The Lessen is my online place for recommending green alternatives to everyday products and talking about green consumerism in general.

Jackie Brove

Blog owner and main writer

As a green consumer (and marketer) many times I feel choosing the right eco-friendly product can be a real hassle.

Identifying the right earth friendly brand, material and budget that will also preform well can sometimes take me hours of research.

And I know others face similar issues.

So I decided to create thelessen.com

A place where I can share my researches of new environment-friendly products and make the process easier for other green consumers like myself.


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In other words

When you click on some of the links on thelessen.com I might earn a small commission from Amazon or other companies.

So if you do, I highly appreciate it.

I use these commissions to keep this domain running (by paying designers and other contractors) and to keep spreading green consumerism among other people who wish to find green alternatives to everyday products.

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You can contact me at admin@thelessen.com or simply leave your message here.