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Eco Friendly Cable Ties: 7 Reusable, Releasable, Zip Tie Alternatives

I personally love SOOOEC eco friendly cable ties for its simplicity, strength, and the fact that you can use them over and over again.

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Top 5 Eco Friendly Cable Ties

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Are zip ties biodegradable?

Zip ties aren’t generally known to be a popular sustainable product, however, biodegradable cable ties are available on the market today and many brands have come up in the eco-revolution making things like zip ties from biodegradable materials.

However, it is best to use biodegradable zip ties on a temporary and short term basis because of the biodegradable polyesters used in them which cause them to break down after a minimum of 2 years under heat, UV, moisture or exposure to microorganisms.

Our Full List Of Eco Friendly Cable Ties

1. Rapstrap Eco Friendly Cable Ties

Fully reusable classic multi-use recycled material cable tie

  • Resistant to fuels oils and temperatures from -20ºC to 60ºC
  • Unused portions can be cut and re-used again
  • Innovative and clever shape that is versatile and durable

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The Rapstrap reusable cable tie can tie almost anything you need it to work on, being garden signposts, plants that need a bit of support, or any handy work in the home or office.

The polyurethane elastomer composition gives it excellent resistance to any fuels or oils and has a temperature range that goes from below freezing to around 60ºC. The controllable tension pulls grip allows you to flexibly use this for delicate things like growing saplings or climbing plants, to heavy-duty use around the home or office.


The reviews on this product praise the flexibility of these cable ties and the fact that they don’t have any sharp edges when cut, making it a perfect and safe alternative to zip ties.

2. Trilancer Cable Ties

Adjustable Cord wraps in 4 colors with fastening hook feature

  • Does not peel off from the fabric under stress
  • One size for all requirements
  • Tested under multiple durability tests to ensure strength and flexibility

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The Trilancer cable ties are a fabric style hook and loop fastener, that is in a perfect 8-inch size for managing anything from headphones, cables, wires, cords to cables.

You can organize flower bundles as well with these cable ties as they are fabric and made of nylon which is perfect for more delicate items.

Make tangled cords and wires a thing of the past with the color-coding feature on these hooks and look fabric fasteners, so that you can easily and quickly organize your cords in your home, studio, or office for better productivity. Plus, it is highly reusable many times, unlike conventional zip ties which are only good for one-time use.


Reviewers love the fact that these hook and loop fasteners are useful in so many applications in daily life, and the flexibility yet durability it offers to users.

3. Supreme Cable Ties

High tensile strength nylon cable zip ties

  • Easily manages cables around the office or home
  • Plenum zip ties are safety listed for use in industrial applications
  • Tough 6/6 nylon construction

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If you need a tough cable tie for heavy-duty work, these Supreme cable ties could be just the thing you’re looking for. The tough materials used in the making of these zip ties make it last through a -40ºF temperature all the way to 185ºF in harsh chemical or industrial environments.

These safety-compliant nylon zip ties are UL listed for use in air handling spaces, have low density, and are rated UL 94V-0 and UL 94V-2.


There are no reviews on this product yet as of writing.

4. SOOEC Zip Ties

Ultra tensile strength zip ties that can hold up to 50 pounds

  • Round ending construction for no sharp edges
  • Highly reusable and easy to re-track clips
  • No-slip construction when engaged and in use

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If you need an eco-friendly cable tie that is both strong and easily reusable, these SOOEC Zip Ties are the best thing for your needs. It has a high tensile strength of up to 50 pounds, and the lengths of the zip ties do not determine the tensile strength.

The clips on the rounded endings provide safe use and no sharp edges exposed, while the easily reusable clip and track make this a money saver and an eco-friendly alternative to zip ties.


Reviewers praise the fact that these are heavy duty and are reusable, and can be used for all kinds of applications from fencing, to home and office cable management.

5. Reusable Nylon Eco Friendly Cable Ties

Releasable and reusable 120lbs tensile strength zip tie

  • Made of high tensile strength nylon
  • Featuring a releasable latch for reusability
  • Slips off easily but holds firmly with 120lbs tensile strength

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These eco friendly cable ties are meant for heavy duty usage, and are great for both temporary and permanent use thanks to its easy to release latch yet super strong lock when engaged.

The high strength and lightweight 6/6 nylon construction gives it its hygroscopic abilities which absorb and release moisture without any toxic residue. Have peace of mind while being eco friendly with these reusable cable ties, wherever you choose to use them.


Reviews are mixed for this product, however the positive ones praise the easy to lock and release latch that can be used on a variety of temporary projects without the hassle of sourcing and replacing zip ties all the time.

6. Gardner Bender Recycled cable tie

Nylon zip tie made of 100% recycled materials

  • Perfect for cord management
  • Up to 50lbs tensile strength
  • Durable yet lightweight

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These eco friendly cable ties from Gardner are made out of 100% post-consumer recycled nylon from discarded carpeting. This also means that when these zip ties have served their purpose and are no longer usable, they can be recycled at the end of their lifespan as a #7 plastic product.

They are also highly durable and will hold their strength in everyday household applications to garden and office work. The materials and construction process of these cable ties have been reviewed and approved by the UL Environmental Agency, for complete peace of mind.


Reviews are fairly mixed for these cable ties, with some saying they are strong, but others saying they aren’t as durable as they thought they would be. With that said, by ensuring that your load doesn’t exceed 50lbs (the recommended load size) and it should be fine for any purposes you need it for.

7. FIXSON Reusable cable ties

Reusable and releasable easy to use cable ties

  • Made out of highly durable nylon
  • Lasts up to 2-5 years
  • Releasable and multi-purpose

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With nylon as the main component in these reusable cable ties, you can be sure that you’ll be getting security when you use cable ties to organize, manage or mount anything from everyday home items to garden fencing and office use.

The easy-to-use releasable design is intuitive and makes these zip ties highly reusable, anytime you need them to be adjusted or removed, simply press the lock head to remove it without any need for cutting. The tensile strength is 50lbs, which ensures you have more than enough quality for heavy-duty use or light multi-purpose use.


Comments on this product praise the quality and ease of use on these eco friendly cable ties, and their multi-purpose feature that allows for less wasted cable ties as compared to regular disposable ones.

Which Eco Friendly Cable Ties to use?

If you are looking for ultra heavy-duty zip ties, the Supreme Cable Ties are a good solution to harsh conditions, especially if you need to mount or secure things outdoors.

Biodegradable zip ties Eco Friendly Cable Ties

For fully eco-friendly and recyclable zip ties, the Gardner Bender Recycled cable tie is 100% recyclable after you have finished using it.

Biodegradable zip ties Eco Friendly Cable Ties

If you prefer fabric hook and loop style fasteners, the Trilancer Cable Ties is a great option for you as it is soft, durable, and reusable many times over.

Why Use reusable Zip Ties?

Zip ties are by far one of the most practical tools we have in our toolbox, yet they are single-use plastic or nylon items that are discarded in large amounts every single day, filling up landfills with other plastic products.

Reusable zip ties eliminate this issue by making sure you can reuse your zip ties for years to come.

Releasable tie wrap Eco Friendly Cable Ties

When living a sustainale lifestyle, every little thing counts. And even if you’re not a full time handyman, getting yourself a few of these reusable cale ties means a few less single-use plastics in our landfill.

What Can I use instead of cable ties?

Eco friendly cable ties

Biodegradable tie wrap is the most secure option for managing and mounting items, but you can use rope, velcro straps or bungee cord if you don’t have cable ties on hand.

Can you recycle cable ties?

Eco friendly cable ties

If your cable tie is made of nylon plastic, then yes, you can recycle them as a plastic product. Check with your local recycling centre.

How do you use releasable cable ties?

Biodegradable zip ties Eco Friendly Cable Ties

Releasable cable ties have a lock and release function at one end of the cable tie, that makes it easy to click on and secure when you need it to be engaged. Once it is used, it is easy to release with just a simple press of the trigger mechanism on the lock end of the cable tie.

My Personal Favorite Eco Friendly Cable Ties

I personally love SOOOEC eco friendly cable ties for their simplicity, strength, and the fact that you can use them over and over again.

Releasable tie wrap Eco Friendly Cable Ties

Gardner Bender is also a great option! They’re not reusable, but they are made of recycled material and are 100% recyclable as a #7 Plastic.

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