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Spanish tutors

Do you focus on a specific dialect in your Spanish beginners course?

We asked Spanish online tutors about any dialect emphasis in their beginner courses. Here's their answers.

Kieran Ball

The Spanish I teach in this course can be understood in any Spanish-speaking country. However, if there are any specific terms that might be very different in different countries, I point these out.

Jennifer Corralizza

In my course, I adopt a more generalized approach to teaching Spanish. While it’s true that Spanish encompasses a rich diversity of dialects and variations across different regions, my goal is to equip learners with a strong foundation in the language that is universally applicable. I do acknowledge the existence of different dialects and variations, and throughout the course, I provide insights into these nuances to broaden students’ cultural and linguistic understanding. This not only enriches their language learning experience but also prepares them to adapt and interact confidently with speakers from different Spanish-speaking regions.

Octavio Olenik Giaccaglia

I try to be as neutral as possible, unless asked to teach a particular dialect. I’m specialized in those from Argentina, Uruguay, Peru and Spain, but I can of course teach other dialects if the student is interested in learning one in particular.