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Can These Bio Toothpaste Tubes Replace Plastic Ones? It Just Might.

Meet Coolpaste: A Biodegradable Toothpaste Brand From Brazil Aiming To Eliminate The Plastic from Our Toothpaste.

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Coolpaste: A Biodegradable Toothpaste Brand From Brazil

As an environmentally conscious community, we often struggle with buying the plastic packaging that some daily products we use inevitably come in. A product whose use sits heavily on our conscience is toothpaste. Here is a brand that seeks to make brushing more eco-friendly.

What is Coolpaste?

biodegradable toothbrush

Coolpaste is a sustainable toothpaste brand from Brazil which serves to decrease the environmental impact of toothpaste tubes. Coming in a packaging that is not only recyclable but also biodegradable, the design of Coolpaste tubes is set to reduce the environmental issues of oral hygiene brands across the world.

Does conventional toothpaste pose a big problem to the environment?

Coolpaste zero-waste toothbrush

Conventional toothpaste tubes are made from a combination of different plastics and wrapped around a thin layer of aluminum. This makes toothpaste tubes almost impossible to recycle. An estimated 1.5 billion million toothpaste tubes go to the landfill annually which will need another 500 years to degrade.

Is Coolpaste different from other toothpaste brands?

A physical makeover has been given to the traditional toothpaste tube to make the Coolpaste.

biodegradable toothbrush

The Coolpaste design reduces the negative impact on the environment by reducing plastic waste, eliminating chemical inks on the package, and being made lighter. By refreshing the graphic elements of the packaging, it also has a clean feel to it.

The Coolpaste tube also has a design that enables it to be suspended on a shelf rather than stacked. With an in-depth point of sale study, the paper packaging was done away with without affecting the integrity of the product. By doing this, they urge you to literally think out of the box!

What is the Coolpaste tube made of?

The tube itself (whose prototypes are being tested) has been made with new materials that are 100% biodegradable.

Coolpaste zero-waste toothbrush

The lid of the Coolpaste is made of PLA or Polylactic acid which is a biodegradable plastic already used in the food and cosmetic industry. Many investors are now evaluating ways to make this product available through financial incentives.

Different from other eco-friendly oral hygiene methods?

Most other eco-friendly teeth cleaning products are tablets or powder that you pop in your mouth to then brush.

Dental hygiene

Switching to these products requires a behavioral change that most people are not ready to commit to. By being available in the traditional “toothpaste format”, Coolpaste does ask to make any major changes in your routine. Hence making the switch much easier.


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