We asked
Anime artists

What is your experience and/or educational background in anime art?

Can you delve into your journey in the anime art industry, highlighting your experiences, training, and any educational qualifications that bolster your expertise?

I am a self-taught artist. I usually look up tutorials and speedpaints of others to see their process, and hopefully learn something at the end.

I had the chance to join a 2-year 3D animation course and that has helped a lot in forming my skill in environment and background drawing. The 3D skill also helps a lot in doing a rough background layout and lighting.

I started drawing because of my uncle who does it for a hobby, he makes comics of him and his friends adventuring, this motivated me to do my own with my friends and since then i have been constantly drawing and sketching anytime i get the chance to, even more when i started high school and would just doodle in the back of my notebooks. I have been in many art contests and would get top place most of the time, then I started digital art 2 years ago and have got to do many jobs including making covers and short comics for a magazine.

Deshen Adiguna
Anime artist at Fiverr

I have bachelor degree in graphic design but actually it doesn’t help much. Most of my skills are self taught and a little bit from internship in studio. At my time, there was no any specific school for illustration and such. So we Indonesian artist were mostly self taught, thanks to internet we can do it.

Meloni Shvarts
Anime artist at Fiverr

While I don’t have formal educational qualifications in anime art, I’ve dedicated significant time and effort to building my skills and expertise through self-education. This included learning anatomy, character design, concept art, color theory, composition and digital art techniques through online tutorials on YouTube.

Thanks to perseverance, curiosity and passion, I was able to achieve high results on my own.