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Anime artists

What type of anime art requests do you accept?

Are there specific types of projects or themes that you are more inclined to work on, and conversely, any that you typically choose to turn down? t-shirt design, aesthetic drawing, fanart, chib, recap, emoji, glow art, pfp, nsfw, old people, Furry, Animal, Fursona

I accept all types of projects, whether it’s character designs, emoji, sfw, nsfw or even odd kinks, memes, forbidden subjects, I would do it all, unless it is intended to be used in an offensive way, for example racist content.

Personally, I don’t judge others for their fantasies or kinks, since I don’t think that is what defines who they are. So any requests, no matter how weird, I will try my best to deliver to them my work.

I only decline offers when I think that I don’t have the skill to fulfill their requests, or if my art style is not suitable to their visions.

In my line of work i would honestly just accept it as long as its within my art style capabilities but i would at least avoid portraits of real people, since that’s the thing I’m not confident enough to draw and i don’t want clients to not have the best of mine.

Deshen Adiguna
Anime artist at Fiverr

Yes, I turn down comic works, nsfw, and furry. Well, I’m fine with the other as long as it’s not nsfw and furry.

Meloni Shvarts
Anime artist at Fiverr

As a character artist, I usually tend to choose character-based projects. I enjoy designing characters and drawing emotions. Sometimes these can be full illustrations with backgrounds, but rarely. I usually avoid anything related to complex mecha and transport.