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Beyond Plastic: The Competition To Get Rid Of Single-Use Plastic!

Reducing plastic

BEYOND PLASTIC believes that human beings already have a rich culture in manufacturing and using natural and eco-responsible materials. We only have to bring this behavior back again.


Reducing plastic

BEYOND PLASTIC is a venture that seeks to bring together people that share their beliefs about plastics and would like to join them on their journey to rid the world of single-use plastics. By promoting brands that produce eco-responsible products and packages, they aim to transform plastic products into solutions that are made of environmentally friendly materials.

Showcasing projects and initiatives

BEYOND PLASTIC creates a platform that recognizes and celebrates brands and people that create a world with less plastic. Some of the currently featured initiatives are:

plastic free competition

a) Selfish
The award-winning short animation movie Selfish talks about how plastic is infiltrating our lives in ways we cannot imagine.

beyond plastic

b) Pentatonic
A design and technology company that operates in a circular economy. They produce beautiful consumer products and goods that can be recycled over and over again.

Reducing plastic

c) UBQ materials
An Israeli company that converts residential municipal waste into biomass-based thermoplastic material.

TIPA, Shellworks, Bring your own (BYO) cutlery movement, Unplastify, etc. are other ventures showcased on the BEYOND PLASTICS platform. The common element of these initiatives is that they all contribute to solving the plastic problem that the world currently faces by producing alternative solutions or by creating awareness.


BEYOND PLASTIC gives away awards to foster new product and packaging solutions. The nominees and the awardees get featured on the website.

plastic free competition

This way, all participants and especially the winners receive exposure through possible media coverage, contracts to book and film deals, exhibitions, industry contacts, investments, job offers at new startups, etc.

The three main BEYOND PLASTIC awards are Bronze, Silver, and Gold. In each of these, cash prizes of up to 1000 euros are given away. Each of these awards has categories for the ‘Most Practical Impact’, ‘Most Beautiful Solution’, ‘Most Innovative Approach’, and ‘Best Initiative’.

beyond plastic

The prize-winners are chosen based on eco-responsibility, utility, beauty, and interest factor.

Anybody who has an idea, concept, project, prototype, initiative, or even a currently used solution that encourages less plastic products can register to participate. The venture can also be a campaign, educational or journalistic project related to reducing plastic, especially to less single-use plastic packages.


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