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Anime artists

How do you ensure customer satisfaction As an anime freelancer?

What strategies and communication channels do you employ to guarantee a seamless experience and utmost satisfaction for your clientele?

I would update the progress often, from the sketching process, to the lineart and all the way till the end. Clients will be able to change stuff along the way, reducing the risk of dissatisfaction, as well as a way to walk with them on the journey their vision has made.
Other than that, I would give out a free chibi or a free bust-up artwork when a repeating client returns at certain points.

In the art industry, always be gentle and patient on how to communicate with clients, in some rare cases that clients are rude and hot headed, you’ve got to be firm and clear with their request and adjust to their flow so that you can satisfy them. But weirdly enough everyone in the art community is nice and easygoing.

Deshen Adiguna
Anime artist at Fiverr

To make every work successful, of course we start from a draft / sketch. And then updating every step of work and ask if the client have any revisions. I even offer revision after the order closed, but limited to minor revision.

Meloni Shvarts
Anime artist at Fiverr

To ensure customer satisfaction I prioritize clear and timely communication, adhering to project timelines, delivering high-quality work, offering revisions when needed, and actively seeking feedback. I use Fiverr’s messaging system for communication and remain responsive to client inquiries. These practices help guarantee a seamless experience and utmost satisfaction for my clients!