We asked
Spanish tutors

Any notable success stories from students of your beginners Spanish course?

We asked various Spanish online tutors about standout success stories from their beginner students. Here's their answers.

Kieran Ball

My courses have been taken by over 500,000 people all over the world, and on all course platforms, I’ve maintained a very high rating. On Udemy, for example, my average rating is 4.8 out of 5 stars, so it’s nice to see that people are finding the courses to be useful and high quality. I get daily feedback from students who have learnt Spanish for a multitude of different reasons including for travelling, to pass an exam or to talk to family members who don’t speak English. It still feels weird to hear from somebody on the other side of the world and have them tell me they listen to my lessons every day!

Jennifer Corralizza

Over my 11 years of teaching Spanish, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing numerous inspiring success stories from my students who have embarked on a transformative language learning journey through my course. One of the most remarkable aspects has been observing students evolve into proficient and confident speakers, igniting a genuine passion for the language and its accompanying culture.

Many of my students have not only achieved high levels of proficiency but have also developed a profound appreciation for the language and culture, and this propels them to study abroad, seeking opportunities to immerse themselves further in the language. It’s incredibly rewarding to hear about students who have ventured to different parts of the globe, confidently engaging with locals, and fully embracing the authenticity of their experiences.

These success stories truly epitomize the impact that a comprehensive and immersive approach to language learning can have.

Octavio Olenik Giaccaglia

I have plenty, but I’d like to highlight the case of “S”, my first student. He is a man from the US who always liked my country because of football. When he started learning with me, he knew almost nothing, but we studying during around 6 months. Then, he moved to Mexico for 2 months before coming to Argentina for 6 months. Afterwards, he went to the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Peru and then back to Argentina. While being to all these countries, he could speak the language, he got to know more people and he’s been having the time of his life so far. I like having played a role in his language learning and having helped him to achieve his goals.