fragrances. Furthermore, the company will donate 1% of its sales to finding solutions to the burning environment issues. 

Customers say: A high number of customers appreciate that even though the toilet paper is soft, it can absorb a high amount of fluids without tearing. Also, all of the product packaging is biodegradable or recyclable. 

9. Smitten Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper

  • Septic-safe
  • Unbleached, no chemicals, nor dyes
  • Zero waste toilet paper

Shop now at:

Are you always on the go? If so, you should consider Smitten natural bamboo toilet paper. This plastic-free toilet paper will set you free from the plastic guilt. The packaging is biodegradable as it’s 100% cardboard. Also, you can use Smitten toilet paper if you have a septic tank as it has clog-free properties.

No chemicals, parabens, or bleach are in the tissue paper. Hence, you can use it on sensitive skin without worrying about reciprocation. The luxurious and soft feel is praised by many.

Customers say

The plastic packaging was a problem that many costumers complained about. However, the company considered it, and now the product is plastic-free. Customers congratulate the company for listening to their needs. 

10. “Silk’n Soft” Unbleached Toilet Paper

  • Septic-safe 
  • Unbleached material
  • Plastic and fragrance-free

Shop now at:

Without a doubt, Silk’n Soft unbleached bamboo toilet paper is one of the best toilet paper for the environment. Not only that it’s unbleached and made of bamboo, but it’s also plastic-free. This tissue paper is 100% made from bamboo, which means that it will provide softness and strength. The 3-ply design will prevent rips and tears. Additionally, it’s BPA-free so you can use it for sensitive skin. 

Although Silk’n Soft uses bamboo only, it does not hurt any pandas’ habitat. The bamboo comes from a sustainable source. 

Customers say

This eco-friendly toilet paper can absorb well even when already wet. However, the new version of the product isn’t as soft as the previous one. 

11. Galaxy Green Tissue Paper

  • Multipurpose toilet paper 
  • Travel-size packaging
  • 100% Bamboo pulp 

Shop now at:

Galaxy Green organic toilet paper is a great choice for those looking to make the change from conventional tissue paper without needing to spend more money than necessary. This compostable product will take care of your needs while preventing skin irritation. 

The 2-ply strength of Galaxy Green toilet paper combined with the 380 sheets per roll, will provide you sufficient use for a while. This tree-free toilet paper is also antibacterial. 

Customers say

This product isn’t suitable for those who want to live a plastic-free lifestyle. The packaging is from plastic, so you have to be mindful when throwing it away. 

12. Nature’s Greatest Toilet Paper 

  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Biodegradable
  • The sugarcane is a byproduct

Shop now at:

Nature’s greatest toilet paper is not 100% bamboo. The paper is actually a mixture of sugarcane and bamboo. Both materials will contribute to the softness of the sheets and it’s strength. So, you can enjoy a soft feel with every wipe. Sugarcane is a lot like bamboo. It’s also a type of grass that takes less water to grow, and it grows very fast.

Customers say

The company doesn’t exaggerate when it says that the toilet paper feels super soft. However, it’s pricier than conventional ones. 

Benefits of Bamboo Toilet Paper

eco friendly Bamboo Toilet Paper

Even though bamboo toilet paper is gradually becoming popular, it isn’t growing as fast as one may think. One of the reasons is because consumers are used to wood pulp toilet paper and inserting a new product to the market is always hard. It’s also because people are comfortable and not many understand the damaging effects it has on our planet. 

Below you will find a list of the benefits bamboo toilet paper has over conventional toilet paper: 

  • Strength – While wood pulp toilet paper needs to be mixed with hard chemicals to be soft to touch, and hard to tear, the bamboo paper has these properties naturally. Fewer chemicals in our toilet paper also mean fewer chemicals in our environment.
  • Fast-growing rate – Did you know bamboo is in the Guinness World Record book? bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet! It can also absorb up to 35 times more carbon than other wonders of mother nature.
Bamboo Toilet Paper

It’s essential to understand that conventional toilet paper is bleached and full of other chemicals. Such substances are not skin-friendly and can be damaging to sensitive skin. Always make an effort to get a non-bleached toilet paper.

What bamboo bath tissue to choose?

Bamboo Toilet Paper

Overall favorite – We choose Who Gives A Crap Bamboo toilet paper as our favorite from the list. We love the elegant zero-waste packaging and the softness of the product. But most of all this is a brand with an environmental cause – Who Gives A Crap donates 50% of their profits to help build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world.

For less waste – For a bamboo toilet tissue that is also plastic-free and zero-waste, I would recommend going with No. 2 100% bamboo toilet paper or Reel toilet paper.

For travelers – People that spend a lot of time out of a house can’t carry oversized rolls in their handbags or backpacks. If you find yourself in this situation, we recommend Smitten natural bamboo toilet paper. This plastic-free and unscented bamboo toilet paper can fit perfectly within a handbag or a backpack. 

For softness – Nature’s greatest toilet paper is a mixture of sugarcane and bamboo that results in extra soft and very durable toilet paper. With 450 sheets per roll, it’s also a good bargain for the money.


Bamboo Toilet Paper

Bamboo by itself doesn’t solve all the environmental problems on our planet. But making the change from wood pulp to bamboo does have a small meaning. Before asking the world to change, we must first change ourselves. Every little thing helps, even changing our toilet paper habits. 

No. 2 100% bamboo toilet paper is known both for its quality and sustainable manufacturing. I believe this is one of the best bamboo toilet paper on the market. 

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  1. Caboo is what got me into bamboo tp in the first place and I loved that it was sugarcane and bamboo for softness. You left that out and only said that Nature’s greatest tp had the sugarcane mix. I was kind of disappointed because as of right now…I’m partial and very proud of Caboo for this and being forest friendly as well as donating 1% to help forests. Natures greatest doesnt do that!

    • Hi Angela,
      They also have Kleenex. I have been using that for more than a year.
      Just received & tried out the toilet paper today. Really like it.

      One thing not mentioned in reviews is the tube. Are the tubes also bamboo/sugarcane ? Does not need to be soft, obviously, but are the tubes made of wood ?
      Just asking if you know the answer to this.
      Thank you,
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