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Amazing! This Start-Up Is Turning Coffee Grounds Into Reusable Coffee Cups

Kaffeeform from Berlin, Germany is a start-up that upcycles used coffee grounds into sturdy coffee cups that are both aesthetically pleasing and sustainably produced.

Reusing coffee grounds

Over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day. This results in almost 500,000 tonnes of wet, wasted coffee grounds.

As the world’s coffee drinking habit is not predicted to decrease any time soon, companies look to reuse these waste coffee grounds as a raw material. One such startup is Kaffeeform from Berlin, Germany.

This start-up demonstrates that there really is no such thing as waste. One’s waste is another’s resource.

Coffee Grounds into cups

Kaffeform cups

Kaffeeform makes dishwasher-friendly sustainable cups and saucers from upcycled coffee grounds and other renewable resources. These cups are durable, light, and have a mild coffee scent which makes them perfect to drink coffee every day.

Kaffeeform is all about combining aesthetics and design with sustainability. They believe that sustainability is not just about materials and consumption, it is also about the pace of life. Thus Kaffeeform are a step ahead towards a zero-waste and plastic-free future.

Coffee Grounds into cups

Kaffeeform biopolymer

Kaffeeform is a composite material that is a mixture of coffee grounds, biopolymers, starch, cellulose, wood, natural resins, waxes, and oils. This material makes the Kaffeeform coffee cups sturdy and reusable and also dishwasher friendly.

The cups are long-lasting since they are made from extremely durable materials. The entire material is based on renewable raw materials and free from binding agents with a crude oil base.

Reusable coffee cups

Product range

Kaffeeform has separate cup sizes available for Espressos, Lattes, and Cappuccinos. The espresso cup is 60 ml, the Milchkaffee cup is 290 ml while the cappuccino cup is 190 ml.

Reusing coffee grounds

They also have an award-winning cup named Weducer cup™ which are essentially coffee cups to go. They all measure 300 ml but every cup is one of a kind. The Weducer cups are also customizable and brandable.

Reusing coffee grounds

All cups come in an attractive plastic-free box which can be an ideal gifting option. The cups are vegan and melamine-free. The aesthetically pleasing surface of Kaffeeform cups looks like dark marblewood.

Closing the circular cycle

Kaffeeform promotes a circular economy by reusing supposed waste as a raw material. Although not compostable, the cups are fully recyclable. They can be disposed of with household waste.

You can also return the cups to Kaffeeform when they cannot be used any longer. They can then be broken down into smaller pieces for new cups, thus closing the loop.

Coffee Grounds into cups

Socially and environmentally responsible business

Kaffeeform is a social business. They use short, green routes to procure their raw material along with engagement with local, social partners and production centers.

A local bicycle courier collective transports used coffee grounds from selected cafes and roasteries in Berlin and brings them to the social workshop. The grounds are dried and preserved here.

Reusable coffee cups

It is then compounded and shaped into coffee cups at small plants in Germany. Finally, they are polished and packaged and sent to cafes and shops or end customers.


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