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New Kind Of Bio Packages To Imitate The Structure Of Fruit Peels

Unpack Less, Peel More is a sustainable alternative to the plastic packaging used in care products.

Eco-friendly packaging

Unlike plastics that serve their purpose and then remain in nature for a long time, Unpack Less, Peel More aims to contribute to the circular economy. With three natural layers that serve different purposes and return to nature afterward, this company repackages products sustainably.

What is Unpack Less, Peel More all about?

Unpack Less, Peel More is a product from the Brazilian sustainable packaging solutions company “Ponto Biodesign”.

Save food waste

This brand creates a three-layer packaging system that reproduces the structure of fruits. From the inside, the layers resemble the juice (the product), the pulp (a container made of soap), and the peel (bacterial cellulose sheet) in that order. Unpacking this product replicates the act of peeling and consuming a fruit.

Winner of the Gold Beyond Plastic awards in the “Most practical impact” category, these products are both beautiful and sustainable. The founder Elena Amato says “Materials should flow in integrated and regenerative systems as technical and biological nutrients, maintaining their value”.

What are the layers of packaging?

The three layers take inspiration from how fruit is naturally packaged. The packaging is mostly constructed for products that have a creamy consistency like cosmetics. 

The first layer is the product itself. These are local handmade personal care products such as hand creams, deodorant, etc. This innermost layer represents the juice of the fruit.

The second layer is the container that holds the product.

Usually, this is a plastic box which remains in nature for many years. In Unpack Less, Peel More products, the container that holds the product is made of solid natural soap. After you finish the product, you can use this soap container as you would normally use soap.

The outermost layer as well as the tags and the strings are made of bacterial cellulose.

This layer is made from bio fabrication with residual SCOBYs which are a type of yeast culture, from local Kombucha manufacturers. As the material develops an adhesive effect when in contact with water, it eliminates the need for synthetic adhesives to seal the package. This layer represents the peel of the fruit.

Bacterial cellulose

The main product produced by Ponto Biodesigns is bacterial cellulose, which is the outermost layer in Unpack Less, Peel More products. This material has characteristics between paper and plastic.

It can be grown on many kinds of media that the bacteria need to produce cellulose. This includes agricultural waste and by-products from the food industry. The bacterial cellulose packaging from Ponto Biodesigns can also be used to package shampoo bars, holders of fries, etc.

Keeping principles of a circular economy in mind

Unpack Less, Peel More contributes to having as little a carbon footprint as possible. This is done in a variety of ways.

The motto of Unpack Less, Peel More is to produce locally. From cosmetic products to bacterial cellulose packaging, all their raw materials and products are sourced locally. By doing this, they help local businesses and avoid the extra emissions for transportation.

The raw material used to produce the bacterial cellulose packaging is sourced from the waste materials of local Kombucha industries. This bacterial cellulose outer layer (which is also fully compostable) is available in five colors.

They are dyed with natural pigments like spirulina for green, turmeric for yellow, hibiscus for red, and charcoal for black. The colors on the product look and feel so natural, you would want to add them to your craft paper collection!


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